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Asaeli Ngaue: Malo

Samoan Styla: Favourite Tongan song EVER.

Okalani Vatuvei: R.i.p foni

Juliana Wong-vaenuku: Foni... REST EASY TONGAN Rasta!
Ofa atu tokoua

Sione Tuitahi: He was not only a great singer and entertainer. He was also an outstanding songwriter. I interviewed Foni for an article in the Tonga Chronicle in the 1980s. He was emotional as he opened his heart and mind to reveal the story behind the song, and how meditated and reflected until the lyrics and melody came to him in the early hours of the morning. Over the years in interviewed many Tongan classical compels and contemporary artists. Foni stood out among his peers. Sakiusa Bulicokocoko of Fiji used to come Tonga and performed with Foni and Vaka and the rest of the Pole'o brothers. Those were golden years of arts and music in Tonga. What a legacy they have left for the Tongan generations of today and tomorrow.

Elisah Soafa: GOOD GOOD GOOD

Finau Mila: l

Anna Liza Mayer: Ofa ofofona! I love you forever!

Eilain Kronfeld: love this song

Tito Olivares: this is the song bulldog face ma niggas song

Anaseini Sevelo: what is this song about, his wife?

Koleta Brown: wow its so good and let am dancing with the musi

Katalina Palei: love and miss you foni I pray for you we will all think of you

Ane Finau Tutoe: r.i.p FOni love you

Hera Herangi: I truly love this song. My darling used to sing this to me he was Tongan. I miss him so much. He went home to be with our LORD 2015. GOD and this song helps me get thru each day. love it. GOD BLESS . And I am Maori. Kiaora.

Hera Herangi: Beautiful love song. God Bless.

Fetti Uce: My parents song .. My mom listens to this and crys thinking of my dad 😭 so cute but hes deported in Tonga now.

Lekka Nau: First time hearing this tika song. 💪 HAPPY NEWYEAR EVERYONE 🎉

sione filihia: so emotional

Sokopeti Manu: This will always be one of my all time favourite Tongan love songs..💖👌💎💯😍🇹🇴😘⭐

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