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delhi yulan parrales chang: good

Erik István Fejes: I don't know if it's a positive thing or not, but Black Eyed Peas were my childhood. That's what I get for being born in 1999's Hungary, I guess.

Jos Sp: "Pompi, daleee, pompi daleeee" Eso es lo que escucho. 😅

nico marquet: superbe !!!! :3

Lafabuleuze stewart: omg _💘 memories

Polyana Romano: why r there so many dislike

'maRieta Brl': I cant stop listening to this song even 6 years later

Jonata Ferreira: 2015 <3 ainda escuto essa fodendo musica sdds

Marco Penna: like

Nico Iaccino: Esto no es una copia de la canción de la película Pulp Fiction ? o que alguien me explique....

Nicole Morales Arriagada: this song is soo goood!<3

Goht ツ: this was my #1 song as a kid... just love it :p

Mikaella Barreto Bitencourt: Amo as músicas de the blacy ,amo demais ,principalmente a Fergie 😻

xXchipyXx 3rd: Did this band or group break up?

Diego Lopes: Taboo is my favorite , anyone else?

Wiktor Zagórski: ale pokmapappaappapap pappadp. jebo mnnie po tym ziole. ktora possa wiktorkowi/

Paul Llerena: This music is the best music ever legend

Suleyman Celik: Zeki müren daha güzel söyluyor amk
bkz. pump it

BanhChui1968swe: Original is miserlou by dic dale

chiquisnj: Pp

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