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Gatut Mandala Putra: i can join US army ? im from indonesia. army in indonesia full of coruption .. if can. call me 085755394164..

Cole Chandler: EXACTLY 28,510,000 VIEWS 10/10 SUCH WOW!

Ameera Evanz: everytime i hear this song , i will cry 😂😢

aisyah azzahrah: it's 2015 and I'm still crying 😭

daniela sierra: I 😭

Sparkle Kitten: Idk if this is real but this is really really sad i cried :(

Karla Perez: love this song

Rubina Dallmann: 😢

Jessica Pruna: Favorite Katy Perry 

WhoKnows99 MissYGL: 01:29 dat mouth tho

Isabelle Wilkes: this video is so sad!!! :-(

Mamapapa Daddymother: This is the song that will forever be my favorite even im already DEAD .. :) i will never regret it.. <3 i love you so much Katy Perry <3 .. so sad i dont have a chance to see you in real life.. :(

Evelyn Ridder: Musste so weinen .... so traurig

Snow White: black beauty, dark horse. shiny like night. sparkly like the night sky. golden like the sun

Snow White: bb b b b b b berocca give you back your BB bounce

Kara Batsford: made me cry lol so sad

Harry potter is Better than twilight: This song kinda reminds me of carrie underwood

SSOlnes: Stupid !

artisha torres: What the hell is she black or white? gay or straight? for heaven or hell? Loves jesus or satan?

Manpreet Singh: So very beautiful. :) Such a wonderful song. ^_^

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