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Fan Comments

Albert Hofmann: BADBADNOTGOD brought me here


Neil Ahuja: Has anyone checked out F + L Point Point? that brought me here. (along with a Vine edit)

Felicia Widemon: This song go

Mixtape-Fiend: gta 4 got me hooked on this song fr

Meatwad: Vevo was so wack back than. Love this song though.

Arent you cool: What wa that censored thing??

Sergio Covar: Who is listening in 2017

Phone Gamer: What was censored

ShiShi Monae: This song was my song when i was little

DTB: miss the old kanye

Nathan Drake: gta 4 brought me here lul since the beat is the best radio there,then i heard him saying "kanye west",and i was like "for real?"

Ar Rot: prequelle d'Egerie de nekfeu 😉

Stephan Shearin: i wonder how the got the shovel thing soo it can seem real?

Joshua Ortiz: anyone else searched up this song because of Sing?

i'zjha Evans: Who's watching in 2017 ✨✨

MsQuintyn: Probably what kim might do to him.

Willis Allen Jr: I like the song, but never saw the video. Quite disturbing.

Traven Lassiter: she don't believe in shooting starts but she believes in shoes and cars

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