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Gator: You honor Iz by remembering a great song and man. Thank you.

Ron Moffat: dis cummin frum a small pickle? We all salute in our own way.

advhutch: @kharmachanic Hey kharma, i wanted to apologize for what i wrote to you, now THAT was disrespectful, i was drunk and going through some crap and those words really dont reflect the kind of person that i am. I should have not taken it out on you. My apologies again bro, aloha

kharmachanic: @advhutch By the way.. It's Iz.. no iz.. that's actually a little more disrespectful and I doubt he would have used those words you chose to comment on a song he covered. He seemed like a nice Aloha kinda guy, when I met him.

kharmachanic: @advhutch how is this disrespecting Iz.. he didn't even write the song.. he just did his version of a Hawaiian Folk tune? If your indication was that I was a lousy singer or cant play the uke as well .. I'm ok with that.. but that would mean that no one that ever lived or will ever live will ever be able to play an Iz song. That would mean his music died with him, do you actually think that is what he would have wanted?

advhutch: dude you suck huge pickle, you disrespecting iz

Haiku King: Eh Brah Ive seen you before...cheeee

Gator: I like what you do...You inspired me to buy a pineapple Uke...I dig playing. thanks

degcon: oops..I was signed in on the wrong account! :-)

SEUkers: Thanks for teaching me this one! I've played it everyday since :-) Looking forward to the next jam session...

drunkensnowgirl: bravo,,it must be really hard to have a bird trying to undress u and sing lol enjoyed it

kharmachanic: Jus keepin it real .. jus keep it real.. Thanks stoppin by.. got more comin. Bookoo Mahalers..

tntmusic2729: Aloha braddah kharmachanic, Keep up the good jams. And I also like your classic reply to 21bonez bonehead comment.

42fba: Dude, there's a lot of talented musicians on youTube, but there aren't many who can keep the show going on with a BIRD PECKING AT THEIR UKULELE! :D Bravo!

kharmachanic: Thanks, its a great song to play.. I like to put a little "schwang" in it.. thanks for stoppin by.. Bookoo Mahalers

kharmachanic: aloha brah, thanks for watchin.. Yeah she thinks she is sweet too.. but I know better.. well there is an Am.. and a G... a F.. and some E7's... and then a C,, and a little G.. some F and a little F kinda Am thingy then theres an E7 ,,. hope that helps

Sup Speed: i personally like the bird! No offence, ur playing was good to!

kharmachanic: Thanks very much.. I appreciate you watching..

kharmachanic: genius. I try to refrain from using that word in front of Tango.. it goes to her head.. As for the hat its a vintage Dobbs, you can find them occasionally on E-bay.. thanks for watching.

hekikuu: I like the song and the clip :D

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