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Ersin Engin: Music infrastructure diploooooo😀😀

trashboat: can't tell if this is supposed to be a war zone or some sort of post apocalyptic strip club...

Elina Sarukhanian: 😚😚😚😚😚😻😻😻💑💑👅👅👅👅💋💋💋💋❤❤❤

Aavika Dhanda: I actually came back this time to see Danielle Polanco slaying hard!!

Maria Villegas: i guess that is what will happen to the world of we don't stop the wore

banAna bipolar: Nosso hino feminista! ❤

TheSmartest: no bees run the word because whit out the bees we will die

Brick House Body Entertainment: QUEEN Bey been schooling us Afrikan Americans on who we are and what we were and still can be!!! most of us are from the Benin/Togo tribe brought here by way of slavery, but before that back home in benin women ran the armies the men stayed home and watched the kids, we ran it and we ran it well!!!

CoverGirls0905 CG95: Good song but cringy  dance moves coming from a 9 year old XD

Just Happy: Boys dislike this.. lol

Sara Ahmad: who's throwback in friday this power song to this queen couse all her song is powerful

I am, AKU: Love this comment section. A bunch of people who think this song is empowering and a bunch of people missing the message of this song. The song is how they are masters of persuasion. All the people who are saying, well men have done 99% of things. Sure, however not accurate that number it is mainly true. But this song doesn't mean that the women did that stuff. It is talking about how they can persuade you to do crap and screw you over and how you will still come back to them. Literally, this song is about women taking advantage of men, and sadly that happens a lot. If you are a feminist watching this video, you should hate this, because it talks about you running the world by using your body and screwing other people over.

Saron LuvRoseGold: Beyonce for President

Ash Awsum: who run the kitchen?

郭馥慈: Dope! 💓💓

I Breathe Memes: Houston Texas Baby is at 1:40

Kristij Jones: Who noticed Luke James in the video??? He played Johnny Gill in the New Edition movie

Jacoreyah Daniels: I like your music you haft to teach me

savannah s: Beyoncé and a fresain BEUATIFUL

Zinnie Solomon: 0:59 I don't think that they even want to be there considering they are boys 😂

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