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tyrell peterson: alarm clock song for school

KingMarkTrill: Damn that bear had a bad ass day

lake milling: classic Kanye

Gershom Gerson: Where Can I Download This Album Bro 😞😞 Lost It The First Time

Giuliano Supriano: iv listen to is on LSD

Arattattattatarattattattatarattattattat Stop: I like this anime

Tommy Kennedy: kanye was great and kanye is great shut the freak up all you fakes

Boozer: This video explains why high school diplomas feel like such a huge accomplishment.

Dudeman Crazy: this song kina discribes my daily life it doesnt work out but it allways ends up flawless

Jack Palumbo: time to delete my watch history again

VincentFrye: Dropout bear was here when kanye was gold

DirtBoi937: The radio is bullcrap now

DirtBoi937: We need more music like this on the radio guys

Mr Abby: Kanye West - Good Morning

Red Beenie: Clicked

songlover949: Did anyone else notice all the song names of the album graduation scattered around the city? Very creative

Rashaun Craig: see man this had meaning to it like it actually matches the song the video

ryan thompson: My alarm in the morning 😂😂😂

Paola Escudero: puta me encanta esto

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