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Aug 20 2014 by MP3
nanoday1: Mona Lisa can't Rome without Caesar? What the freak

Alain Bruno: this song is awesome!

ytLION: Whats her name? :D

daria Sib Frazer: what was in her hand…?

mat safrick: The music video is opposite in real life. *gets hit by feminists*

Jose Mendoza: 480p

dg31: whos this big booty sweet heart

ArcticMonkeys55: Oh god, anyone know her name?

Brandon Horton: Kanye West - Flashing Lights ft. Dwele: http://youtu.be/ila-hAUXR5U

Tino Miller: This is when I started freakin' a lot with K.W

bouncyshak: How can they blur out her dousing clothing in petrol but then keep him getting stabbed with a shovel lol. How come this vid doesn't have an age restriction on it wtf.

Justice Gonzalez: I miss this Kanye West..

SmashBrosSniper23: Cant find any other videos of this song because I'm using an android. freaking bullcrap

colehman72797: Gta Iv

ciawarhater: GTA IV

FranciscanoBalili: GTA IV. Nuff said.

SchwaggSocks: My interpretation of this song is otherworldly. 

Tshiamo Khunwane: Kanye West - Flashing Lights ft. Dwele

Saida Green: i need a ugly fat ass nigga

Krystal Lake: Silly girl... She should have waited until *after* she bludgeoned Kanye to take off her coat and burn it. That way she could destroy the blood spatter evidence!

Tamuna Kala: Killing me softly in action !!! ))))))))))

Ernesto Martinez: I had the Graduation Album and I was showing this girl the tracks. Flashing Lights is one of my favorites, The first one I tried to play, midway she's like change it and she says she's not feeling it, I tried other tracks. She just wants to hear Stronger. I was like whatever. A few months later this track gets a video and constant airplay. She actually tried showing me the track, "it was her favorite" she's there bopping her head and dancing a bit I didn't say anything but in my head I was like "A-hole I tried showing you this freaking track" Graduation is phenomenal!

Cameron Mitchell: well we see how kim and kanye relatioship is going to be in the end

chris maiguezki: Need to get some respect for the woman who carried you in her tummy, "women are nothing" if you get some education you'll see they do a hell of a lot more than men when they get the chance... Who are all the killers and rapists? Women are the greatest gift. You're like that cause you get no girls lol

Jacob Anderson: kanye west is good

Cynthia Kim: I've been trying to search for this song for 4 years... Finally. 

Ddavis1200: 2:25-2:40 You're gonna do him like that?!

CaptainBaseball: i have a boner 

Glaceon Icon: Gasoline was in her hand. Dang girl, you don't want them to know?

munib1000: Never do a crime with this woman, she does things backwards. She should have killed him first (out side the car to leave not DNA) and then burnt her cloths.

Bears Factory: RIP

Sharkis011: what how can you not believe in shooting stars

Elizabeth Hetchet: gta 4 memories

epicgamer630: it took me FOREVER to find this song

Mason Ramos: How old is this song?

ILUVBlogs1: Was 11 when this song came out only song you sent to your friends on bluetooth with your LG Chocolate XD!

CarribeanUploader123: DAMNNNN KANYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natali Valentain: freak wrong with u girl.

Deine Muddha: wow, kanye wack as always!

crapbag426: Shiii! Where did her shades go??

catherine papam: Oh my goodness, I love that model♥

ChainReaction!: That's it! murder that man! The law already excuses women from most crimes that crucify men (like murder). Let's make it public how the evil oppressive men are somehow completely disposable and no outrage is shown at their suffering. Hell yeah!

Jack Azz: "She don't believe in shooting stars..." So she killed him with a shovel LOL

Dennis Bayazitov: GTAIV lawl

NighTxBadBoy: that girl really a bitch

Milo Boston: I still remember seeing this like 4 years ago and going, "oh my god she killed kanye" and I almost cried about it until I realized it was just a music video.

Jonathan Menjivar: Dimitri!!!!

Montex00MNE: i posle ovih stihova desi ti se Kim K

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