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sonickid1o1 !: I got here from a request on my video kill me

condenser mike: Been watching The Americans. Miss the eighties.

Cameron Ando: spongebob on wii u 3

Leonard-Ralph Lyons: The best pop,r&b rock duo period.

Danesha Harney: 💓💓

Michael Shunkaha: Lots of memories from a better time in life.

Big Tex: Open your mouth, lead with the tongue. That's how I kissed Amy Bennett at camp


texgal516: My FAVORITE Hall & Oates song... So sexy! Oh, and that saxophone solo!!

Cherry Garcia: hell yea. too good!

Synthia Herrera: one on one ...great song they don't make them like this anymore

samoawork: One on One I wanna play your song all night!!

Patchouli Essence: soon......

Daryll Jackson: This is one baby making song!!!!! Send the kids to the in - law's be alone with your lady!!!! Do what the lyrics say!!!! One-on-One!!!!!

James Schnacky: i SO Agree! Lakefire....

Rodrick Thompson: Music like that makes you want listen to tracks and create your own music gets me AMPED!

Rodrick Thompson: Music makes you want create yourelf!

THE DON MEGA: 34 ARSE oles!!!

Christina Balmas-Villa: I love hall and oates

sky stryker: How many songs stole the main bassline? I know I've heard this a lot from other songs. Man, this song is an earworm. Love it

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