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Bob Bill: this is my alarm

QualityMusicEveryday: back in a day when he was the best in the game

Mr MALAKI SHADOW KNIGHT: I love the bear he is AWSOME

Daniel Domero: we all miss him

Jaree Okenshield: Suicide is an option, just so you know

Ashton Franklin: love the animation

NINANINACHICKENDEENA Lol: Good Morning how's your day? 😂

BdashYdash28: 2017

Tevake McLaren: my alarm clock song😂🙌⛅

Sayyid Shillingford: That track nice yeah... Listening for the first time in 2007. Respect Mr. West (y)

ken lopez: where can i get this song?

Hazard Shrimp: He ain't no teddy bear, he's a bitch'ass PU$$Y CAT!! freak KANYE!!!

Abu Monaf: 0:58 no wonder Kanye doesn't use the bear anymore. The bear probably is still trying to solve how water fell on him when that car wasnt on the ground

Michael Counts: 2017 anyone

shano s: oh so süß 😘😢

danielle jones: I miss this Kanye

Berenice Mendoza: I love this song


KOZY SCREWTON: I honestly this is like the best song in the world

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