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Mar 09 2015 by Gossips
olu143: Awesome my friend. 5 Stars!

Ron Moffat: dis cummin frum a small pickle? We all salute in our own way.

MoRgUe27: very much so, thanks!

110069er: good job brahhda....kawiks

tntmusic2729: Aloha braddah kharmachanic, Keep up the good jams. And I also like your classic reply to 21bonez bonehead comment.

Agunesuu: Wow your the best!!...and your parrot:P

Thedurster: i luuv it! YOU ROCK I BOW! I rated 5 stars =] and favorited! HANA HO brah!!! u make Iz proud!

kharmachanic: mahalo.. yeah it is faster then some versions but I was going for a little different groove then say "Iz's version" I was trying to add a little samba/latin flair, I guess.. Well actually I was just playing it like I felt it.. ever noticed that Aloha and Hola are quite similar... tanks...

DNSSNCHZ: can u make tabs for how u play it?i found others but they dont sound good...ur the BEST :)

tintin23jp: bird!good job!

42fba: Dude, there's a lot of talented musicians on youTube, but there aren't many who can keep the show going on with a BIRD PECKING AT THEIR UKULELE! :D Bravo!

drunkensnowgirl: bravo,,it must be really hard to have a bird trying to undress u and sing lol enjoyed it

yakelzi: great song well done.

advhutch: @kharmachanic Hey kharma, i wanted to apologize for what i wrote to you, now THAT was disrespectful, i was drunk and going through some crap and those words really dont reflect the kind of person that i am. I should have not taken it out on you. My apologies again bro, aloha

hiloboy33: nice playing man...only thing is u forgot the pickin part in the song but u made up for it with some killa struming

kharmachanic: Thanks very much.. I appreciate you watching..

Sommer Makaneole: Wow that was awsome you where great even tho you miss few of the lyrics but over it was awsome i enjoy your strummingg :D Aloha form Hawaii

kharmachanic: @advhutch By the way.. It's Iz.. no iz.. that's actually a little more disrespectful and I doubt he would have used those words you chose to comment on a song he covered. He seemed like a nice Aloha kinda guy, when I met him.

Gator: I like what you do...You inspired me to buy a pineapple Uke...I dig playing. thanks

KamakaTexas: Wow, I love your observation that "aloha" and "hola" are quite similar. That rocks! Tango the 'too is a welcome sight in your videos. Best bird! And I like your rendition of "Hawaiian Suppa Man." Heck, I like all your videos. Keep 'em coming! Aloha!

Kimobean2001: You are awsome Ma'man! Much Mahalos to you! now if Yule(pard'n da pun) excuse me, I gotta watch s'more of your Vids

willsmile: Five stars. Thanks and love from Scotland.

SorcererGoofy: It does! Mahalo!!

MoRgUe27: amazing!! what are the chords for that song?

WADAMAN808: cheeeee!!!!

kharmachanic: Thanks.. well there is an Am.. and a G... a F.. and some E7's... and then a C,, and a little G.. some F and a little F kinda Am thingy then theres an E7 ,,. hope that helps

GUGUG: nice tone on the uke. Is it a tenor?

AlohaDreamKitchenCom: Love it! You're kinda cute and your parrot too ) Great song. Mahalo

kharmachanic: Aloooha, I mostly use my index finger.. Im a bit of a uke hack. the light touch thing is just a matter of flow.. like the branches of the willow gently sweeping the shoreline of a hauntinly familiar babbling brook. I gots more videos on here.. thanks for watching and I got more coming.. MAhalo

kharmachanic: @advhutch how is this disrespecting Iz.. he didn't even write the song.. he just did his version of a Hawaiian Folk tune? If your indication was that I was a lousy singer or cant play the uke as well .. I'm ok with that.. but that would mean that no one that ever lived or will ever live will ever be able to play an Iz song. That would mean his music died with him, do you actually think that is what he would have wanted?

SEUkers: Thanks for teaching me this one! I've played it everyday since :-) Looking forward to the next jam session...

kharmachanic: Thanks.. well there is an Am.. and a G... a F.. and some E7's... and then a C,, and a little G.. some F and a little F kinda Am thingy then theres an E7 ,,. hope that helps

kharmachanic: well I would except.. well we all know why he can no longer sing it. I never mentioned Iz, he dindt write it, he just did his version of it.. as did I.. but the concept of "shetty" is a relative one.. as one mans "shett" is another mans party. But thanks for the feedback. Since when should ones inability to perform a song stop ones desire to play it.. so if you cant surf like the Laird .. you should not even buy a board? sad life concept you have... mahalo

eatcerealx: I love your bird :)

eaglestriker24: Luv Bruddah IZ! Well played, I enjoyed it! Aloha

SorcererGoofy: Haha Hang Loose Brah! Sweet birdy 'n' very good playin'!. Can you tell me the chords?

Al Mate: genius...and where can i get that hat?

Nathan A: Excelent playing. *moment of silence for Bruddah IZ*

Sup Speed: i personally like the bird! No offence, ur playing was good to!

canadianukufan: Great job man,Tango too.Fun to watch.

degcon: oops..I was signed in on the wrong account! :-)

kharmachanic: aloha brah, thanks for watchin.. Yeah she thinks she is sweet too.. but I know better.. well there is an Am.. and a G... a F.. and some E7's... and then a C,, and a little G.. some F and a little F kinda Am thingy then theres an E7 ,,. hope that helps

kharmachanic: Thanks, its a great song to play.. I like to put a little "schwang" in it.. thanks for stoppin by.. Bookoo Mahalers

kharmachanic: Jus keepin it real .. jus keep it real.. Thanks stoppin by.. got more comin. Bookoo Mahalers..

kharmachanic: Thanks,Its actually a KAMAKA Concert size but it has the KAMAKA Log G strings on it.. which helps with the bottom end and thickness

Gator: You honor Iz by remembering a great song and man. Thank you.

parkerpulido: very good...definitely the best ive seen...specially with the bird =]

Kalaokapuuwai: Great job! You went a little fast, but otherwise, I really liked it. It's one of my favorite songs to play, it's a great song.

hekikuu: I like the song and the clip :D

Blastercombo: The parrot rocks ! So did the song ^_^

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