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Pablito 1409: 1:42 Lizza khosy

2 Gamers hall: Who runs da world... TRANSGENDERS (no offense)

devine o: the 166k were boys lol

Talon Westberry: Beyoncé is sexy

Drama Queen 515: Liza koshy brought me here I swear 😂😂😂

JoshOmegosh Mi: Hello fellow feminists

Rachel Rocks: Who run the world?


kpopfinlyrics 1: Omg I've been dancing with this song in the background but I just found out what's that song exactly :D

llvly cher19xx: wow just wow this is lit asf

Isa Chaves: fiquei com medo dela esse clipe parece ser muito agressivo

Bertha Mumba: hit like if you are watching in 2017

Declan Bradburn: this song is the stupidest song ever. makes light of how dumb femimism is. feminists want equality? at least thats the idea... next thing women run the world apparently

Silentx: Am I the only one who gets confused with Beyonce, Nikki & Rihana. (Spellings & auto kill me sometimes).

Jane Gudol: HOUSTON TEXAS BABY (liza fans will understand)

NonKonformista737: 21th century music is awful

Master Brony: Major Lazer Pon De Floor

Clayton Southwick: Luv this video....hella seductive

Bara B: #GoGirls

Amos Higgins: 1:41 It's your girl, LIZA!

Magsay22: Damn those legs tho

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