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Jan 10 2015 by New Albums
Bijay Lama: i really appriciate dis video!!!! keep it Tamang bro!!!!

Crabee Ta: vo ladki kaafi mast he bhi.......vese ye performance kaha ho rha he???

sonidid: holy cow !! that was awesome

eyedea24: just for using that word "gayboy" makes you gay. and yes you do suck a rooster cuz if u dont suck a rooster then you wouldn't be checking my youtube history and follow me around youtube like a maggot that wants a pickle .lol

polo99us: sorry gayboy. I'm not gay. I dont suck rooster

NeoTheOne8814: Khush raho.......keep dancing..\m/

gurung soni: I wonder if it is possible to get mayan's number lol:))) sigh***

chewtsaru: cooolll!!

Rai Manjila: this was actually good!!!

ghettogrl0nrun: even i want his numbr!!lol..mayan is cute

sanlimbu: dyamn r dey really nepales if dey r dammiii!!!!!

Asim Thapa: jus sickkk man!!

eyedea24: y tell rock??when ur right here , following me like a groupie. lol

Yam Nepali: dami yar keep going......

EmailFalano: nice moves. Keep up the great work.

Birendra Shah: Babaalllll yar!

sunita grg: Djeezzz finally some nepali people who got talent lol i mean you know in bboyin nd stuff Thats hot Big ups to u people !! loved it

parush: half magar and half white

nepali kto: nepali rocks everywhere

Raj Maharjan: cool 6 lady chai

lexlimbu: wow this was really good. havent seen other nepalese vids like this for sure. i think it was 1:35 which lukd painful

dreamm07: cant beleive it. i am jealous guys.. nepalese r improving or say giving tough competition now. yeyeeee

eyedea24: just for the fact that you need to say "bitch" twice ,to get your poin across, makes you a maggot. lmao now get off my nuts.

ravi basnet: cool...

kunturi53: Holy Mother Of JESUS!!!!!!!i havent seen any nepalese dancing like this before awesomeeeeeeee!!! guys should make crew or some thing like that you know step up crap!!!! just wooooooooooooow...hands up for you guys....keep doing it.

epidazzzz: what????these guys i thought were nepali...(c the title)...just praising them...

gakultamang: अतिनै सुन्दर हिप पोप नचाई छ। तर त्यो सानो भाई चाँही भनी अतिनै राम्रो नाच्तो रहिछ है!! ल ल प्रग्रती गर भाई बैहिनी हो बधाई छ मेरो तिमीहरु प्रती ल!!

bimal bista: Babal cha keep it up

BlackDiamondSan: Owow loved it loved it n just loved it...

polo99us: sorry not gay. YOU'RE GAY! YOU'RE GAY FOR ROCKY!

polo99us: poin? ok BITCH!

NeoTheOne8814: bahot badia....!

amexgrg: shortie is really good but the you need to loosen up a bit and you definitely need to change your style and the hair cut...

kailash rai: toallly awesomeee

polo99us: Tell the rock to suck your rooster.

roshan rai: yeahh...

eyedea24: ok, you're not only a maggot but you're also a retard, if u cant even put ur common sense together like a normal humanbeing can and figure out that was not "your point" but "your poin". btw "poin" is also a word go look it up, moron.

eyedea24: yeah, come suck on my rooster :O

Gautam Raj Moktan: WOW!!!

vizeymgr: yo jpt ho neali nai haina 100%

nepali kto: coooolllllll

polo99us: prove I'm a maggot bitch. prove it bitch

navaraj9: big pragati yar.keep it on..

Mohan Thapa: mind blowing yar.daaaaaaaaaaaaami 6a la .

festivalutsavgunjan: hatts

furiousrai: pace alik chaina.tara overall vannu parda dami cha.

janga bahadur rana: lol that lady also nepali. outstandingggggggg

shradha23: MaN NiCe ...

MoktanVideo: Actually, the guy who looks like Gora is a Nepali, his father is a Tamang (Nepali) and mother is an Eglish, he speaks like we speak. And the rest are Veitnamese.

polo99us: maggot!

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