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Aug 25 2014 by New songs

Cian Toland: Who sings this??

rGon: This video is racist

Trebleclef Cnr: is this kat pery?

Afrah Al.Ghamdii.: اغانيها معبره♡​‏​‏):.

GamingForYoutube: Understand i the Video Correctly? Her Man is in the World War and she freaks with another Guys ? tz tz tz

I Gustiantz: omg katty 360p? 

Aline Rezende: MATT DALLAS IS freakING HANDSOME <3

28th Skill of RS: who came for tits?

Alecia Dobson: The guy who played Kyle from Kyle Xy.....

Viola Kawaii Desu: Oh my feels ;-;

Anne Simmer: This is such a sad,but nice video!:'(

Mayume Lada: this makes me cry 😭

Lexi golden: Omg this made me cry so much.. Reminded me of myself. 😔😭 except not a lover.. 😞 it was my dad. 😔 

Σωσώ Παπαδήμα: 1:02 boobs

ste artusi: Che merda

Iain Watson: Anyone noticed that the black and white picture of her man looks like a young George Dubyah Bush!!? I knew she sucked the establishment's rooster but that's taking it too far, man!!

sHoVan pyne: I wish i have a gf like that =(

melissa2146: Kyle xy!

Cheyenne Keogh: omg such a sad song katy but amazing at the same time xxxxx

nitch1231: this vid reminds me of Ghost of You by MCR

Sunny Raval: Missing you ~ #sunny 

Gabriela Deschamps: amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo e linda esse clip amoooooooooooooooooooo

walts Kfan: Great video i love you katy perry im thinking of you takecare all

Brianchorsaway: I love this version so much maybe even more than the original/regular cut version. It's such a good balance of instrumental and singing. 

Lena Kohlmann: thinkinking of you

Marteze Braden: WHY HE NOT COME BACK

Indéa Windust: When the guy is shot it's not real

kathya jimenez lopez: llore con esa cancion :'(


Sofija Doheny: I cry every time I see this! 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shay Marie: No he died in the army . N yes this is katy perry

Scarlet Rose: (:(

Tania Menjivar: ★★★★★

marcos lima: pretty music

omar barrette: i remember when i thought i last you i played this dwl

Viet Vu: vietnamese

karol Salgado: hay amoo a katy perry ¡¡¡

Eli Menendez: Now I have no one to lean on.

kendall macbeth: whats this song called?

Kloud Albalaei: جميلهه 

Nicole Nyiszter: 😢

Steffi Büttner: Please make a real movie about that Katy!

Anne Day: So Sad

bblando65: Beautiful song, beautiful woman, beautiful video...so classy, unlike the "This is How We Do" crap video...cmon Katy, class it back up...

Flo We: Wow, that sucks.

wizarddon: wondering why not think about Parents ?

LAURA GUZMAN: The Beautiful Little Whore, no for long time, everything has a beginning and an end, I am very envious and i are taking the freaking of envy

Dr.Najeeb Ahmadzai: Mr. UBAMA PLZ STOP THE WAR

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