Bruno Mars - Marry You (Piano Cover by Will Ting) Glee Music Video

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Fan Comments

mrusa45: wow this is awsome i love it i never hear it on piano

神 ka: nice

drew solomons: going to use it as my ''walk down the aisle 'music at my wedding soon :)

Helena NM: Loove it! It always reminds me one lovely friend... Hope one day I can play like this the piano. Thanks for shear it :)

Samerah Abdelhak: Sheet music???

sonnelpereira: very good

Fish Xiong: Where can I learn this? Oh my gah. Its sounds so niceee. I wanna play it. Lol.

Yoshi Stoner: Hello old friend

missleegamer: You are so amazing!!!

cyposian: sheeeet music? ;)

Garrett Yates: Do any of y'all know kyle landry. He is just as good if not better. And he's american. Not that it makes a difference.

Gayani Kanchana: Superb....................

Jedidiah M: 23 people dont have taste in music

Kithmini Saranasekara: Wow very nice

brett sullivan: *nearly

brett sullivan: I can play this but not nearl as good as you

Nick DeAngelo: Wow, you are amazing! I don't even want to attempt to learn how to play this because it will be no where as good at you! Never stop playing! :)

pianoplayer281: It's the best version I've ever heard. You are good. :)

ellohead: Wow your amazing!

Patty Latty: good work ! amazing boy :)

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Bruno Mars - Marry You (Piano Cover by Will Ting) Glee Music Video 5 out of 5