Linkin Park - Numb [Official Music Video] [Full HD] [Lyrics In Description]

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kevin polo: I am the only one has to think that the girl in the clip and a charm gives on natural I am in love since my childhood. to afflict for my rotted English

Rosemond Montgomery: I long for Chester in blonde hair :'(

gentlemenRick: "Can't you see that your smothering me. Holding too tightly, afraid to lose control." Absolutely beautiful. Gets me every time.

Johnathan Vargas: I don't feel this way.

Michael May: Je suis charlie

Alex Ander: thx LPOneStepCloser98K for your effort to make this video HD

thx a lot

Gyro Zeppely: Not real full hd this is more like 360-480 even if youtube say this is hd.

Mizu Tokisaki: The feel of the song makes feel like standing up for my self

Javier Bazan W.: no HD

aflashlight: fake 1080p

Abigail Clark: Love this video. I love that it speaks to cutting and bullying. Great video <3

Arghadeep Bhunia: good song.. but couldn't understand why it is made ( ' _ ' )

adrian birdwell: i see these as music something to pass time and it a good song that why I listen to there music no meaning after these :P

GrffnVideos: It's not just the specs of a computer. It also has to do with the internet connection.

Jeremy West: I love this song, and Briana Evigan is so beautiful in this video.

Cherry monte: in God's name.

vanshika baijal: Can soo totally relate... The pressure.....

Kevin Fischer: Der beste song den es ├╝berhaupt gibt, the best ever

ThatOneDude: And it's not about bullying it's more like, she wants to be something else and her parents keep forcing her to become something they want it's not hard to figure out. Lol xD

ThatOneDude: I can relate to this video.

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