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Apr 11 2015 by New songs
Kevin Jacko: love this song ..R.i.P.God bless you Foni..VAINI BOY FOREVER

Tuiseka Ana: i really love this song ... 

HamoBoyz nutz: my favourite. I luv it. Thank Foni for the song that brings back memories of the past.

Sokopeti Manu: Malie!!

Island Sione: Always Remember, Hun, will always be with you my friends Forever !


george gunter: lovethissong

ilisapesi latu: O

Rosemary Kalino: Malie Vaini

MrAgnot: Can someone please tell me where I can buy Warrior of love, young ones haven't heard foni's version (original). Rest in peace warrior of love

niumonia83: My song..hh

Henele Toutai: manatu kihe sino ko eni kou ofa atu kia koe Foni ,,,, Tangata naaku look up too at school , kakoetau ngaahi fili kune omai hotau ngaahi ngeingeia ofa atu Foni

Lolohea Pole'o: @jamone0305 yep i will..... thnks bro...

Tengaimango: lele mai e fie kona

'Ulise Funaki: hahaha yep yep u go unko!! dang it was tight to hang out wit him n ma namesake unko 'Ulise this past month...him 'ulise, ma dad, mafi, and then the performance with joe, n to'o haha get em unko!!

mosese vei: Dis Is Da SOng Right Here!!!

Monica Ekeroma: My favorite version of this Hulita (original)..RIL.. God will always take good care of his children's soul..R.I.P

jamone0305: @Andrea79211 Can you send me lyrics of this song, your Dad is a legend...

falikiloutoa: haha! hulita's my aunty.. love it =)

lmakg1: I suppose all tongans remember our parents playing this. Beautiful song, makes me homesick for my islander people seeing there is none around where im living in virginia. Good memories with the whole familly squashed up in the car and everyone singing away to the song.

kremephilly5: U have a good point there, even I just noticed that! Lol!!! And I was there when Foni wrote it. I guess his popularity overshadows the fact that he's not really a good song lyricist. But the passion that he sang it with; I think that is really what made the song. And I guess that's what makes Foni who he is. "A great entertainer". Fact: This song was banned from the Tongan radio station because of the way he sang it!!! Lol!! They said "it was too sexually explicit. Malo...

'Ulise Funaki: lol don't worry da master ain't gone...its in good hands, trust me!

sara max: very manaia,,,,my teine samoa ua sili oe,,,,danx Pole'o,,,

ZuppaZuiee: Great song.......

vib nopr: R.I.P ofa atu Stay with god you will be missed you have my respect forever

roccsane: That's what it is unc... keep your crap going. ofa atu .

Anna Liza Mayer: Can someone send me the lyrics of this song?

Dee Dan: nice

Viva Lino: :) My dad absolutely loves this song. I guess its his cousins husband singing or something of that nature. lol its a beautiful song though. I've always been proud of my Tongan blood. Nothings better then the islands! Of course I live in the states-Ughh..haaha

Sana Sana: Oua ha mea teke vale ai

BlueTFool: fuk y' hulita, n da luv of foni's life...yeah n wattt..biiiitch...lmao

thebeejdotcom: Hey, I was wondering if anyone had a way of getting a hold of Foni, I would really like to collaborate on a song with him!!

MrCrazyFijian: teu vale he hivani...hahahah

harmmat: damn use to listen to this song all the time back in the days still jammn'to it ka 'oku tonu ke puke mai a hulita ta hono tungaiku moe ve'e 'alu...dis da kut still thou...jus kiddin'...loi pe..

Polyluv1: Wow I remember when he recorded this song!!!! I am the oldest of Foni's kids sooo whoever put this up Thank You!!!!!! My Name is Telipeti Fonua I got my Moms last name but my sisters have my Pops last name......

Stafford Pongi: TEU HIVA ATU KA KOE 1 DAY

tan09876: Koe fo'i hiva 'ena a lilika kia hulita mei pili ha ha ha

lekahecarny124: V-Town all the way.. :D


vili moala: foni u da man brudah cant no otha tongan slow jam can touch what u put out dea ur days ur da man brudah love ur music

TuffGong310: foni recorded this in honolulu, hawaii in the early 90's. in a studio around ala moana area . he had a good bond with hawaiian musician's like willie k, dennis pavao and especially kapena. there we're two hawaiians in this band that helped foni put this album together. alot of tongan musician's in hawaii pitched in some of their melody's too like kapena(tivaini), ongo latu, sione masalu, sione 'he head of the tongan band of the pcc center in laie.

chicotata: kremephilly5, no offense but i thut HULITA was hamo. Hence the samoan lines on the song. Im almost POSITIVE but not 100%

tamalaau: malie Foni,, good mate of mine back in San Mateo in the 80's baby..ofa atu

Clinton TAVILINIU: 2nd recording of Hulita version by the original song owner Foni Pole'o, thankz 9835443 for this lovely song

Sina Levao: I love his voice..malo lelei tamasii!!!

Niuvakai Unga: REST EASY OG..!!!!!!!

princesspepetahine: This is always my favorite song from the island ,still is lol excellent ....'ofa atu

Kaufaki Tuitofa Pahulu: wow....

B.Grim: the best Tongan love song ever.. even though i dont understand the language, the Love he sang for this woman Hulita Hala is Amazing... Talofa lava FONI POLE'O

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