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Oct 27 2014 by Music agent
Rachael Spencer: what was the original surfers song....i cant remember the name.

Broccoli: The entire riff of this song is plagiarized. They're just adding half-assed beats and juvenile raps on top of it. freaking retarded, low-brow crap right here.

orly burton: Ariele Gibson

Giorgi Ruxadze: you have freaking stolen it from misirlou(one of pulp fiction soundtracks).pissed of a great music you suckers

pedro virgilio andreoni lopes queiroz: looked for this song for 2 years !!! did not know the name , and now I've found they are Brazilian and did not know the name nostaugico moment '-'

Cloudy Daze: this song just stole from miserlou by pickle dale

TheShadow960: :| How were they not sued for stealing the exact audio of pickle Dale - Misirlou?

The Ebony Minecart: I love your songs!

Hunka Din: this song is so awesome,and catchy,too bad the video is real crapty(i say this cuz it's just fake and so roostery)


racsaster: 3:18 Shinra Tensei!!!

Betty Tuohey: My favourite Black Eyed Peas song.....Pump It Something upbeat to start the weekend.....yay Especially for you Jess♡ The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It:

ADAM MONTOYA: beginning of sonng reminds me of pulp fiction

kim Beaslay Monserrath: Me

Santiago Jaramillo: La canción base es Misirlou de pickle Dale cierto?

UN_DEFINED: I always thought it was "puppy power" lol.

juan ramon garcia izquierdo: like si viniste por el hormiguero 2.0 xD

Ricardo Bazan: que dice la chica al principio, lo agradeceria si algun buen latino me responde....

joraca267: I hear this, because all the music now is twerking, lyrics with no meaning and bad stuff.

Jedhaase: This is horrible. They took an awesome original surf song and just turned it into a piece of crap. 

ZehLegitGlitch | Minecraft | Series: I'd love to see a car move like that.

Brandon López: White slut

Kyrah Maduro: Do you all agree with me that the music from 10 years ago was much better than the crap from miley cyrus, ariana grande, justin bieber and other crapty people. I want the good music back. Some songs from now are good, but now they only care about the money and not about making good music

Vinyl Scratch: who wants to pump it with me? 8-)

Rogelio Martinez Romero: The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It:

alexander odonkor: there nothing more awesome than pumping irons with this music playing.

Sharon West: fergie is the girl

Elizabeth Laguer: Major throwback

eldominicano217: lol civics in the beginning

aalliiyy1: sounds like a World Cup song!

The Beast: HELL YEAH

Rosaline Tejada: She is sexy

The Wrench Guy: How is it physically possible to dislike this?

Sachiko Shinozaki: 3000 Brigade brought me here.

New Coronel: Sou o unico Br?

Probably a bad YouTube name: Like if you are watching in 2014!

Ms.Alchers222: yo tengo un juego todo way y tiene esta cancion cuando emiezas ha jugar

Vinyl Scratch: pump it uppppp 8-)

Zulma Patricia: Esto si es musik sabes? no cm lo d ahora como lmfao y no es por criticar pero. eso ya tiene hasta parodia. JMM megusta esta cancion, y pz lastima q las modas cambn . 

duti.guedes guedes: The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It:

Dogenini: man this guy is more ninja that a ninja with that ball

Alex Costa: pickle Dale doesn't even get credit for this 

M Willy: is that

Doğukan Yarıcı: Legend :3

lolcutepeoplez9: best black eye peas song in my opinion i used to LOVE this song.

Миша Морозов: #ыыы в gta san andreas

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