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Αγάπη Ιτόγια ( love itoya ): This songs really empowers woman
Check out my performance of Run the world and tell me what you Think..💜

Rita Francisca: muito top

Sabrina Souza: 4 anos já 😪

Pinky Maxie: To juju h

Sade Wright: that yellow dress thought...... i love it ^u^

Gollawiz: >beat made by major lazer
nice beyonce, very original

London Cram: girls will not rule the world

slaver687: I love this song

Haley “Elise” Major: I came her from Liza koshy...HOUSTON TEXAS BABY

Life With T: Who watching in 2016

Cindy Starling: love B

blissful .flower: You know what I judged Beyonce from rumours i heard i shouldn't do that she's really amazing

Raven Queen: i love this song so much!

Camila kaslauskas: me gusta el pene

Raenice Dunbar: HOUSTON TEXAS BABY!!!!!😁

Raenice Dunbar: HOUSTON TEXAS BABY!!!!!😁

Kapreece Book: I really like this song.

Leah Harper: slay queen b!!!

lovely cat: lizzza

haru kun: wy 149 k dislike? :v

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