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Jun 22 2014 by Music agent
Brianna Marie: This is a song about feminism and female empowerment. If you are a close minded pickle who still thinks this is the time of apes, it's not. It's the 21st century and times have changed. Catch up, or shut up. And all these comments telling women to get back in the kitchen? My only response; that's where the knives are.

An. S.: Who run the world!?!? Forrest Gump!!! XD

Luandersonn Airton: Beyoncé - Run the World (Girls) <3

Big Cheesy: She is so ugly...

משה ליברמן: Who run the world? JEWISH PEOPLE!

Ashley Nelson: “Since we all came from a women, got our name from a women, and our game from a women. I wonder why we take from women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think its time we killed for our women, be real to our women, try to heal our women, cus if we dont we'll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies, who make the babies. And since a man can't make one he has no right to tell a women when and where to create one” - Tupac Shakur

91BigRed1: I'm just here to read the comments.

Britt Preston: when it comes to physical strenght and all dat crap, guys obviously win tht part, but when you look at it men could easily be controlled and decieved by women, so its not bout' power at all its all about brains 😔😔 in my opinion mothers run the world #justsayin 

S3BMSK100553: Who Run The World ?

Golden Wolf: 637,802 likes came from either a feminist or a girl. Shouldn't you girls be in the kitchen making me a sandwich. 


LuffyTheOmnipotent: The only thing they run is my oven to make my grilled cheese sandwich.

Benjamin Robbins: The comment section on this video are filled with idiots of both genders. Computers run the world. Not men. Or women. NOW STOP FIGHTING.

Daniela Ondy: If women ran the world there wouldn't be war. Just countries that wouldn't talk to each other.

Vicky Cookie-P.: Who run this world? ~_GIRLS_

securityr1: the song is so lame ... becuase ya'll girls know its a lie. Men

adamstink: All this arguing about who runs the world, has no-one ever read up the meaning of the yin yang? If women were gone and men could still procreate the world would be over. If men were gone and they could still procreate the world would be over. Men think they have power because they're mostly the leaders, but who do they come home to and get guidance from? And that's why women think they have the power, haha. Quite frankly all on earth run the world, pshh. But good song though XD

sherilyn vickery: If girls did run the world there be trouble lol If i run the world it all be pink lol


DTRILLION2k100: Beyonce once you finish dancing around like a twat, dont forget the kitchen is waiting for your. 

Yvonne Snip: who run the world? GIRLS! 

BVBARMYFORlFR: 0:50 mute the volume and say hey look I'm a CHIKEN wait for two seconds then say bawk bawk ba'gawck

Debbie Simmer: Girls are strong and boys to. But we have mooooorrreee problems. I think boys have it simpler then girls. We have to put up with (many things) But guys get too of course put up with stuff. But the girls are stronger because we can do thing better, and we know we have it harder. Nothing in this is hate.

ticherie ma: as long as women have to be topless, and show theyr vagina power we wil l never be equal. WOmen are not requal The message is where sex slaves.

Mazdy Soraya: Hahaha it is for laugh..How can girls run the world when they are so busy with their look. It is not running it is being passive. But girls can sing about it :). By the way girls are awesome and god sent but please..Even song is empty ..2 shallow..God bless you all :)

Iyanna Lucas: this for the girls who run this world

themajesticcousins: 0:48 Look at me, I'm a chicken! " *Bawk Bawk Bawk Bwak B'gawk!* "

Rouge2881: This is funny girls don't run the world men do. Don't be lying saying girls run there world. Girls belong in the kitchen that's all they are good for 

Blake Otte: No Beyoncé girls run the kitchen

MarinaVila: We run the freaking world! Don't argue with me and I'll make you a sandwich! XD

Cathy-Ann Davies: So strange with all the hate for this song. Men (mainly rappers) will consistently boast that they run this world and that they have all the money, power and women. But Bee makes a song to hit back and show we can be just as powerful and all the sexist comments come out! I feel this song just makes us girls feel a little more powerful - no need for such sick hurtful comments towards women. We're in 2014! :D WE ALL RUN DA WORLD. 

Dory Colon: freak mens .i. 

Eleni Georgiou: This song isnt lame because it puts up women, its lame because of the beat and the music. 

Kadijah Tyler: Haha all the guys saying girls get back in the kitchen be careful what you ask for next woman to make you a sandwich might slip you a few laxitives and leave then boo boo on you literally who run the world girl power everyday all day

Dianna Miranda: vote for Beyonce on teen choice awards best female artist and female hottest please please #QueenBey #Beyoncé 

Bethany Pearce: Is there any point to those dance moves?

Ioannis Tsangarides: I'm sorry, but I just have to say this. Girls do not run the world, and nor do boys. No one runs the world, as each species comes and goes. To quote a mediocre movie, "oblivion is inevitable." You could argue that you can run something for a certain period of time and then not run it anymore, but can you really be in charge of something which you have little information on? I mean, we haven't even explored 1/5 of Earth yet. For all we know, mermaids and unicorns could exist. You may say that my comment is silly, but I feel it makes a point contradicting many idiotic comments made directed towards the contents of this music video. Which brings me to my next point. When I see a comment saying "Girls do no rule the world" or "Boys rule the world," a common reply is to call the commenter sexist. Seriously?!??! The song/video is one of the most sexist things I have seen on YouTube. And yes, I have heard other songs objectifying women, but those songs refer to events rather than generalizations stated as facts. In no other song have I heard that males are better than females. This is the only song, to my knowledge that does that, and the fact that people like it is mortifying. 

r4gu1: Basically, she's trying to say that the ILLUMINATI run the world!! Wake up y'all dumasses!!

Seven Pops: what she actually meant "Who run the World? BEYONCE!" that self-deluded, self-absorbed, two-faced, uneducated, fake, liar, split-personality, ratchet-from-the-ghetto, attention-seeking, wanna-be-white, TRY HARD and a FREAK of a woman. smh

ספיר תוהמי: Beyonce is the Queen who is right with me will make me a Like

Ali Bassam: Yet, at any point, the men could've killed them all. Just sayin.

AletheAce: Guys common, let them have this song to escape from reality for 4 minutes 50 seconds. No need to hate, I'd say the same things they would probably if I were them. 

Rikkicoll: Am I the only person who tried to dance like that? Let me say, near impossible.

IzzyWizzy elodi: :)

Alexander Bishop: Here's the thing. When men see something objectifying women they say "Get over it" When men see something objectifying themselves they say "HEY!!!" When women see something objectifying women they say "HEY!!!" And when they see something objectifying men they say "Get over it" See the problem here? Both men and women have to either A: Not care about both things or B: Care about both things. Equally. To all the women out there, stop saying you want equality, then five minutes later say "Men should do all the hard work" And to all the men out there stop saying you want equal rights for men and women, then five minutes later objectify them.

John Smith: Feminists.. UNITE!

lisa moyo: when people say women belong in the kitchen i just think well knifes beling in the kitchen as well LOL😂

lemonfreak92: Who run the world? Whites.

Vesuvius721: Who run the world: Illuminati

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