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Roxana kinema Flores: capitán América XD

KH CHANEL: love u

SimplyMarTv: How she go from this to the shirt music she dose now sell out

Callum Pritchard: this would make an amazing movie

Robin Perry: true love never die

Citlalli Akemi: 2017!!!

Alef Fonttinelle: só vi agora em 2017

KitCat CandyPony: 360p is best quality ever like if ya agree comment if u don't give a freak dislike if u want idc anyways

Daniel Gardner: koo koo kachoo

Maria Marimar Grande: Raise your hands if ur still watching this in 2017

Yazmin Reyes Juarez: me hiso llorar

wioletta parka: czemu skończyło się to tak smutno :( aż się popłakałam ;'(

Elana J: May 2017. Anyone?

VashDoesGames Subway Surf, Rucoy Online, and More!: still a better love story than twilight....

sorry. not sorry

cupycake05 6: im crying oml i loved katys mv so much and i really miss them

Gumberidze Luka: AM I the only one who thinks that this video reminds me of the 20th century because war,coustumes and end of video where Katy walks to the village ???? and Katy you've done a good job with this one

roksolana. leliuh: you sings 2017 - 2099

kate segodine: Still watching this since 2015 until now 😢


Dangerus woman: katy i love you 😧😢😢😢

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