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Apr 17 2015 by MP3
Taurean Simmons: I never realized how big her boobs were when I was younger.... 

MówPoLucku: GTA 4

Anuz: Nekfeu - Egérie

BotonNegro: I used to love kanye but now hes all roostery and crap

Thomas Brondino: Nekfeu !

Ariel Lezen: Didn't give half a crap about kanye Heard all the stuff about him being an asshole Listened to his music Liked it 9/10

CalloftheCoon: Brings back memories of playing gta 4 and hearing this song while running over pedestrians also while trying to avoid the cops.

Happy Jordan: i get so much nostalgia from this song i shiver

Asstrologist: hate kanye but love the video and that thick bitch😍

The Arcenal: So much nostalgia from finishing GTA IV...from July of this year lmao. I know I have GTA V for my PS4 but GTA IV can't be beaten, ever.

E-Man5805: People are saying THIS is the real Kanye? Funny. I seem to recall people saying this wasn't the real him back in '07 or 08' ish. Fast forward several years and now the times have shifted opinions. Kanye keeps evolving his music. If he were still making just chipmunk sampled beats, people would've gone stale on him years ago. That ever shifting style is why Kanye stays relevant. That or because he sold his soul to the devil, or whatever the conspiracy theorists be saying.

62vanni: Clip NEKFEU > Clip Kanye West 

Selena Thompson: Jerry's vine brought me here...

Spaceman of Saturne: Nekfeu t'as buté kainy :)

Agathe perreau: Nekfeu > Kanye West

angel R: Can some of you guys stop bringing up GTA 4 wtf is wrong with you little ass kids you hear the song in the game and then you want to bring the crap up on the real music video the song came out way befor the game came out so please stop talking about that damn game noone cares please and thank you. Also just enjoy the music and stop compairing it to other things thanks.

ken Wilhite: lol good song

Valter Macario: Mannn what place is that , so crazy music and video , that city tho

WiSE BEATS: swag

wellforth: l wonder why my bitter ex girlfriend who i dumped sent me this video to watch years ago when this song came out hmmm?

Xingmey: ok... can kanye actually sing or something? - only thing he's famous for is his daughter, and that's a compass

Lady Presh-Presh: Good thing they blurred out her pouring the lighter fluid on the coat so it was impossible to decipher what she did...

i kill ian: Go watch Nekfeu - Égérie it's a second part of this music

Anna Fey: All of you should watch the video of Nekfeu called Égérie, you will see that the two are linked in a sort of way! 

Alecu George Cristian: Porn, porn everywhere. Also what a crapty song... How the heck could ppl like something like this? 

Dennis Haß: Fantastic song, but I think that they could have made the music video better. It's different yes, but it's too boring in some way.

Michael Pun: Best song in GTA4

Nayzo: < Nekfeu - Egerie

luvthick: She still looks great.

Antoine Contenseau: égérie

frantz cenatus: So old but so good

Thom Smith: People arguing about nostalgia... im 25 and 8 years ago was a century ago.

Jose Andres Ramos Bilbao: Like si vienes de gta 4

Julius Elmore: Class at the gym just started using this as the cool down track. Sometimes I forget to stretch. Too busy bobbing my head and shuffling my feet... 

prankster23456: Niko, you want to go bowling?

TwinkeRxTreM: No respect for Kanye in "nekfeu égérie" ahaha

Zeus the Monster: where was this shot?

Mateo Ocampo Flórez: Do you imagine 'life imitating art' and Kim secretly killing Kanye for his fortune in a few years from now (?)

DTHUGisdashit: 3/5 stars, good song to listen to on drugs

Fault Empire: Nekfeu

lucas betayene: Nekfeu don't respect you, kanye...

adfggffffffddffd: It's funny cuz she blocks the wind with her hand then throws it up in the air as if the lighter falling to the ground wouldn't blow out the flame.

Cristal scumbag 🍭✊: I liken this song & i tought it was on 2012 😂

Acidrim: Don't date black bitches. 

king james: Shout-out to those who listened to this before GTA. Damn, it's sad most of you people first heard this playing a video game. Smh.

HaXOrs XL: Gasoline censored

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