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Spirit The Dancer: October 2017!! 😍

Anonymous Neo: How many feminists does it takes to change the lightbulb??

Non, cause feminist can't do crap 😂😂😂😂

Young Sinatra: Women are weak and stupid

sammy jo: hey beyonce how are you are you doing ok I miss you I wanted to see you and gmail me and call me and text me and snapchat me and facetime me to make sure if you are ok I just wanted to let you know oh ok my girl

Flower Girl: Houston Texas Baby! 💙💙💙💙

m chanel: やっぱりビヨンセはカッコいい❤️ダンス系でアルバム出さないのかな?

Keyshawn Walker: This song is very respective to girls thanks bay-bay

322233 233223: Goreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Валихан Серик: m a student, I study at the Polytechnic University, I can be expelled for non-payment of chambering, I was given a term until the end of the month, I'm studying in full-time education already on the 3rd course, and it will be insulting if I am expelled, try to combine my studies and work, still lacks pay all the necessary amount and time, please help will be very blessed.

chun yuen:

Nadege Joseph: Beyoncé est superbe

ArtisticPixie: Didn’t come here looking for a literal queen but here we are


Sugar Lips MSP: LAST!

xEndiePearlx: What’s up with all the bitch hurt boys? It’s a freaking chill the freak out with your feminist comments

Jada Bynum: slayyy

skye: beyoncé never fails to freaking slay everyone

迫いくみ: ビョンセ様は他の奴とは歌い方が違うわァ~

迫いくみ: Beyonce 年齢36歳身長170㎝歌の才能1000%中の1000でーす

迫いくみ: やっぱり、世界の歌姫は他の奴と歌い方が違いますねェ~

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