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Philip Ferguson: Great version of the Bruce song. I don't see much point in artists doing covers that are just the same as the original. Much better when they do the cover version in their own 'voice', style etc, like here. Ben is great. I'd love to see him do some stuff with fellow West Country artist Seth Lakeman.

productplacementads 24/7: I love ben and i don't wanna say this was better than the original because it's one of my favourite songs but i will say that Ben's take made the verses touch your soul marginally better than Bruce's.

Lexie N: It looks like he doesn't even try. Its so amazing and genuine and beautiful and perfecttttt

River Moon: Oh lord, just want to be sitting around a campfire with friends in Big SUR with Ben Howard there playing his guitar !

Ben Cooper: hey guys i have a cover of this version on my channel, would be sick if you check it out xo

Scott Burden: Absolutely Amazing!

Better News: i thank you for some good music

Xari Xeppelin: his music makes me feel something inside. maybe it's hope. i owe ben so much for helping me feel again...

normal woman: very touching, yet eerie, poignant---- totally beautiful.

Disney Girls: awesome!!!!

Gil Delacruz: he can strum right? :D

OhMyRoystone: If you want to learn this or other Ben Howard songs on guitar, check out Bantham Legend's channel or page, he does amazing tutorials of Ben songs! And this one is the newest available.

didleg: parfait !!! superbe version !

Dominic Wright: brings utter serenity .wow

The Feringhees: How a real star climbs.

Darth Bobo: open your mouth

Pendino Stella: 😍

Nixy Gill: Thumbs down!!!!
No drums. You killed a great song. Soooo Boootttring!!!
Do some girly song instead

Mohd Anas: This is art, this is beauty, it made me feel broken and whole at the same time, made me feel alive through my tears. Respect! love him.

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