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Dec 23 2014 by New Music
emtoinghiep: Really! I love him and want having all his song!

MrLepetitcon: @Lokitta01 il fait parti de ma famille aussi (bác)coté ma mère c'est tout ce que je sais:(

vinh nguyễn: bác Cường nhảy xung quá

vietboy482: hung cuong!

Lokitta01: It's my grand-father!! Juste pour lui dire que je l'aime et quee je sais qu'il me protège de la haut!

usvn9: I love Hung Cuong since I was a kid. He was a great singer. I miss him

TuoiTreSatCong: Hung Suong the best!!!

Christina Huynh: Lovely

Theresa Trần Quyên Nguyễn: You mean the Purple Suit He wear ? I did not have Chance to see Him this Young ! can ' t believe it - Men in Purple special from Top to Bottom ..

tai tran: wethcgjkkcx

Cathong loung: Mot nhan tai , dang tiet la mat som, hay nghu yen, Hung Cuong! thanh that cam on nhung gi de laicho hau the sau nay.

tonydho60: @Halong132 Hung Cuong ( the singer in purple suit) died in 1998 by natural cause, not AIDS.

liljohn nguyen: Hung Cuong so advance he was pioneer Vietnamese rock 40 years ago . Great man RIP

biendoi1975: Không còn gì tuyê.t vơ`i hơn!!! Yêu Chú Hùng Cươ`ng quá. Ôi ký ư'c mô.t thơì

turner64: @Halong132 WTH hell no he didnt die of aids.. he had diabetes. I would know cuz i'm his daughter. The youngest of all his children. Please dont go around saying he died of aids id appreciate it.

thantuonglydieulinh: chu Hung Cuong hat rat hay..trong vo*~ tuong ..TUONG CUOP BACH HAI DUONG..CHO TRON CUOC TINH...TUYET TINH CA..chu mat di that la mat di mot nhan ta`i ..tiec cho chu qua

chelsyvu: ko gi bang nhung bai hat tinh truoc 75

ConfusedMaster: HUNG CUONG!

usvn9: I miss him and love his voice since I was a kid

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