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Satar Bj: Diggs

yasir5776: nice song

Ujwal Mahale: vaha jaan vaha mas ladki hoaap

gobaby30: farhan is terrible dancer!


MeRizwan2008: name of model???//

zspreen: ada daniyal.. u hav written that educated people wudnt watch songs like jehri thi mast jawani.. But dost it is a fact whether u admit or now every sindhi watch indian movies n dramas with family..which are more nude than sindhi songs n dramas.. every one likes to watch indian movies, love making scenes of star plus, more nudity.. but our so called educated people dun wanna watch ktn songs.. the bad habit of sindhi people i hate is they critise each n every things they r not satisfied wit

zspreen: DANIYAL SAHAB, Yaar, every process of nature undergoes an evolution process ... . n to develop, u hav to take one step forward in order to take n other step. broaden ur views abt sindh, sindhi channels n sindhi language..u look a kid to me.. channels produce wht viewers want.. they hav marketing departments that do market research n based on it they produce progrms.. sindhi culture, boli, channels n every thing is beautiful. U can kno when u live outside of sindh..

bunko222: HaHaHa ...... Yeah he is PIMP ... Model is real Bomb .... this bomb can destroy youth of any country !!!!! mast Mast taiee jawaniiiiiiiiiii ....

ayazjarwar: Ada Qatil, World reached above moon and stars but your thinking is still old, if we have to make ourself a developed nation then we should do these things because it is market requirements,,, if the sindhi channels only give the simple songs, nobody will see it because indian music is dominated overall the country,... if you donnot like to watch sindhi dramas it your wish not of all sindhies,

Aftab Rahimoon: Ahmad Shah Massoud

DIPI444: I beleave that ssindhi language should be preserved and we should help it's development. Most of the songs that can be found on the net are very classical, but for the evolution of the sindhi music, and musical culture, we should make different types of music (pop, disco, as well as conserve the clasic) in sindhi, as tastes of many people may differ and may not only like the clasical songs. What I want to say by this is that Sindhi culture and language must evolve in all directions.

Faisal Shah Murad: they have to post something good about sindh not these freaking wacha wacha songs.

stereordb: jehri thai mast jawani .,wah sindhi wah

nalcan: يار واه واه جيئي سنڌ

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