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Challlenger: this is music that you can relate to, look at 2017 music

Challlenger: Good music

zoe brown: I love this video 😀😀

Cruze C: goodmoring

anime shadow3825 ルアーモジュール anime yes caillou no vgcp: 1977:kanye west is born in Atlanta georgia

Dee Flame: I love it

GamerRAR: Furry

Tum Tum Gameing but with a potato: I was 3 when this came out

Tum Tum Gameing but with a potato: I hit the jackpot of songs today i haven't herd this song in a wile

MeteoBlitz: I'm a simple man I see kanye I click

Shaniya Williams: Good morning guys

Donavan Emanuel: No CTA subway train would be that long

Kiyamma Moss: so beautiful. im on a 36 hour road trip to get my cousin listening to old ye

Miku Cat: I don't normally like Kanye but this was great!

Zufriedenheitsgarantie !: Some post lyrics here hahaha

Val Shelby: Oh, yes! And I agree with u

Luke MC: Shoutout to them UUs

confused baby #YOLO: 🚫 Attention: read below

🚫Attention: read above

Shadow: Animal crossing anyone?

sam man: This lucky mofo set his alarm for 9am lol

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