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oliver tatt: What is it with this new fad of singing with a breathy farmers voice?Oyroyt, royt this boyk.How can sincere emotion from the primal root of the individuals core get through the mask of a breathy farmer? The majority of these singers in interviews are middle class whites who think that to sound like this is to express some sincerity or lost folk sensibility of unity and togetherness but it just sounds forced.I wouldn't mind it as a isolated exploration of a vocal style on one track of an album, but when you go to numerous open mikes and have hurdy gurdy pumped down your throats it's hard to not feel this is a case of propagation of a form based on some watered down understanding of the roots.

CagedBird: thumbs up!

Beau Buchanan: Ben

Ben Goddard: Brilliance.

Alex Luff: trying to work out how to play this song...
so far i have got that the guitar is tuned CGCGGc like many of his others
and that the main picking pattern is [6 5 4] 6 5 4 5 6 4      [triplet]
it is surprisingly hard considering how simple it sounds!

Stefãn Sanchez: Absolutely beautiful 

Isaiah Humphrey: af first, i was like... wtf is this... then magic happened. amazing.

javixu771: Very touching

Courtney Vedder: <3 <3

Taco Veldstra: Wow Ben Howard very daring to cover Bruce Springsteen but I love it!

iMertin: just perfect man

Karp King: Check out eddie berman and laura marling's cover of this song, sorry to any fans, but ben howards cover is painful!!

diviz0r: Boss in the making! just kidding ben howard is uber-BOSS

Steve Shoe Box: Filthy...

Anindya Rakshit: Ben Howard - Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springste…: cover by Ben Howard.....

Meagan Plessinger: I love Ben Howard...he is an amazing musician and I see comments about his so called (dump) etc...humble isn't a bad way to be...this man is blessed

Jose L.: Que bueno es

poppy jones:

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