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Black Manzz: Can see nico bellic drivin 'round

Pepper Mint: Funny... seems like you are describing your wife Kanye😂

Túlio Godoi: This music is aweeeeeeeeeesssoooooooomeeeeee!!!!! Grand Theft Auto IV also its!!

Roy Despopoulos: why do all your songs feel like they have been cut off.... GIVE US MOOOOORRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahahha....nah ur fink kanye....do your thing :3

Don96: "I'm just saying hey Mona Lisa , come home you know you can't Rome without Caesar" yo..that line is underrated 🔥

Kim Gutierrez: This man is super talented..god bless hem 👌🏿

scarstike: Rita G man!

Dana Scully: nip/tuck

Ultimate Pro Gamer: This was my favorite song in gta iv

31 Savage: Who watching this in 2017

Lisette Merino: she killed kanye

TheSlimJim 76: I know rhis song from sing. Lol

Laura: Who else came from SING ?

Batman ?: ==

Mona Ramirez: This song never gets old

SaRayah Gilbert: I haven't heard this in years.....the last tine I heard it was when I was 5 years old....wow..its still good

Wiz Shakur: Hitman Holla and & Timothy killed this beat #WildNOut

Fanfan Lin: Like I broke the replay button....

23dlc: Timeless music, kanye is a truly one of a kind artist especially when the college dropout released

Young Dwizy: Classic 🔥

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