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Leandro Frete: esta cancion me recuerda al inicio de pulp fiction

Pitch Frenzy147: Holla to all my 90s homies going back to their childhood

Nayan Lluratxer: -"This song is crap"

-"Say this song is crap again, i dare you, i double dare you, motherfreaker!"

young savge 23: If u think this is original its not pickle dale was second but a old aerobic version

Ize - Super: pickle dale- misirlou

Sofia Hammiche: This was my freaking crap

giannis avjoglou: first edition of this song it was a Greek....Misirlou-rempetiko-1927

Carlos Ávila: I remember hearing this song in a Nickelodeon commercial when I was like...idk I don't even remember xD

Ada Reyes: Good song

Brian Williams: 2:53 through 3:19 were the only parts I came for🤗

sachiel lopez: Hjdksb ex bxjz

Kevin Auditore: Thanks for ruining the song pickles

cromo cromado: alguien sabe como se llama la cancion original, osea la pista que usan??

Princess Melody: Does anyone else remember when this song was playing in Garfield 2 while animals were cooking food in the castle?

farouk mustapha: Who's watching this 2019

Rifter: When times were simpler

GlowHype55: Yes i know its 2017 and maybe people don't watch this anymore, but when i graduate high school, on last day, imma be blasting this song in my car driving off

cachorro Belga: Só depois de 8 anos que eu fui reparar, que a porra do carro tem 2 volante ksksks mas a musica é muito boa!!

Abone Kasan Adam: Küçükken nereden bulduk da dinledik bu şarkıyı?

Fabio Junior: i love music you america are like

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