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Dr. Awkward: Have you ever heard the Spanish version of this song?
It's called Juan on Juan.

1997 año-------

montaukmania: Number one's they are!

Darth Gator C.: When #HallAndOates is on you just shut the fawk up K... =P

summersbr1: places great memories of yesteryear back into my mind

ComplexElegance: Gives you those "feels".

Sylvester Gonzalez: Hall & Oates One On One: http://youtu.be/A0SCX-7JiFU

cal snow: best thing when i worked at wal-mart every other song was hall and oates 

Audra Rose: Hall & Oates One On One: http://youtu.be/A0SCX-7JiFU

Howard Rose: I see that the Giants are once again the champions of baseball. They win the World Series in the even years as a pattern emerges - 2010 they win against the Texas Rangers, formerly owned by "W", 2012 they win against the Detroit Tigers, currently owned by a pizza magnate (although the pizza tastes abominable), and 2014 they win against the Kansas City Royals (a Las Vegas longshot to get to the seventh game back in the spring). Now, one might think that no other team has had such a hopscotch streak in baseball history. But one team has - the St. Louis Cardinals, the team the Giants defeated to get into the World Series, won the World Series in each of 1942, 1944, and 1946. The Cardinals just won a World Series in 2011 against the Rangers and then lost a World Series in 2013 against the Red Sox. The Cardinals and Giants have more World Series victories than any other National League team. But no one has more than the Yankees. Wow, they have about 27 or so (as if someone out there is counting). Which of course leads me to song # 3301 which has absolutely nothing to do with baseball, the World Series, batters or pitchers. It has to do with playing a game. Maybe a basketball pickup game. But with who? Hall and Oates tell us the answer with "One on One". 

S. Shay Kinard: I love this song.. You would be crazy not to luv it. 

Daved Waxman: Daryl being 95%of the duo is the artist that made H&O! the Best Ever of all time

MrBollockchops1: Reminds me of my ex. Great song. Hall and Oates are one of my favourite bands. great meaningful music, just class.

spainishgirl: just so deep.

Josey Wales: great,great song by the way.

Josey Wales: interesting how in adult music videos,like this you don't get a lot of hyped up pre-teeners insulting and spamming everybody and being general idiots.

ROBERT FOTI: Always loved Hall & Oates...great songwriters, great singers!

rowdymax1: "oh oh I can feel the magic of your touch and when u move in close a little bit means so much"....love that line

mookeychase0907: Senior year in HS 31 years ago,boy I'm getting old...

james p: great song to chill out

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