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Nov 10 2014 by Torrent
Happy Jordan: i get so much nostalgia from this song i shiver

ImMadaratheruler: Brings back memories of playing gta 4 and hearing this song while running over pedestrians also while trying to avoid the cops.

nanoday1: Mona Lisa can't Rome without Caesar? What the freak

MówPoLucku: GTA 4

BotonNegro: I used to love kanye but now hes all roostery and crap

anthony castillo: i dont like kanye as a person,but damn good stuff always liked him as a artist

AlXA: Damn I remember 7 years ago watching this video for the first time and being obsessed with this song. Boy does time go by.

Jenni Hall: But what do I know

The Arcenal: So much nostalgia from finishing GTA IV...from July of this year lmao. I know I have GTA V for my PS4 but GTA IV can't be beaten, ever.

HandsDown1001: Kanye Better Had Came To Life And freaked Dwele Cause That Body BANGIN 😜😜

taniya johnson: Ok. Having some mail for shovel. Number one. I thought you was going to bury him. Space number 2. I don't see no blood when she stabbs him, mind u I'm 12 years old and I have to correct this, what the heck...

Shayla Babiee Daniels: GTA 4 brought me here XD

Sam Britt: This the REAL kanye, now he's just a conceited bitch that only cares for his self 

Deestretch81: So I've never seen the vid till 7.00am now but I always play the tune WTF!🙈

Tate Harris: Say what you will about the way kayne acts but you got to admit he is an outstanding rapper 

Shirene Smith: As I recall I know you love to show off.........

Dash Films Painting & More: Did they starve that women? 2:01 you can literaly see her bones!

Andrei Rusu: 480 p this guy is really cheap in the video quality

Zimera Morrison: I love this song. I hear it almost this song ever time I get into a car in GTA 4

daria Sib Frazer: what was in her hand…?

marquis blanco: she kill him with shovel what didi he do freak her and never call back?

IntrovertSocialite: This is a great example for all you ignorant men out there. You can't just HAVE big boobs and a big booty on a woman and not get the larger stomach, fatter thighs, and murder that comes along with them.

Motorhead3800: Listening to this.. I think to myself. .caint wait for kanye and kim to fail.. he use that motivation to make hiphop well again. . Exceptional producer and lyricist (when he wants to) till then.. ill stick to classics

antoniojonino: REMEMBER THIS! 1:19 -1:30 THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Corrie Fisher: I would like to know why she killed him

Flajarkin123: Thanks GTA4 for raping this into my ear!

nixxxon18: what a freaking disturbing video

Braden Rikli: Always loved how its a stupid ford Mustang they chose for this,..

Karl Wilger: Wait.. wasn't this in gta 4?

Sanset Sanaa: soound from "Storm from the East" isao tomito .

Michelle Hernandez: How did the shovel fit the way it was faced? 

byketta 100 % black: Se alguém conhecer uma ( mulher ) com extinto ninfomaníaca ! é assustador ainda mais com uma pá misteriosa de coveiro que o aço é impermeável* Um aviso fuja enquanto é tempo******

Dontoria Ross: I would like to know if she killed him 

dann756: What a contradicting little cunt when he talks about Katrina. Am I the only tax payer who see's this?

chromebooklover: This always reminds me of gta4. i actually quite miss gta4

LordK: Lorde did better

ThatAnonymousGamer: Im here from GTA 4 ;3

Con S: This is violent towards men and should be taken off the internet.

jot randhawa: no blood on the shovel?

Simone LOVE: What happened to the other video with the full song? The one where the girl makes breakfast then gets dressed goes out and gets assaulted...

Michael McPadden: She don't believe shooting stars but she believes shoes and cars 

Tero Bat: dziwne

JohnnyA50: Everything she got is jiggling <3_<3

крестный отец: сиськи как у коровы 

Maxus Axiom: Kanye West - Flashing Lights ft. Dwele: http://youtu.be/ila-hAUXR5U

Franklin Eastham: GTA 4 BROUGHT ME HERE!!!!!!

Enigma Freeman: I hate Kanye West as a person, but he makes good music.

Ashley Yorkk: I feel like iam her. And that bitch in the truck is my ex.... Muhahaaa

polienfermo: who is she?

Shawn James: Rita G so sexy

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