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Solomonta: beyonce is so femenist

Relebohile Rapolo: Pantsula dance rocks#proudly South African

I LOVE EXID: sooo...after 4 years, the argument about which gender is superior and this feminist crap is still ongoing? lol u people have no life.

Amy Moscoso: Of course men are better!!

At being losers

Nicholas Charles: Awesome song :)

khetlyn Ribeiro: eu e muito luxo linda demais

khetlyn Ribeiro: eu e muito luxo linda demais

Be Weirdos: No offense but I don't trust men not even nice guys its a caution to trust guys for me o-o

shoval s: beyonce i want pecture with you irs happend i have with Mariah carey and I want with you

Bianca Florencia Bisaccia: :-)

elbowsonfleek: girls see men having more power EVERYWHERE. can we have one freaking song for ourselves jesus christ

cozac andreea: superr tare dansu..coregrafia de milioane ma fascineaza de fiecare data cand ma uit

Miranda Genter: thatz right bitchez!

Madison Muise: Beyoncè is a goddess. 😍😍

byoself jstbcuz: we would literally have to start all over from scratch for women blacks gays and transpeople to be treated equally ever !!!

Backdraftfromhell: i'm a MAN, and i like this song.

Jessica Lopez: this song sounds like Kendall k's song from dance moms

Melden Delacruz: I Love the dans I learn it

Mayana Alves: amooooooo demais Beyoncé

hamini homini: cool

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