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Aug 13 2014 by MP3 player
Trebleclef Cnr: is this kat pery?

GamingForYoutube: Understand i the Video Correctly? Her Man is in the World War and she freaks with another Guys ? tz tz tz

Roland Renno: For those who thinks this guy is handsome, well I tell them your taste simply sucks. Even if he wasn't gay, he's nowhere near handsome guys, i mean really handsome guys. As for the song, Katy I've always liked you but this song is awful.

Wanda WOY: Oh my feels ;-;

Lexi golden: Omg this made me cry so much.. Reminded me of myself. 😔😭 except not a lover.. 😞 it was my dad. 😔 

Σωσώ Παπαδήμα: 1:02 boobs

Alecia Dobson: The guy who played Kyle from Kyle Xy.....

Joel Raygoza: Mi vida en un video❤️😔😭

MsClaudia2013: He's gay?!


TheSeekers: the man who plays katy's ex is truly gorgeous its a fact

park bang: cool video...

nitch1231: this vid reminds me of Ghost of You by MCR

yukisoy: Is Matt Dallas really gay? Aww.. He looks like a nice man. Katy & Matt looks really good as a pair. Can I steal and marry him instead? :) I have lots of good gay friends but there's always a regret feeling whenever I see gorgeous and good men turn into gays.. 

Afrah Al.Ghamdii.: اغانيها معبره♡​‏​‏):.

Sunny Raval: Missing you ~ #sunny 

ashly garcia: I love this , its so sad tho :'c

Gabriela Deschamps: amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo e linda esse clip amoooooooooooooooooooo

Lena Kohlmann: thinkinking of you

Marteze Braden: WHY HE NOT COME BACK

Indéa Windust: When the guy is shot it's not real

kathya jimenez lopez: llore con esa cancion :'(

marcos lima: pretty music

omar barrette: i remember when i thought i last you i played this dwl

Melina Miranda: que hermosa canción y el vídeo es muy bueno me gusta mucho. 

seinove6969: It's a fact, the whole world of music has gone totally freaking Gay!!!

Vitória Styles: Ai amo essa música , e a Cantora tbm !! ♥

Marie De paz:
Juliet Moon: que triste :,-(

Michelle Holmes: Did one of her boy friends really die?

julie hallemans: 4:04 :'(.

Bruce Young: Sexiest woman alive 

brian kendrall: all military men are dangerous. my dad is one . well just a song.

Pusscat Araújo: Perfeita!

Joana Perpétuo: Katy Perry is realy prrety

parramo cambell rosado: no me gusta el video ni se de k se trata

carolina Mathison: love katy

Ashley Ortiz: love you katy....but this song is terrible

blackrock2626: So last year, my ex boyfriend told me to listen to this and I was a little confused, just cause a guy and the words Katy perry don't exactly mix, but now that I think of it, it was really thoughtful I guess. Actually still not sure what he was trying to say.

Regiane Santos: minha historia top top

Ashlyn Black: its KATY PERRY NOT kat pery

I LOVE PEZ💕: Sad but cute

Crisisotaku Chris: Thinkin' of you.....

Norm Rendfrey: katy puts her heart and soul into all her videos .you go girl

endia kelly: I was crying 😭😭

Samuel Seniw: It's beautiful!

Christine Audet: I met the man of my life, he hold my hand in an ambulance.

sallem brahim: 0:25 bobos

Camila Mailen Costantino: why there's no lyrics ?

RT III: did he die

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