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BloomingCobra: Why is there even dislikes

Robert Villarreal: Never would of know id be listening to this while in college lol

AlienFlame: This is the type of "Good Music" Back then, it may be old but still the greatest!

Scott Greer: HERE 2017 celebrating WHAT WOMAN DO TO MENS life

Narayan Dhakal: Still the bests

Jordan Henrique: Uuuuuuuuuu!

Adrian: кто после Урганта тут лайк

ali ali: "some people graduate but they still stupid"

Steven Rustikal: Just a gay fish

air rick: elton john

PK: Still 🔥

Joseph Dena: best album ever #graduation

Carla Taylor: So good man

Myra britt: 2009 to 2017 I have not stopped playing this song... I love this it.so cute

Entity4K: this song is crap

Sanchez 921: Кто со стран СНГ?

hash 150: I'm actually listening to this in the morning.

Roy Haller: Good Morning

GOKU Z: 2017 Nov.16 Thursday 8:38 AM

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