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Aug 23 2014 by MP3 player
Canadaguy79: OMG hes in a rotating room!!!

Sandra Gv: My new love

Nathalie Nogues: Un décor magique pour une production artistique tout autant magique. Un bel âge que je souhaite apprécié de son interprète... il n'aura pas deux fois l'âge de son temps. Pourvu que chaque temps soit vécu avec l'exactitude de son essence au moment de sa découverte, son exploration, sa contemplation, son exaltation...

Paul Thomas: simple....

John Caetano: So gooooooood

Taylor Horan: Here's some math: What's 1+1 equal to(
TheDano1947: Really nice cover.

RShelleyy: I’m Rebecca, 16 years old-I play violin, guitar, piano and sing on my channel and I busk to earn the money for my instruments. Most people won’t look at my channel or give me a chance, (because spamming is a bit of a twatty thing to do) but please be the one who does. I don’t believe in singing something that doesn’t mean anything to me, so in my covers and original songs I give it my all. Please take notice of this and just give me one chance, that’s all I ask. Thank you

honeyandwool: I'm in love

Eva Radix: beautiful <3

andyfayuk: fair play m8 sound great :)

Jack Edmond: i'd dance in the dark with ben (not gay)

Luke Round: My version pisses all over this and yet it hasnt even had 100 hits!!

brunovaselini: you can find it at ultimate-guitar

Marian Blase: Oh all you fanboys of Ben Howard (Totally Straight)

goatsmilk234: what an absolutely beautiful version of this song. i mean the boss put this song to a pretty upbeat tune, but listening to this somber version you hear the real meaning behind the lyrics. TL ; DR, THE BOSS + BEN HOWARD = PERFECTION

mikkaelmayes24: freak wat all yall say... This is a brilliant cover... Way better than the original

xompel: will there be an album with coversongs??? please put your covers on an album.....

William Smith: #(not in a gay way)

Dan Wilson: I'd do all of the above in a gay way.

TheRobopossum: there's a tab on ultimate guitar.

cawthy07: That cant not be gay :S

100milesaway: for real...great artist, and nice cover.

nilsatis81: This is what it would of sounded like in springsteins head when he wrote it..Ben Howard never fails to blow me away

poacher434: Everything Ben Howard is just perfect...

puisk26: in a gay way for me

Andjela Tatarovic: this looks like an interesting city behind him!

DrSmelvin100: Great cover but not as good as the original

Robert Pettis: god damn it ben you beautiful motherfreaker

drumman Murchie: ok?

bakedbean1232: I'd have sexual intercourse with him (not in a gay way)

Fallingstar Morgan: Had goosebumps, he's amazing. This is what you call raw talent. Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard and Jake Bugg are by far the best male artists at the moment. Could listen to them all day :D

Bexorcist: Indeed. Bruce would love this.

JAMcKenzie: I'm struggling to find a musician that's better than Ben Howard.

TheDano1947: As a matter of fact, I do get compliments regarding my wit and I'm not your buddy, slick. Ben is talented, let's leave it at that.

Jacob McLelland: You obviously have no sense of what talent is..... idiot!

Jake Flatt: anyone know the tabs for this song?

angela mcgowan: woowsers

Jordan Malloy: Hit me up with the tabs pur favour?

CodeHazza: Mat Kearney - Dancing In The Dark Check that out aswell, another amazing cover..


Mark Douglas: Cant stop listening, is there a "repeat" button for youtube? Class

Taylor L.: Dancing in the dark is one of my favorite songs of all time and I like the calm cover because I can fall asleep to it

Teagan Mago: I'd freak him. (not in a gay way)

pfly99: give up.

Jacob Chaney: F*** the boss!!! Ben Howard is the man!

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