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Betty Leverett: I thoroughly enjoy the music

Susan Pierce: In Jan 2015 I lost my Dad one day and the day a very close friend died. 22 months later my Mom died. This has been my go to song when I didn't think I could go on one more day God bless Sheri and Jeff Easter

Janet A Crabtree: Lord this is just where I've been for sometime now; it's all within my heart these words I know not and my heart is crying where no one can see but You.. Help

lw216316: I am so troubled that I can't speak - Psalm 77:4

So I will "rest in Yah and wait patiently for Him"

Roberta N Roi: so beautiful with touch and truth from deep within and best of all God Hears

Janice Beauchamp: This song really blessed me!

jennifur sun: thank you Lord for leaving her with us. this is what i lost my mom to, so i can identify with the song in many ways

Maria Schwende: A beautiful song! I could relate to the words plus the singer has a lovely voice.

Jim Pinckard: Absolutely beautiful. You can hear the emotion coming out of Sheri's voice. Beautifully done.

Peter Paras: A true expression of my heart.

Lois Diamond: such a beautiful song of praising the Lord as our Lord Hears our heart

Beth Melidonis: Thank you for this song. Made me cry.

moonlightontheriver: thank You Immanuel..i wlill always praise Your Name on high !!

Kathy H: Oh my, thank you so very much!!

jennifur sun: yes Lord Hear My Heart  my plea for the last 4 months

olsenpride: Being quiet so he can hear my heart.  Thank you so much for sharing your talents! I wish you many happy, healthy days ahead.

Hubetta Lear: Oh I know we've all been here at some point and you know HE always hears and sees us!! We're never alone even tho we feel like it we're never alone!!! THANK YOU JESUS!! He becomes our strength when we don't have any

Emily Boyle: I had never heard this until just a few days ago....I love the lady's(the one who sang it in church) voice so I knew I would end up in tears but when she started to sing, I listened to the words, and the Lord spoke to me in a profound way.

Kathi Jay: The first time I heard this song I was going through a DIFFICULT time at work and the Lord led me to this 'sermon' to take me through and to comfort me.  It bolstered me and gave me hope.  Thank You, Jesus!  Holy Spirit, thank You for placing this song on the hearts of Jeff and Sheri Easter.  Hallelujah!

blkswan68: Thank you so much for sharing

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