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Feb 25 2014 by Lyrics
Javy R.G.V.: 80's flashback 

Nick Caminero: Got my parents "Daryl Hall & John Oates Video Collection: 7 Big Ones" because mainly my dad got me into the band with their greatest hits cd. Having fun & them telling me memories/moments when seeing them live in concert, when MTV was the best back then, when watching the bands music videos first aired, the wedding dance moment & how much MTV sucked over these years which i do have to agree. Very happy i got it for them! 

Tim Harvey: The best.

Loren Nicholls: Love that classic rock! Today's music doesn't have that.

Liliam Manzanares: Me encanta!

cleandiaper: Released in the spring of 1983. Oh, how I miss the 80's music...that REAL music.

Darth Gator C.: 

John Ray: now playing on www.pgrstation.com

Heidi Anne Morris: ;O)) 

lancetop: I don't mean it in disrespect, because I'm gay myself---but John Oates has to be the gayest looking man I've ever seen-LOL p.s. fantabulous song!

Di S: 

thacozzman89: I'm only 24 years old, but this reminds me of the Spring and Summer of 2002 when I would watch NBA TV all the time and they would play this commercial from time to time. I didn't know who sang this until now. I can see why Hall and Oates are so loved, because they put out legendary music.

Rony Figueroa: Hall and Oates the best dynamic duo in the ballad music genre. They were hot in Guatemala especially Estereo Azul Radio

Delonte' Copeland: One of my favorite Hall and Oates songs

435jmc: What a great groove. Daryl Hall doesn't get enough credit for being one of the great singers from '75-'90.

Daved Waxman: Daryl Hall ( Hohl birth name) is 90% of H& O the BEST EVER 80's DUO OF ALL-TIME

JokersAce0: american dad brought me here muhuhahaha

andrewjelen: A dedication from Skittles to Li'l Oprah.

MrDrumdemon101: @daleonz Only true fans would stumble upon this :)

Dave Wollenberg: Daryl & John hit #7 in Billboard, 4-9-83. God bless you, 80slover, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed weekend!

Matt Lincoln: I can't believe how many hits they had. I'm 35 years old and remember all of their songs but didn't know who sang them while riding around in my parents car when I was ten years old! A great duo of talent!

Michael Morales: Manuel Rodriguez, that's not what I said. I know this music is way better than anything we've got now. I was commenting on the fact that I misread the NAME. No te haces pendejo.

Lianne Miller: RIP Tom Wolk

Simon Marks: Dislikes?..... dyslexic....fabulous!


Joan Symonds: Love it !!

exposingbuffoons: 4 non-homosapiens inadvertently clicked the dislike button

Gerry Ryan.: Or they have crap taste in music?

marygordomax: OMg ...love this song!!!!

limestonegoth: I loved this song then and still do.

tmmmviii: @the80slover - Hall really puts it out there on this song.

Rockyj2: Always the best!

ChinoRdrgz: @teddyvlour75 one love, my brother

ICDogg1: My hair used to look exactly like Oates'. Had the stache too. I looked like a taller, fatter Oates though. Awesome tune.

teddy vlour: freakin right these white cats are slick as hell i been a fan since they came out ,

romell clark: if u don't like this something is wrong

keithn0821: ole blue eyed soul!!!

mandisgoj: American Dad sent me here.

horrorscope71270: I ALWAYS time travel to every memory I had of the 80's when I hear this!!!!

MERTIE123: One of my all time favorites!!

ItalianBlackheart123: That saxophone used to creep me the freak out

Frances Welling: A very, very sexy song! I love it nand have for years. Hall and Oats are good!

torre foreal: yeah thts wht it was, they clicked the wrng button :) thts a jam!!!

awomanwonderful: This was the jam back in the day! still is!

evanhunt1: this was the crap back in the day

Tasty Love53: I love this Song! 8/5/13.

development602ify: sometimes i dont feel like i dont get timeout anymore either

Maria Jensen: This song played on the radio when my husband and I went on our first date! We looked for this song most of the night, but it was sold out! LOL...we've got it now and play it over and over. This is our song! I love you Frank!xo

Storm Taylor: thanks for posting!

Dieter Humpfle: awesome

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