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ZayK - Clash of Clans: Who listens to this music in 2015 ?Loving my coment to see how ? And sub my chanel pls ? :D

William James: Bey queen of bitches ! BITCHES ONLY LOVE BEYONCE AND GAY PEOPLE !

Dsdj Dallas: Women don't run crap. They barely got their rights less than a 100 yrs ago.

tuğba güder: beyonce senin klipte yıkandığın tomalardan biz her gün kullanıyoruz hey gidi yavrum hey

toiha36 eliana: Vos gueule

Eagle gaming: Women empowerment right her I Dont Care At All I Just Like This Song

lisa s: Almost break my neck trying to do this every single time aha...I think I'll watch this time.

Stn Stn: I came here to read stupid men vs women comments..


Daniella Gold: I really love this music

Lisa Wright: dudes gettin mad but if it werent for us WOMEN yall wouldnt even be here .

Maria da Gloria CarvalhoPereira: THE BEST

Maria Charlotte: Don't even play the "oh we girls practically made the world because humans literally came out of our vag" bitch no without a guy u won't have nothing coming out of ur vag

vicente romero: Stop pretending that men built the world because men are better than women, that's simply stupid . Women Have protagonism in the history of humanity and without women there will be no men.
If theyr presence in history is way less than men's presence it's because we men didn't allow them to participate , women were not allowed to vote, to read, to go out alone, to speak without permission or to work out of the house. If men built the world it's because we didn't allow women to do it.

#frankaballsz games: I'm a big fan xoxoxo 😝😝 love you beyoncexoxoxoxox

QuanizzGFX™ ~ Jonathan H.: Without guys you wouldnt own a phone a house if you dont wanna build it yourself. Btw how do girls run the world. The only thing i hear on the news about the Equality is that men are most of the time owning a company etc nothing about. Girls that run any business at all. Im not hating on girls but wtf this song is pathetic makes no sense. To be fair the animals rule the world cause if they wouldnt exist we would die. And if we wouldnt exist this world would be alot better...

Brooke Simons: who run the world? GOD!

Taylor Williams: All y'all who are fighting about the gender, it is just a song.

Eniola Tijani: beyonces dancing games on point👌👏👑

basilhs sopikioths: worst thing i heard in my life

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