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divyam gupta: Who all came here after watching Liza koshy's Houston Texas baby

EmeraldLover18 NUMBER 1 EMERALD LOVER: who came here from liza koshy HOUSTON TEXAS BABY LOL 😂

pcarebear1: after watching the Inauguration, I need to watch something positive...Beyonce take me away!

Jasmine Hicks: htjgnyintit

FandomCosplayer: This song preaches what I tell sexist boys everyday

LLAMA LOVER: 1:40 liza koshy

rachael ocasio: girls will always run da world

Purple Princess: Always girls


SallyPichu: I'm showing my brother that girls rule not boys

angel slaeyer: I'm a girl!

Júlia Queiroz: 2017??

quirky squad: nobody else notice illuminati signs

little cupcake girl 40000000: GIRLS RUN THE WORLD

Dorian Booze: Its a mans world but girls run it

Bongoza Nokwali: dear trump

Julie Okako: I Din the world 👌👌👌💞

Andre Ross: ok justwait

Andre Ross: na god

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