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detecтιve• ғιѕнoe•: Am I actually the only one who came from the movie "Sing!"

Satans Fat Cat: Back when Kanye was 🔥

Derrick Rose: The Beat 102.7 : Hey man I know you heard this song like a million times, but we gone play it for you AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN and AGAIN. Flashing Lights Kanye West

Caden Sampson: 2017

Eddy Mbatia: This KANYE was everything

anonymous vi: "SING".

Rozsa Simon: The music he wrote could anybody's think of it smart ...

Bonnie Deverell: I'm so glad the squid tanks in Sing burst before the song was ruined by Kanye :'D

goodmusic4eva: Who is the chick in the video?

espringle chan: soo cool

criminallyvulgar: this woman has the best body ever, I thought so then and still do now

SixPathsSilver: sigh The last of the good Kanye we knew

La pausecafé: who's here thanks to "sing" movie ?

Jacquie Michel: the following is Nekfeu - Egerie

Sir Dong Dinglesworth III: I remember listening to this song at like 8 years old

Royalt Banks: CLASSIC🔥🔥👑

Michael Nguyen: I pop the biggest boner evererytime i watch this

GEOVANI PEROSA DE PROENCA: Esses é um daqueles clipes que não tem sentido nenhum, mais tem uma atmosfera tão sexy com essa gostosa só de calcinha e sutiã.

SEIDWALK: I just realized this song was in SING. I haven't heard this song in forever.

Exkaliber: This will without a doubt go down as one of the best instrumentals in history.

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