Bruno Mars - Marry You (Piano Cover by Will Ting) Glee Music Video

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Dec 14 2014 by MP3 Download
HeraCdp Numo: Loove it! It always reminds me one lovely friend... Hope one day I can play like this the piano. Thanks for shear it :)

Samerah Abdelhak: Sheet music???

Fish Xiong: Where can I learn this? Oh my gah. Its sounds so niceee. I wanna play it. Lol.

Yoshi Stoner: Hello old friend 

sonnelpereira: very good

brett sullivan: I can play this but not nearl as good as you

Darrell Gurley: Magic piano brought me here

koekiemonster789: woow, i also play this song, but not THIS awesome!

Butterjaw: Such a satisfying feeling when you memorise a piece and can [play it anywhere, anytime without needing the sheet music to play it :)


GoinDownTonight: He kinda looks like the short ( Not in a offensive manner ) guy in the Glee Bootcamp thingy ....

alana coote: Amazing talent I really was attached :D u inspire me :) x

Kithmini Saranasekara: Wow very nice

Chloe Prowse: How much did that piano cost ????? X

Coolsumary: wow :) wish i was this good at piano! you're awesome!

Jin Rhee: great job ! awesome xD

exoandgenesis: Wow o___0

Nick DeAngelo: Wow, you are amazing! I don't even want to attempt to learn how to play this because it will be no where as good at you! Never stop playing! :)

Sophia G: sorry i dont have twitter but i did like it

radonpq99: Wow ! you are amazing at playing the piano! I have seen your other videos too. Mindblowing and very nice piano. I am learning to play the piano but I have just started ! Hopefully one day i will be as good as you are.

Diana Jee: Hi There! This is great! Where can I buy or download the music sheet??

campcaleigh: you have this mysterious charm that you refuse to show the viewers. People admire you so much but you refuse to show who you are :))

Sara Park: You play so beautifully! This brought tears to my eyes! :)

Lang Kuoch: @PianoMino He can do BOTH woOoOoOOoOoo multitalented.

Lucas Henrique: I'm watching all your songs, and... i loved them! Could you please send to my email this sheet? Thanks!

KraziiGurl1525: Yuu were awsoommee..!!! I always wanted to learn how to play piano but it's Gunna take some time lol :D Plus I have no patience!

HELLOitsbrooke: wow. your amazing. never stop!:)

Gilgyman23: this is my total favorite bro!

April Fievoli: yay! yamaha pianos! FTW! nicee job, i love it, sounds just like the song

Jason Chua: Eargasm

jie xiang chen: Hi.. can i use this for my fren's wedding video...?!!

Patty Latty: good work ! amazing boy :)

hilmimarzuqi: every video has the top comments saying 'Thumbs up this and thumbs up that" Keep your thoughts to yourselves please -.- its getting annoying We are aware of these things and yes this guy plays the piano magnificently.

Emily Szlachta: Hey where can I get the piano music sheet for this? This is amazing <3 Keep up the good work!! :)

Gerotop R: @FaNtOmXJS this guy made me play piano xD

Kenny Tran: No top comment? more like, get ALL the top comments!

Lang Kuoch: @loma8020 He plays by ear.

thellamabearstudio: wowwywowwywowow.

mifmif333: Wooooow! You make me soooo happy;-)

TheMercman88: Wow thats awesome dude!!!!!

nmnorsemen: true dat

Elias Kindler: And I thought i liked the original version of this song...

cathyfrench0417: LOVE THIS.

Kathleen Schmidt: you are very good

1Determining: you play with a certain calmness. WOW!

noongarh8r: hey two thumbs up for the asian kid with the skill on the piano farkin ey

colin: Well i gotta say he pretty good at playing at music. Thumbs up if you think he should be the ELLEN show. :D

Nikki Kaneswaran: Amazing

David Al-Badri: Skill level out of 1 to 10 : Asian .

SoldierFrontNorris: *amazed*

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