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Nov 28 2014 by Fresh releases
Bruce Kyle: I'm not her fan,so I think I have the right to say this: Thinking of You if the best video Katy has ever done! She looks heavenly beautiful in this one. Damn,I miss One of the Boys!

I Love You: War is so bad for everyone. It's a lose lose situation. Peace is made with diplomacy, with boycotts etc and the pen is stronger than the gun. All soldiers should lay down their weapons, and go back to their families, let the politicians fight.

Noni Lana: Her subs is more than Ari but 1D is more than her 😂 I prefer Katy than Ari 

Alecia Dobson: The guy who played Kyle from Kyle Xy.....

Mayra Tello Garcia: Katy Perry - Thinking Of You (Extended Video): http://youtu.be/GyYEMXHIVAU 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😊😊😊😊☺☺☺

Cristal Antonella: Cute <3 and very very saaaad :(

NF7NF7NF7: AWW this is so sad :'(

Afrah Al.Ghamdii.: اغانيها معبره♡​‏​‏):.

Cian Toland: Who sings this??

Argonn DB: This video is racist

Mark Cris Brazil: Is this some sort of karaoke version? Anyway, I've always liked the song even if I'm not a Katy Perry fan. Was her first MV I saw and I ended up remembering the lyrics, probably because the video is so memorable. She don't make things like these anymore.

Vivi WestW: This video reminds me that movie with Madonna: A League of Their Own Very good one Katy

Cristina Merino: Que triste!!!😭😭😭

Gabriela Deschamps: amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo e linda esse clip amoooooooooooooooooooo

belinda gutierrez: beautiful video! I put my self in he shoes and its sad, my boyfriend is in the army and I pictured that happening to me. hope it never does

Izabela Gubala: I hate this song. (Neznášam túto pesničku. ) 

nitch1231: this vid reminds me of Ghost of You by MCR

Jean-Pascal Mattei: Le Diable au corps revu et corrigé par Melina Matsoukas (un Grammy pour We Found Love de Rihanna), selon l'esthétique féministe et fétichiste de Douglas Sirk : Katy Perry, bientôt GI Jane version Ridley Scott ou Cléopâtre d'après DeMille, se souvient de son amour défunt qui pense à elle durant son dernier souffle, dans une Americana "glamour", rurale (le pont de Sur la route de Madison) et "vintage" aux tons pastel issue d'une illustration de Norman Rockwell...

Shirley Hernandez: Does anyone know what song is played in the dancing scene?

Karina Hernández: Canciones como estas son las mejores donde cada artista le ponía su toque a sus canciones, como me gustaría que volvieran ;(

Glenda Lopez: People that leaves bad comments are freaked up! Why they always look at the negative way and not positive I feel sorry for them. There life's are harsh ! I think people that are singing like Katy perry have a special talent!😄 and then people come and writes bad comments , I feel sorry for them because they don't have talent but just leaving bad comments ! I HOPE GOD BLESS YOU PEOPLE ! Look at the positive way !!!! 😶😠😒😊 I know people will leave bad comments on my post ! Will go on . I hope that GOD REALLY DOES BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sirirat Janthed: Thinking of you คิดถึงแต่ออกมาจากสมอง Miss You คิดถึงแต่ออกมาจากหัวใจ 

Blond yna: kocham tą piosenkę <3 jest niesamowita !!!

I00IIpo0oop: katy perry looks super hot in pin up style

Engy20002029: That's guy off of Kyle xy looks like him

Aaliyah Archer: I love katy Perry she has a rocking voice

mark31069s: She could make a potato sack sexy! I'd LOVE to swing dance with her! ;) in the service and this makes me happy seeing some homage to warriors.

Ivana Peralta Lopez: I love in the katy perry

Tuli apelu: Is this based off of the notebook?

BaklaBar: This is like.. the only Katy Perry song I listen to.. But then again, admitting I listen to her is still embarrassing. 


Tais Araujo: Que história triste

xzavier jones: this used to be my song once upon a time

Lu Matta: True!! 

UsedCondomCollector: She used to be average looking but now she's just another ho

alejo diiaz: me parece muy linda esta canción pero es muy triste y eso me da pena

kari rash: I INSTANTLY KNEW THE GUY THAT PLAYED THE 'army guy' FROM KYLE XY m m mmm, he's still as cute as he was on the series ;-;

Alexi Ponce: Oh the guy from Kyle XY 

SKTHEPOPSTAR: this might be the next wave of pop music, tell me if you agree ^_^

Bianca Ward: Love those shoes!!!!! But that is sad that lives together are cut short. The grieving is never really complete. 

Sunny Raval: Missing you ~ #sunny 

Bortos Alexandru: It's about her father?

Angelica Rodriguez: Me encantan tus videos

Ade Diah Kusmiati: Thinking Of You.... I miss you so much

Anuradha Veerabadran: LOL I thought the first thing she might do after she leaves the house is jump off a cliff xD

Javier Peres: Yo a katy perry ella canta como un ángel y es muy linda sale en las 5 mejores mujeres mas bellas 

beautifulbumnuggets: This is by far my favorite Katy Perry song. 

Manuel Hernandez: Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Judith Ibarra: Aaww Katy bf went to the marine corps and he dies that's sad :( 

alessia masciocchi: Bello romantico 

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