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Jul 28 2014 by MP3 player
LuckyMusiqLive: song is catchy af. BEP always drop something fresh for us to jam out to. im getting known quickly because i rap real.. thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so it doesnt make noise

Hunka Din: this song is so awesome,and catchy,too bad the video is real crapty(i say this cuz it's just fake and so roostery)

Paige Lopez: :) best band :) sorry, opal and reagan

MrLyndonBJohnson: The title of this song should be Misirlou by pickle Dale ft. The Black Eyed Peas.

zacharyj mackinnon: Everyone pause at 3:41

SethCreepypasta: I was 6 when this came out :I

Scorpion Dat British Guy: i was 8 when this came out... wow i feel old o_o

Koisa Kiida: Cass Raphael exxe eh o pomp di Koisa Kiida vai leklebandu a bundinha o kuadlil galoto

DarkLemon03: Pulp fiction (if ya know what I mean)

slosh1997: Jesus, is there one song that the freaking Black Eyed Peas don't rip off? Learn how to freaking write music, not copy or sample it.

justine schelfhout: taxi !

Ultradalek7: Am I the only one here who knows that's the theme to 'Pulp Fiction' in the background?

Juan Manuel Ogame: The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

ChadiGaming: 10 Years Later and we still listen to it :D

kalboraph: GARFIELD!!!

Malush J: 7 years later and this vid looks sooooo cheesy to me LOL

Yassin alsahlani: I never knew that that was possible

emmanuel marquez: 3:09 La gatita ta ti ta xD

livvy luvbug: what kind of car is that?

skarletcrafter1610: 3:05 How are they scared of a hair whip?

Water King: this video is a jem and must be protected

david rodriguez: 2:54 i did masturbate

Natalia Sanchez: OMG misirlou ۞۞۞

anton straits: PUMP IT"DALEEEE

Me Hana: This was my jam back in the day,ah,goot times.


Jeepers Creepers: Oh my god fergie is so freaking annoying

Léo Silva: GTA IV (San Andreas modified) of PlayStation 2 :D

Remo Pollastri: Always on my exercise songs list

Nick Kortleve: I dont care what anybody says about that its a remake. When this song came out, it blew my mind! Covers are great in music, and it doesn't make it suck just because you know the original one (hence freaking stairway to heaven). They took a classic and took it to a whole new audience.

Tess White: My childhood right here 

Matheus Alves: matrix

carmen maria ros perez: Very goooood

shadic452: That dude with the flipping!

Nik LSconect: Вазелин))

Angèle Griffin: My childhood memories slowly returning xD

Alex Cooper: pulp fiction wat

Sunny Price: Now this is the BOMB!


Clair Drochner: tentando me animar rsrs

DatGirlJordi: Is the girl fergie??

chefgiovanni: Thumbs up if you also drive like this.

NobodyEpic: pickle did it better

MsManui: fast and foruiois tokio race?

Kakashisback: How you going to tell me they weren't high when they did this crap

Vic Max: Taboo needs a super power

Jon MRC: If you look closely, you can see the car is fake. 

Zelnyair: I just want to know if they got permission from pickle Dale & his Deltones to use their version of Misirlou? Nobody likes a plagiarist. 

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