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Apr 07 2015 by MP3
pranav malavya: I've been listening this for over 3 years now it's so peaceful <3 love you bits guys :) Nàmasté */||\*

TheShavarin: Awesome. Love guys. 

Veer Bhadra: Lovely guys

yoichija: Nandri.. po prostu piękne..

skychild: 0:18 - 0:23 is one of the most amazing vocal part i've ever heard in my life

Raphael G.J: Youtube wouldn't let me post the words (too many characters) email me if you want them i'll send them to you :)

Dirk Rottmann: ...thank you for your nice comment. Yes, arunachalla is a mystery. .

naturesoracle: I love the arunachala shiva worship album. it would be a great blessing to have more videos of this group!

deyoyo: @rideforever i think em,c,d,c is not easy to sing! its better am, f, g, am, and c, g, f, c i love this video!!! om

Raphael G.J: Amazingly beautiful, such light and bliss coming from this great gathering, at the feet of Arunachala! I was there in January 2010, it was a life changing experience. Incredibly powerful. For those interested in sharing this chant with friends or just chanting it, here is the root notes of the chords (i play bass so i got them out this way) and the words. Om shanti, thank you for sharing this great moment!

gaurav nakta: amazing one.... aum shiva...

rideforever: Hey how do I play this on the guitar - anyone got the tab and lyrics

taketheumbrella: Just I can't say anything except incredible. I really loved it.

sukanth2: Hail our Holy Father ,Lord Shiva !!!Hara Hara nama parvathi pathaye,hara hara mahadeva !!!

vita ramk: awesome...

Jayapullani: I love this, would love to be there, thank you for sharing these wonderful times.

VISHUDDHATMA: Very energetic clip with ambience of a natural type which can not be staged.. The time is ripe to move from Namah Shivayah to " Chadanand Swaroopi Shivohum, Shivohum..." if you are interested. Namaste.

Carmen Tarifa: participating in a few of this kirtans during my much too short stay in India in January 09, was one of the highlights of my stay. Until now, each time I play arunachala shiva, something very deep moves within me and i just want to be in that moment again and again. Thank you for your art !

68Earthgoddess: Very Beautiful! ! ! Brought tears to my eyes....Praise our great lord Shiva

naturesoracle: Brings tears to my eyes every time. Praise our great lord shiva! There is/was an album floating around on BT entitled Arunachala Shiva. It is an amazing worship album recorded at the base of arunachala by a group of devotees. Is this video in any way associated with that album? Attention All Shivas and Shaktis: If you play bhajans, please record and share them on youtube. Your worship is my sustenance! I am singing along with each and everyone of you. Bless you ! Thank you! Praise Shiva! Aum

rideforever: Someone mentioned "arunachala shiva worship album" ... is this an album you can buy ? I would really like to play this song, so far I have Em C D C ... working on it!!!!

jay ram: @naturesoracle ---thank you for your comment, this was a spontaneus get together.

jay ram: god is one without a second,..

try: There's something deep and majestic about how it sounds- Arunachal.. like a bubbling stream.. when you say it, how the word sounds in your mouth.. how your tongue travels inside.. Its like something too far away, yet too near and mysterious.. like that majestic feeling one gets as a kid of when hearing something new, but it doesn't feel so.. one feels a connection with the unknown instead.. I dont know, i cant put it to words.. its beyond prose and poraise.. its answer lays in music instead..

Jayapullani: I love this, would love to be there, absolutely amazing.

saurabh2p: I was an agnostic/atheist before watching this, but the tears made me realize how glorious Shiva can be! Thank you ..

foolonthehillaruna: That was a great evening!

rajesht81: good to see this . thanks love & peace!

raivata dasa: Respects to Shiva!

Sasikiran Ravella: Aum Aarunachala, I'll bow to you

naturesoracle: aum namah sivaya

jay ram: @bhumimanusha , that is a nice compliment, thank you, bless you.

Александр Туркулец: Thanks a lot from Ukraine! Enjoed so much! :-*

Andrew .Thoren: Wonderful!

MrNeonkind: schön... gefällt mir. gemütliche runde :)

Ranjit Godbole: Beautiful. This is one of my favourite bhajan. Keep going :)

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