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DALLASLASTOX: i love u katy ❤❤ xoxo

Marc. M.: here in 2017

Primeira Metade: 2017

Canal Pedro Paulo Borges: Amo a Katy Perry, acho ela até melhor que a Demi

Кутак Дилдов: янка замочили но придёт нормальный вася и будет её пердолить дальше)))

EKTA KHANNA: I might watching. Right now I will watch till the end

EKTA KHANNA: Love you Katy perry

ProGamer 24: I dont know why im crying when im loking this

Fontan Oceane: He's so handsome. But unfortunatly gay

Llemonjuice Aj: Katy Perry is an Inspiration to us!

We Love You Katy!

I wished you do notice me sometimes. When I was Just 6 years old, I wanted to see you.

"After all this time?"


Thobile Dubazane: had to come back here just to redeem that swish swish thing

sparklecupcake 28: Whos watching 2017

corine raison: A les bien la chanson de katy Perry.😊😊😊😍😵👻👻👧👧👱👱🙌🙌👸👸👩💖💖💝💝💋👍👍👍👍👏👏👏✌👯👯👾👾👾😻😻😸😸💅💍💍👒👾👾👗👠👠

Irsya Hazief: 2:00 those eyes

santa cruz: this broke my heart 😢

TheDANAKURDI: now thats the real music not these 2017 trash

Adriano: KYLE XY :3

Anika Galdames: 8 years later this video still makes me cry....

Melanie Plays: I've seen this guy in movies before.

abdan syaifur rachman: 2017?

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