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Ketaxis Sove: Yeah, censor poring flammable liquid, leave the jiggly boobs uncensored.

david alexandro benavides marquez: is that kim k?

Eunice Vite: love it 💙💜❤

Deejay Gurra: This was the crap in 5th grade lol

Icina holmes: WTF

ekemini okon: Hit like if you are watching in 2015

Mark Mangaliman: Street Lights, Flashing Lights or All of The Lights? I say all of them!

Swaliki Mubiru: 40 millions and over listening

Bruno Vieira: where are you Dizzy?

Jt Thompson: So ya it's sad

Jt Thompson: And the 1 who's singing is the real west befor he got killed or it's the fake west

fo-hunnid: man this has got almost 40% chilltrap music in it !!!! Kanye was always ahead of time !

Jimmy Melgoza: KANYE FOR PRESIDENT!! 2020

dantheman1122: I didn't notice her lighting the clothes on fire because I was to busy staring at her tits

bassblaster505 Gaming: 2:23 you can see the cut

Michelle Flores: You are so mean you killed him bitch😡freak you

Atlantichronos: 3152 idiots (or gays) disliked the video :D

Atlantichronos: Best Song of Kanye!!! Like if you agreed !!! :D (and if you watch again and again in 2015)

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