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Jun 23 2014 by New songs
RickyRichardstv: I use to always play this track on GTA 4 HA

ytLION: Whats her name? :D

Don Thrilla: The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

chrysmania: Was like 2 years ago I was hearing this on gta 4, gta v doesn't have as much good music as gta 4 rap station.

thalia neta: I saw that when I was 7 years old, I believed that she really killed him XD

Justice Gonzalez: I miss this Kanye West..

Chris Holmes: holy crap look at her boobs 1:20

A1D3N98: Back When Kanye Was Amazing <3 This Is My All Time Fav Kanye Song

mina mbr: kanye may be a TOOL but still this song is amazing 

Leo Z: Bound 2 sucks major rooster, this guy can do much better music, like this song.

hitmonhydro: I think for those of us that don't have a major connection to kanyes music this is his best track next to gold digger. As far as solid jams go. A lot of people are on his pickle just because, but I consider this by far better than most the crap he makes even on earlier albums.

mat safrick: The music video is opposite in real life. *gets hit by feminists*

Amaru Vanin García: wow..wht a way to die by your beautiful girl!!..wht ya did Kanye? I hope Kim Kardashian ain't gonna do it..lol...

The Good Doctor: I miss this kanye. Graduation was one of his best albums ever

sofianehibb: GTA IV, forever in my heart

Renji Raizen: GOT DANG....she thick

David Vanderwaal: Wish his music was still like this 


Dynamic ViiBzZ: IMO kanye west is an overated roostery arrogant cunt he music actually is trash and sucks I mean he was like three good songs POWER GOOD LIFE FLASHING LIGHTS otherwise naaaaaaah better artists out there killing it who make good music and are much better like: LOGIC MGK KENDRICK LAMAR 

david Wiz: She is Hoot !!!!! Damn..that ASS...pfff,my snake is awake O.o


Carlos Guzman: Miss the old days 😣 2009 my favorite year of my life

Andrey Mitrofanov: I just don't get it.

Shan Edwards: Love listening to this at night.on rainy days.and.in.new York

dg31: whos this big booty sweet heart

MCEdziits: This is the way I want to die ;)

Radikal Flash: At the end of the video, instead of "Flashing Lights" it should say "Flawless Victory Fatality"

IsaiahSmith2486: I miss old Kanye, it's all Kim's Fault

Alan Ivan Alejandro Lepe Villaseñor: GTA IV

SmashBrosSniper23: Cant find any other videos of this song because I'm using an android. freaking bullcrap

Pvt_Kuba: Oh god, anyone know her name?

BRASSxM0NKEY: Honestly, if the people that hated Kanye just separated his personality with the music, I don't think anybody would hate his music.

MaineFameGaming: Her name?

pouetes: If kanye don't snap out of his bullcrap he really gonna end up in that car with kim killing him lol

Chrisgohard daily: Just came to remember the days of gta4 I always killed hookers to this song

Annie Biagi: Why didn't Kanye marry this chick? x3

dancgreen2: Man Rita g is a bad bitch! And this that can't tell me nothing Kanye. .beat, rhyme, hook are killer

Ernesto Springer: If a black man would have made a video of him killing a wwhite women it would have been a scandal.

EmperorAguila: The beat is so freaking amazing...

MrStreetballer5: Damn she so freaking fine. Back when music videos was the crap. Shame crap became pretty bland and boring last few years.

rachel king: What a gorgeous f**king body 

CHVLLYTheProducer: Kanye West type beats on my channel!


Yohan Roy: Gta iv

BurritomanXD: @ 2:00 is the face you make when you get hw over the weekend

Name: art

PidgeotXD: Kanye wrecked this, he went all out.

The Fire Rises: Whos the woman?

Är¢†ï¢ Jåmåï¢åñ: I didn't pay attention much to who was singing the rap music on the radio when I was little. And I surf youtube to Kanye and I hear all my songs.... And then I see all these comments saying, "What happen Kanye?!" and I look for myself and Wow. 

Afrotastic540: them synths are beautiful. ugh

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