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Aug 04 2014 by New Music
spainishgirl: just so deep.

ROBERT FOTI: Always loved Hall & Oates...great songwriters, great singers!

MrBollockchops1: Reminds me of my ex. Great song. Hall and Oates are one of my favourite bands. great meaningful music, just class.

Josey Wales: great,great song by the way.

Josey Wales: interesting how in adult music videos,like this you don't get a lot of hyped up pre-teeners insulting and spamming everybody and being general idiots.

mookeychase0907: Senior year in HS 31 years ago,boy I'm getting old...

james p: great song to chill out

Fabian Almendarez: this the hit.......

Tim Harvey: The best.


Di S: Hall & Oates One On One

rowdymax1: "oh oh I can feel the magic of your touch and when u move in close a little bit means so much"....love that line

Javy R.G.V.: 80's flashback 

Nick Caminero: Got my parents "Daryl Hall & John Oates Video Collection: 7 Big Ones" because mainly my dad got me into the band with their greatest hits cd. Having fun & them telling me memories/moments when seeing them live in concert, when MTV was the best back then, when watching the bands music videos first aired, the wedding dance moment & how much MTV sucked over these years which i do have to agree. Very happy i got it for them! 

Liliam Manzanares: Me encanta!

Loren Nicholls: Love that classic rock! Today's music doesn't have that.

Loren Nicholls: Love that classic rock! Today's music doesn't have that.

cleandiaper: Released in the spring of 1983. Oh, how I miss the 80's music...that REAL music.

lancetop: I don't mean it in disrespect, because I'm gay myself---but John Oates has to be the gayest looking man I've ever seen-LOL p.s. fantabulous song!

John Ray: now playing on www.pgrstation.com

Heidi Anne Morris: ;O)) 

thacozzman89: I'm only 24 years old, but this reminds me of the Spring and Summer of 2002 when I would watch NBA TV all the time and they would play this commercial from time to time. I didn't know who sang this until now. I can see why Hall and Oates are so loved, because they put out legendary music.

Rony Figueroa: Hall and Oates the best dynamic duo in the ballad music genre. They were hot in Guatemala especially Estereo Azul Radio

Delonte' Copeland: One of my favorite Hall and Oates songs

435jmc: What a great groove. Daryl Hall doesn't get enough credit for being one of the great singers from '75-'90.

Daved Waxman: Daryl Hall ( Hohl birth name) is 90% of H& O the BEST EVER 80's DUO OF ALL-TIME

JokersAce0: american dad brought me here muhuhahaha

andrewjelen: A dedication from Skittles to Li'l Oprah.

MrDrumdemon101: @daleonz Only true fans would stumble upon this :)

Dave Wollenberg: Daryl & John hit #7 in Billboard, 4-9-83. God bless you, 80slover, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed weekend!

Matt Lincoln: I can't believe how many hits they had. I'm 35 years old and remember all of their songs but didn't know who sang them while riding around in my parents car when I was ten years old! A great duo of talent!

Michael Morales: Manuel Rodriguez, that's not what I said. I know this music is way better than anything we've got now. I was commenting on the fact that I misread the NAME. No te haces pendejo.

Bass Nelson: RIP Tom Wolk

Skid Kid: Dislikes?..... dyslexic....fabulous!


Joan Symonds: Love it !!

exposingbuffoons: 4 non-homosapiens inadvertently clicked the dislike button

Gerry Ryan.: Or they have crap taste in music?

marygordomax: OMg ...love this song!!!!

limestonegoth: I loved this song then and still do.

tmmmviii: @the80slover - Hall really puts it out there on this song.

Rockyj2: Always the best!

ChinoRdrgz: @teddyvlour75 one love, my brother

ICDogg1: My hair used to look exactly like Oates'. Had the stache too. I looked like a taller, fatter Oates though. Awesome tune.

teddy vlour: freakin right these white cats are slick as hell i been a fan since they came out ,

romell clark: if u don't like this something is wrong

keithn0821: ole blue eyed soul!!!

mandisgoj: American Dad sent me here.

horrorscope71270: I ALWAYS time travel to every memory I had of the 80's when I hear this!!!!

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