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Mar 02 2014 by Download

LuffyTheOmnipotent: Men made this video. Man is the reason why you guys are able to comment on this video. Sending me a hate comment will only prove my point. -_-

Mo Money Mo Problems: She had a freaking seizure 

DaXXPuniSHeR: Major Lazer- Pon de Floor

Azitock The Gold Hoarder: "Who run the world?" Super Secret cabal of Jews

Milos Popovic: the only reason that i watched this vid is cuz i waited for beyonce to get nude/halfnude...

Okami Aquila: "Raise the glass for the college grads! .....Strong enough to bare them children...."

anton chekhov: i like how guys jump to telling women they don't run anything on a song simply meant to give girls a bit of empowerment,but when we tell them about the patriarchy they switch to ''we live in a MATRIARCHY! men are oppressed because girls won't have unconditional sex with them!''

Susan Fan: What year is this? Oh wait - I thought it was still the 50's with all the sexist bull crap comments below. Evolve already. And girls - if you are in a relationship with a guy with that kind of attitude - what the hell are you thinking?!?! Run like hell honey, while you still can.

Najoua Lagumairi: fuuck u

Byron Hyde: I love how everyone is making such a huge deal over a song. As if anyones opinion matters on youtube comments 😑😒

ThePatrickm290: She meant kitchen*

CrAzYcHiNaChInK1: Stop taking this song so seriously guys. Calm the freak down.

Mikeyc:: Lol, people are still raging over this video? Give it up guys, this was 2 years ago. Get the freak over it you whiny little kids.

TheBernas24: On top of the melody being downright freaking annoying, it's just pathetic feminist propaganda for women to feel more empowered. lol.

Another: Some people are taking this song a tad bit too seriously. This person is an artist, and thus must be criticized for her work. So, in short, everyone here has a right to their opinion. Just remember In the end, it doesn't matter, it his her perspective on life, not yours. I honestly don't see how this can be that offensive though , if believed woman are the less superior of our race. If that was really true, no one would care of what an inferior person would have to say. There would be no argument. The answer would be obvious. No one would care.

Maverick: freak... this video and song is embarrassing. More feminist propaganda to inspire women into believing they deserve and own more than they really do. Women are freaking puppets these days. I almost feel sorry for them.

JinxAnimatia9902: We are not puppets!

Sonia Witte: Guys are like I'm sure females love this song were just like heck yeah.

katchkarmin: uh the choreography #SLAYS subscribe to katchkarmin smooches

Jessica McDonald: at like 1 06 the guys in the front are wearing converse shoes

Km Steinhoff: dumb song

Olivia Council: To Puffy the Omnipentent and his menacing henchmen Am Bundy, Women are the most creative and complex creature alive on this Earth. Has it escape your mind that not only do people come from women but that the child-birth is the most painful thing a women could encounter besides abuse? Men did not have to work for their rights. Women are stronger and most smarter the men. You two really are despicable and ugly creatures, but I hope that you can come to realize that with women the human would've never came to be.


ana Nadia: didnt like it.. sorry.

gergina rose: the two men dancing in front of beyonce didn't know her when they hired them as a coach dancer


Shanika Summerall: Glad those girls gave Beyonce her space because how she whipping that hair around could kill someone

JelloowB: I know she runs my f*cking world ♥

Nelson Olivier jr: This song reminds me of an old saying, well not sure how old but I heard way back in the day. Behind every Great Man is a woman. This is so true, before women was in the service they stayed home and took care of the kids and kept the house in order til the Man came home. A lot of burden was put on her shoulders. Even now with both working hard women will do more than a man will and put up with more. But let's not kid our selves cause a lot of women are bad as well so it goes both ways. I'm just glad I'm not pushing a watermelon thru my pee hole.

pumpkinofdoom: Ha. You wish.

Lena mohammadi: Waht

Tiago Gomes: Last time I checked, you need a man and a woman to make babies, so I guess men and women run the world 50/50? I don't know, man...

linda marla: jeet pleez i no u dont no that ualways no how 2 spell uggh

sebastian Michaelis: It's were, you dumb bitch where the freak did you learn your spelling from?

girlcalledaish: Fair have no proof of all the crazy claims your making!

Qoolos Redstripesurvival: Do you like this song? It's produced by a man. Also her manager is a man, her stylist... yes, a man. EAT THAT. Woman.

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Hannah Mullings: who the he world ? GIRLS

jackson munt: well said swiftysimpson . men are the ones who must be submissive and stay at homes and look after the children . we women are better than them in every way . in other 50 yrs this will come true and women will rule the world while men will stay in homes and cater to our needs

Nika Traum: LOL of course they exist, but who's got the maternal instinct without a man and the capacity to have babies without them too? women, you just missed the point to "women want to be worshiped" (you must really know women really well to speak in their name) bc you know it's true!

Rebecca Keegan: Was I even talking to you???......NO!!!

genaro pidot: Go! Go! Go! 200,000,000 Views :) Beyoncé Forever :)

Sergio Cos: boyyyys fun the world

kustomforce: wow...just wow. This conversation is over.

Luciene Paulo: Muito bom

Andrés F Parra S: OMG! 200 Millions!! Who Run This Motta?

chris holland: You know, God doesn't actually exist

Nieshaa90: ///

Juana y juliana: is my favorite song for dancing

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