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Elisah Soafa: GOOD GOOD GOOD

Finau Mila: l

Anna Liza Mayer: Ofa ofofona! I love you forever!

Eilain Kronfeld: love this song

Tito Olivares: this is the song bulldog face ma niggas song

Anaseini Sevelo: what is this song about, his wife?

Koleta Brown: wow its so good and let am dancing with the musi

Katalina Palei: love and miss you foni I pray for you we will all think of you

Ane Finau Tutoe: r.i.p FOni love you

Hera Herangi: I truly love this song. My darling used to sing this to me he was Tongan. I miss him so much. He went home to be with our LORD 2015. GOD and this song helps me get thru each day. love it. GOD BLESS . And I am Maori. Kiaora.

Hera Herangi: Beautiful love song. God Bless.

Fetti Uce: My parents song .. My mom listens to this and crys thinking of my dad 😭 so cute but hes deported in Tonga now.

Lekka Nau: First time hearing this tika song. 💪 HAPPY NEWYEAR EVERYONE 🎉

sione filihia: so emotional

Sokopeti Manu: This will always be one of my all time favourite Tongan love songs..💖👌💎💯😍🇹🇴😘⭐

Ron Junior Puheke: beautiful song. I'm a niuean but I love this song. malo

Seini Pulu: Love this song ,give memories to me

EAST SIDE: ohh I'll love you forever ... never stop loving this song especially cause my dad sings it to my mum 😂😂 it's so cute. Tongan and Samoan love ❤💯

Akanisi Kaleki: this is my favourite song. thanks

Akanisi Kaleki: this is my favourite song. thanks

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