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David K.: This song is my alarm tone 😀

dat boi king: My alarm in the morning lol

isaac colli: Stop complaining maggots
Just enjoy the classics jajajaja🖕🏻

1 devious mama: 0:00 "Welcome to Universe City"the only city I'm from is England!

Jake On the Beat: Class of 2k18 stand up

Blu Toon Huski: I played this for my graduation party

Sheikh Kelvin: whats the purpose of railway lines if the train floats

Vose Jelez: 2017

Air Worden: "Scared of the future while I hop in the delorian" best line

succ master 69: hey good morning kanye

Alorabby: Goodnight

SH3_4_MSFT -_-: Broooo berry tail any one

blood raven: daf punk made this clip and kanye put his name on it, daf punk made this pickle

Kayleb Mcgarvey: This videos so trippy on acid☝

warthog 934: Class of 2021💯

Kortlynn Martin: Who is listening to this in 2017

Timmy Langen: Snarky..

Dave Linder: im big whore

justothehooper: 2009 was the year

James Hendrix: I wish Kanye had made more videos like this. #classic

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