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Nov 22 2014 by New Music
Arti Vanyan: Like if your watching in 2014:)

Broccoli: The entire riff of this song is plagiarized. They're just adding half-assed beats and juvenile raps on top of it. freaking retarded, low-brow crap right here.

Giorgi Ruxadze: you have freaking stolen it from misirlou(one of pulp fiction soundtracks).pissed of a great music you suckers

Modestas Malakauskas: Seriously, it's great they want to use old classic songs and give them recognition. What's not great is that they're converting it to cheap generic "party" beat with nonsensical lyrics. It sells, but it's still freaking terrible. If you prefer this to Misirlou by pickle Dale, you are a terrible human being.

Alessio Siri: The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It:

joraca267: I hear this, because all the music now is twerking, lyrics with no meaning and bad stuff.

PolliitoAle: I actually made that move with the shoulders and the boobs when my sister was too close and I hit her and she fell on her butt. I don't think my mom stopped laughing for like an hour.

Deborah Prearo: The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It I love Black Eyed Peas !!

Rachael Spencer: what was the original surfers song....i cant remember the name.

Adriana (Feminina e Original): C'mon baby just pump it

Chrys F.: Like if your watching in 2015 :D Mettete mi piace se lo guardate nel 2015 :D sto video ha rovinato la mia infanzia :'(


Vladimir Vladimir: Я тут один русскоязычный?

Metal Wolf: G+ peeps ... pump it... louder!

Joseph Gregory: This video makes me lose myself laughing. The part with Apl kicking everybody in a circle always gets me

Antonio Gabriel: Like if your watching in 2015

Rita L: ;-)

Zoraida Marrero: I love this song very much

GenMinion: I forget the name of the song they stole this from.

eldominicano217: lol civics in the beginning

Прохождение с Ириной: что у него там ? БОМБИТ ??

The Happy Dale: Like if your watching in 2015 xexexe

Rogelio Martinez Romero: The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It:

roar kvakland: The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It:

los p: Someone should remake this video with the better graphics of today 

lisa young: The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It:

milagros vallines: Like if your watching in 2014:)

Savanah Pugh: At least they came wit a song it's really good they were awesome now be grateful

Sauzi Santos: me encanta

Илья лук: Какая гадость . 

Ariel Mondaca: Pump It Mauroo 

Pepek Námořník: 2015 and still listening ! :D

Kaylah Hall: I'm 12 and I can belly dance like her :-P 

pedro virgilio andreoni lopes queiroz: looked for this song for 2 years !!! did not know the name , and now I've found they are Brazilian and did not know the name nostaugico moment '-'

CDM3905: Like if you're watching in 2015!

Radoslaw Treder: Świetne muj ulubiony zespuł

Xiadani Huerta: That's a soccer ball???? My entire life I thought it was a bowling ball

shafiq azli: i watch this chanel the first time is 2008 :D play it with subwoofer but now its been destroyed by flood

Kieana Garcia: Love this song sooo much 😘😍✌😜💖💎

korino polino: مرحبا بكم في موقع مجاني زواج عربي مجاني 

Rui Silva: Pulp fiction?Anybody?No?ok... :)

AndrewWong1995: I have no idea why people like "vtec just kicked in yo" so much.

Eye Candy: +Princess Aleksandra 

Ruddy Cashpa: Like if your watching in 2015 ;)

Juan carlos santana: Oh gran pickle Dale.... amo y señor del surf

Alì Iguilem: freak you if you re watcing it in 2015

Sachiko Shinozaki: 3000 Brigade brought me here.

rod0071234: Like if your watching this in 2015! YA! :D

A Walnut: Like if your watching in 2021.

Cloudy Daze: this song just stole from miserlou by pickle dale

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