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ali galarza: Still watching in 2017 😤✊️

dj Ales Sasa SAvic: Agree

edranzelle doll: That's kyle xy right?oh i miss him soo much like my teenage dreams coming back

mohammad bawaba: http://MyShareJob.com/index.php?ref=57763

Kawany Maria: i love you amo voce

Hope Moss: This is the first time I heard this song

Mark tafua: If you wanna see more of the guy go follow his YouTube channel matt and blue you won't regret it and subscribe to them 😊😊😊

Dave: Who's watching in 2017?

Lukáš Krejčík: Lukáš

Aline Strich: Trop cool les chansons

Cece None: 2035!!!

Cece None: I cried

Mady Whox51: love it

Morris Branch: best Katy Perry song Ever & the most underrated..this is when I became a fan

kandyleigh Tan: have you ever thought that the Matt has a husband. just wow really

KOSTAS KARALEKAS: katy perry love

DK Choudhary: who is watching in 2k16

Yasmina Amil: i love this song ever! so as matt dallas &katty ❤

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