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Jun 25 2014 by New songs
Gwen Arbetman: I cried the first time I saw the video

Kamarah Smith: This is literally the only song that makes me cry every single time i listen to it

tahlia hallows: Why have i not Hurd this song 

Σωσώ Παπαδήμα: 1:02 boobs

yukisoy: Is Matt Dallas really gay? Aww.. He looks like a nice man. Katy & Matt looks really good as a pair. Can I steal and marry him instead? :) I have lots of good gay friends but there's always a regret feeling whenever I see gorgeous and good men turn into gays.. 

TheSeekers: the man who plays katy's ex is truly gorgeous its a fact

Roland Renno: For those who thinks this guy is handsome, well I tell them your taste simply sucks. Even if he wasn't gay, he's nowhere near handsome guys, i mean really handsome guys. As for the song, Katy I've always liked you but this song is awful.

kayla Council: this is sooo sad guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always Chiefin: Did she actually ever lose a boyfriend or husband in the army?

Heidi Reed: old school 20s style! LOVE IT! The video made me look at the song in a whole new way too.

Wanda WOY: Oh my feels ;-;

zecra el char: this made me cry....i dont know why....but it did.....except it.... 

TheSimAisle: Such a good song. Her earlier stuff is much more memorable than her stuff now. Her Pop-Rock sound is much more suitable than her sound as of 2014. Now she just sounds like she oversings because the way she sings is being done in the wrong sub-genre. Hayley Williams has a great voice, but she sings in a genre of music where her voice is complimented. Plus she's a 30 year old woman trying to stay in the market where Children can still listen to her. She should quit playing the role of a disney star and find her market because you shouldn't be able to choose both kid-friendly and adult music.

Mackie Estelle: the guy kind of looks like an older version of tyler posey.. does anyone agree?

MsClaudia2013: He's gay?!

Arthur Chavez: Kyle XY he looks the same dam

mirna velarde: me encanta n.n

Lindsey1233 AJ: I wish no one ever had to lose love to death.. D':>

George M.: very sad

AfghanHijackersExposed: not good

SamSpy: Matt Dallas is so freaking handsome! I hope his fiance is treating him good! I wonder when they'll get married, if they're not already that is. I love Matt Dallas so much. Even when I found out he was gay, I said "pssh! I'll still fangirl over him anytime/any day" 

DramioneTouch: Kyle XY :)

Clare Sandford: Kyle XY <3

FreemantheRapper: if anyone is interested in hearing Gospel rap copy & paste into youtube --> new day freeman da gospel rapper thanks for your time & enjoy your new day :) - smile 

PartnerGamingstrong: oh the time when katy perry made good songs

Jasmine Buechl: MATT DALLAS. BAEEE

Gabriel Puerto: Please Katy go back to this kind of songs <3 i love her

Christina Borth: for you +Andrew Lilly 

Elizabeth Cat: So sad and beautiful at the same time,the lyrics are so deep and special :,( (,: ...Katy is just incredible.

Isabelle Lightwood: woa <33

Janmaric Malaylay: And i have my new profile picture

Lison Duda: so sad :'(

Juliette Leveau: 2014! freak yo haters ~Said The Cat. ~

Elbert John Felipe: the days before illuminati is cool. makes me cry

vanessa lokks': B E A U T I F U L Song !

Doc D: Katy perry sucks

Mary Crowley: This is one more K.P sad song the same I don't cry but its really sad :(

Blair Waldorf: Kyle what are u doing?

Lyndsay Jum: Such a cute soft rock song... :)

Nacho Tamburlini: The bright side is that the new boyfriend is hotter as hell

ellie willimott: Awww so sad!!!!!!!!!! But a great song Katy

anne capalad: dRaTttttt move on :)

May Gisel: the real artists write songs like this, but always the people just want stupid music. .-.

sloan s.: i just cried :(

Jesus El Gran Gatsby: i just thinking of you...

Lilli Witt: Like it !!!!!

Ethan Swayze: They had Thompsons or tommy guns and m1 garands 

Anto_SuperCell: :(

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