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Dec 11 2014 by Download
Mintesnot Benti: muziqa bereda gari!!

TolaBiya: God bless you bro. I disagree with your theme. We have power. God is our strength. We shall over come. It is trying time but it is for our good. We singing because of our state today. So bro keep up we have power. Tigre racist regime like the Egypt of the Isrealy people. Oromo is now in Egypt of TPLF. We are free people we will remain free. We must organise where ever we can. Be strong. Do what you can. Each one of us can do one thing to free our people. Think what you can do. You are all able.

Yemany100: Really Nice Oromo music

MrBunnaya: Thanks Hundee love this song

fogroam: Nice voice with nice performance. He will be a star soon !! Got nice talent ~

Yoseph Haile: I like this music: pure love song and professional. It reminds me the 1970s when I was living in Jiren area where we had Jiren-04 song club ( from Atse Yikuno Amlak elementary school). I think you are now reconstituting what has been forgotten. Keep up the good work!

Fakki: Thanks for sharing. The young man Acaaluu is a talented actor and he need to work hard and excel. Bravo!

Meaza Bikila: etiifuu fii hacaaluu keep it up

ptadese1: i like the vedio cause it is his own style , keep it up bro be you ,keep being yourself ait success and long life to u bro.keep on going

badhasso: Best of Hachalu.Good job bro keep it up.

aster gebre: God is watching....the Master of all and will pay them accordingly. Those who are cruel to others will burn in hell and we have seen that time after time.

arabland1: beautiful that is

zewduwo: Though I cant speak oromiffa I really like the song and the way it is organised!!! Wow he has a good talent. I wish he has to keep his talent! Hope he will be famous like Ali Birra!

abdatabilisuma: nothing creatureis socreuly than woyane andother ex -rulers of etghiopia

Mustefa Ebro: To be honest i havent listen to musics in long time, but i was listening to this over and over and yet cant get enough!! Amazing Oromo artist! I am huge fun

aster gebre: You are simply the best Hachalu...very proud of you! Amazing song and you delivered it well. I cried like a baby the first time I listened to it....reminded me of someone I really love and who has left this world. Wishing you continued success in your career. I hope we get to see you grow - you are a rising star! God bless you!

Wise Thinker: baaye gaarii dha. hundaol keep uploading new songs Im gonna sub you.

waanofii: s-w-e-e-t voice, nice arrengement.

Zahra Ahmed: This is a really good video. And the song, oh my!!! So beautiful

Billisuma: Great Music by this young & high talented rising star of orromo music....Keep up the good Job.......ORROMIYA SHALL BE FREE!One day all orromos from every corner of the world will enjoy this artists live in the heart of Oromiya....FINFINE/SHAGAR....which is infeted by the Tigrean and habehsa Thugs.

Dawit Baggio: wahike ebesudafe ane jachote enkabuuuuuu wow wow best of best words . god bless u hacalu

dire20111: Haachaalu, Love from Dire, bro.

keyranas sayida: good job hacaaluu keep it up ....

ayyaanaa: HaaCaaluun ammalee haa caalu. Wallistoota Oromoo ani jaalladhu keessaa inni warra ol aanoo keessa jira. Jabaadhu.

Matison Guta: I love oromo Olaaanaa!!!!!!!

Selam Hardy: translate plz :) thank uu

abamoti: I love this song. woow .....very nice

Lelo Oromo: my fav song ever keep it up Lenccaa

jemal4jus: naf jiraadhu malee, mala jedhaa silaa - cool line!

siifaan kunoo: sirboonni kee marti dhageefatamee ilaalamees hin quufama.umrii dheera siif hawwina nuti ilmaan oromootaa!!

king hussle: the best song for ever

Ziyad Kedir: thank you hundaol for sharing this song with us.

hundaol: lol galatomi badhatu kiya

warqe: Shame on Woyane, finally this gifted young vocalist ended up in jail for contributing such amazing song ...I feel sorry for being ethiopian!!!

badhatu: Hundaol barr ati dhuuguman hunnda olii keep it up man god bless u

Billisuma: Thanks Hundaol!!!

lovleys1: this guy is rocking..men cool song!

Billisuma: The Tigrean minority mafia govt of Meles have imprisoned this young talented Oromo artist....the only crime he did was to sing in orromiffa... A language which is widly spoken through out east Africa...2nd largest language in Africa.....OROIYA SHALL BE FREE!

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