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melevai tokolahi: lole atu hiva haha

Sinita-Atelemo Polutele: Foki Mai Koe. ...

Sinita-Atelemo Polutele: Ofa Lahi Atu Tendre Diablo Kia Koe TOKOTAHI Umaaaaaa

Sugar Caine: omg.. memories #RIL #SiafaSuka

Sinita-Atelemo Polutele: Ofaatu

fatumiti 66: the best in tongan song will stay on the top forever malo lava uso Poni

George Ama: No other in Tonga can touch Foni....we know that for sure in Samoa, we use to go Tongan socials just listen to you sing uso.

George Ama: Foni we love you, all the way Samoa....voice of a legend.

Lee Saumalu: Beautiful song,malo aupito pole'o

fokoleta: Love leaves memory no one can steal...gone but not forgotten.

te lupe: feel like crying

te lupe: i love this song.

LaniMonu Meilangi Folau: nice song

Vey Teugasialey: J"aime

Taufa Mahe: Kakapo afitu 

Moevao Utu: this song was uploaded on my birthday that why i love this song

Tuiseka Ana: i really love this song ... 

Kevin Jacko: love this song ..R.i.P.God bless you Foni..VAINI BOY FOREVER

Sokopeti Manu: Malie!!


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