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Mar 31 2014 by Lyrics
Katie Higley: who doesn't like the black eyed peas!!!!

Laumaile Hardy: Been 5 years, and still beats Radioactive.

BjavaBbotBme: Get up out of your seats ;)))

EddieSris: no wonder i thought i knew misirlou… :(

Martin Vitkó: Taxi

Kikker Present: The Black Eyed Peas Win!

CodBeast583: Now thats the beat

bhargava katrep: GaGa....

Kaan Köktürk: misirlou!!!

Edwin Osorio: o

Sheika Morrison: I DO ITS AWSOME!!!!!

Javier Looker-Taylor: When that bloke ran in a circle I could not stop laughing!!!! Haha 

Christopher Leach: It samples arabien or Indian traditional music.


Nicolás Calderón: "Pump it!"? Why isn't just "misirlu cover with lyrics"

Sarahi Maldonado: I 3 this song :D

Rayhan Dehez: good song forever :$

Julio Vargas Julioo: 2014 i like

Victoria Valdivia: Ponpiss dale ponpiss dale nkrjxnxbbxhcnndbhaaayayya

cronosu2: PULP FICTION 

RODRIGO IRAHETA: the beat man

Túlio Hamú: nostalgia 

jesse jimenez: Lol the women used her boobs xD

jochem erna: i still miss the black eyd peas

pedro costa: The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

pedro henrique: 1:54

Schila Wa: THIS was bep! freaky and real :)

David Cammalleri: They killed misirlou!!!!!!

Миними Игорян: Pump it

Ferenc Király: tökjó

Jasmine Daniels: At 2:59 that booty 

Devonte Morgan: Madddddddddddddd pump it alright 

Ali Garayev: superrrrrrrrrrrr

Carolina Fuentes: Pump it! lml

Kayla Shupe: I love this song!!

DimzDimzX TheMust: 166M watching !!

Rainesa Nixon: I love it

Joseph Martinez: i luv this song

The FIlt114: Cool

Gamaliel Roman: This brings back memories to me :)


Trenyce Jackson: Love it cool man cool can I be on your team

Piotr Drabek: :o))))))

Kim Lamont: Addicted to this video

nathan dinsmore: Awesome song

sophia keating: 4 years ago and still looks like a good quality video that could be made today

Евгений Носенков: freak the vevo

Laplus Belle: B

Mizof hzel: LoL

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