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zack tiller: That's a Bullit!!!

Maciek K: This is song is master piece !!!!

Fill Bates: Anyone here from Fall Out Boy's new vid

JUSTnMOTO: Ain't nobody talking about all that ass?????? LAWDDDDDDD lmaooo

Cassidy Rose: still such a good freakin song

david patricio: gta 4 puro!

Kyle angelo ayaton: Wat is the name of the woman she is pretty~

Jonko Maximus: Back when Kanye made fire.... now he's crazy af

ColdOneK: did it really blur out the cigarette pack?

maya qcyv: Hi 2017 👋

Eunice Vite: Aun la amo!

MrBackhouse36: People like to give Kanye grief because of how egotistical he is, and for the fact that he's not the greatest rapper. But you really have to hand it to him, the guy is a visionary and an artist.
Praise be to Yeezus!

Brianna Febres: i love you dwele girl

Cj Harris: I miss you...2009.

Deep Tube: GTA IV " Nikoooooooooooo cousin let's go bowling "

reece chambers: came on morning radio this morning, god what a tune

Andrew Ware: This song feels way to short, it's so good

Zac B: mmmm. she could kill me, god damn.

Catology: Tf is that censored thing

InfernoDog Unstoppable: This song is ong the new movie sings

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