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Mar 12 2015 by MP3 Download
Kitty: I don't understand how violence creates peace. They lose their people, we lose ours, how does this help anyone? Why do we have to intimidate other countries in order to keep peace? I'll never understand the reason as to why all countries feel the need to fight instead of love. As a passionate person myself, I just won't get it. 

Bruce Kyle: I'm not her fan,so I think I have the right to say this: Thinking of You if the best video Katy has ever done! She looks heavenly beautiful in this one. Damn,I miss One of the Boys!

Angela Netherton: I want those shoes she wears at the end and that umbrella!

I Love You: War is so bad for everyone. It's a lose lose situation. Peace is made with diplomacy, with boycotts etc and the pen is stronger than the gun. All soldiers should lay down their weapons, and go back to their families, let the politicians fight.

Sevanthi Suseeswaran: why do people compare katy perry with ariana grande? Its obvious, how can people even compare them. Katy has so much more power in her voice than Ari.

Kris: remember how the original music video she murdered him instead of him going off to war?? yeah what happened to that anyways

HaleyTheNinja4645: This video absolutely breaks my heart.

Marissa Katy chat Duarte-Da Costa: Beautiful song

junito1957: Is that the guy who play Kyle from Kyle Xy??

Hope Basden: Um.... whatever happened to the beginning of the song????

Furball Swift: I have a question why does she get a husband. I would go to my house look at a picture of the boy who died and spend the rest of my life mourning about it. Done my life is terrible LOL

G0ldwaves: Anyone else notices that the guy in the video is Kyle XY..?

Joanna Mejia Reyes: Katy Perry - Thinking Of You (Extended Video): http://youtu.be/GyYEMXHIVAU

Lilli Witt: KATY PERRY - Thinking Of You

chocholate imoet: Buat kalian yg blm bisa move on..

sevensix17: i don´now who i am , hope baverian my father sad so

Kimberly Valera: Omg! She loves the man who went to war and even when she is with this other guy she is still thinking about the other guy who dies in war. So many women went through it and it's just sad. To those women out there sorry for your lost.

catmon143: the ghost of you by my chemical romance goes so good with this

Brandy Petry: i love you katy perry

Cynthia Hamil: Women should refuse to have sex - in order to stop these silly wars. Think of all of the relationships that have been destroyed due to war. This is sick. Katy, my hat and wig are off to you... You did a fabulous job on this video and in this song. You are bringing up such an important story - that really needs to be told. A Plus - Plus, Girl! Love you!

irma alhajj noerrizka: My feel

Marygrace Balonzo: A sad song and a story. 😢 #nevercheat

سلطان الكريديس: A soldier doesn't fight because he hates what's in front him He fights because he loves what he left behind 💔

María De Jesús Onofre: I can remember the movie "The Notebook" when I see this video! ❤

sevensix17: For alle the people , who never forget theses Days , and for my Father

Jordan Jansen: Amazing story of this video i almost cry because i go to the army two

Danilo Alcantara: Katy Perry - Thinking Of You (Extended Video): https://youtu.be/GyYEMXHIVAU


Natalia Mikła: Like my comment if you're still watching it in 2015 and you love it <3

Lisseth,COOKIE MONSTER!: This must be a special song for her..... This is not the "official" music video, she made one long time ago like 5 years ago I think and I love this song, and its also special for me.

Amanda Paz: Lol! Good one Kitty! ;-)

Nehal Eldin: Am I the only one who nearly cried in this video

Flora Velasco: Love this song and go montera

Arleene Styles Horan: Today 3 years ago this video was uploaded to Youtube 👏

Gerardo Fernandez: Excelente video!!

Island Beauty: The bike scene reminds me of a part from The Notebook. 

jeric fajardo: ?

Kate Revelle: i love this version!!

belinda gutierrez: beautiful video! I put my self in he shoes and its sad, my boyfriend is in the army and I pictured that happening to me. hope it never does

Alex Stock: I LOVE KP

BaklaBar: This is like.. the only Katy Perry song I listen to.. But then again, admitting I listen to her is still embarrassing. 


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