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gaatje niksaan: TAXI intro (france)

Maria Maraki: <3 <3 <3

waleed mohamed: سكس.

Tayson Larbalestrier: c est trop fort

Georgia Mitchell: dose anyone remeber this song
when i was little, i really luv this song and it was one of my first song stack in my head, LOUDER!!, yeah

José Domingos Campos Melo: sau

courgeonaute: Totally ripped of pickle Dale

Joltzson: 7 years later people are still here commenting smh (obviously not me)

Maite Perez: no paro de cantarla si soy mujer y que me gustan los autos y que tiene de malo

Itz SilverTheHedgehog: Some of this is from Fall out boy uma Thurman by the beat

Carolina Medeiros: Malvo ? kkkkkkkkk

Rolando Arguello: muy buenaa!!!!!!!

GökhanOfficial: Fergie is a perfect !!!

Aiixa Biebs: what this intro yeah yeah mi name is enzo

Mustafa Türk: amk 10 yıl geçmiş dün gibi hala

Sexy Sandra: Taxi <3

Mathieu Chaouat: everybody cool, this is a robbery

Amar Aide: funny

Youmna S: Literally searched "ha ha haaaa song"😂 anyone else?

Regina Grande: amo su canción

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