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Jun 21 2014 by Music agent
chit myo: thanks for them like.

Sabesan Harshika: FACE OF FATHER

Kitty Mori: Thank you for the 2 wonderful songs you have shared. One for fathers and one for moms. I wish to have the song sheets for both songs that I can involve parents to sing to their spouse on these special Days - Father's Day and Mother's Day. Looking forward to hear from you. Once again, thank you for sharing.

ruth ruthcayatbey_agan@yahoo.com: Very much blessed by this song. We just sang for father's day today in church for the fathers. Thank you for sharing this wonderful song for everyone. The message is strong, came right out from a pure heart. God bless your heart.

stephen ross: The words are great, but the melody is awesome and very "catchy." Lord bless you!

gina martinez: It's a beautiful song

Dawntansg: A lovely and meaningful song. Thanks for your sharing. I intend to teach my Sunday school students sing this song to their dads during this coming Father's Day celebration. Thanks for your sharing.

piniritongbuko: Great song..can you send me the chords at piniritongbuko@gmail.com, please? I am thinking of presenting this too my dad on our church service on sunday..thanks a lot!

ching ol: wow great! I've been waiting for this song for a long time haha! Now my kids ministry got a special song for their dads!

Ariel2012Medina: Love it

Annie Seah: Hello Mr Yip. as I am looking for a christian song for father's day for our church Sunday school children to sing for father's day, and this song is very suitable, can I have the song sheet. Thank you. God bless

abbeypepito: Lyrics is really beautiful .. But .. really not match with the melody

Cyd Mungcal: Intro: F-C x2 Verse: C-G-F-C F-C-G-F-C Chorus: F-C x3 G-F-C I'm not really sure,but I hope this will help you.. God Bless :)

Serina Flores: I love this song my dsd is always there for me no matter what

massive weener: Made me cry

wheels242012: I love it i am going to sing this to my dad on June 16 2013!!!!!!

Bob Wells: Great job! That's what I call making good use of your time and honoring your dad.

ShelliKittens: Very nice, Yipseng Lee. What's even more special about this is that you're one of the very few who actually make an effort to create something that you're allowing other people to hear and probably share with their own fathers. Time well spent, work done well. Thanks!

Ariel2012Medina: Love it

Theophilus Paul: i really like your channel.. love it..

chelle sisi: a very nice s0ng..it makes me cry while listening this c0z i really miz my father....g0dbless!

missy platz: May you walk with Jesus and mommy I love you daddy. In memory of James Clay the best dad in the world to me. I love you daddy, Missy

Lily Ly: Love it!

Becky Dellenbaugh: Such a sweet song...love the country flair and the words are wonderful!


Rebecca Smith: :)

Ivan Batucan: i want to download this song but i can't find it.. can u please help me... i really love this song..


ShelliKittens: True so true, real men take care of family, no matter how many miles may be between them. I wish my daughter had a "real" man for a father. Funny thing about us.. men and women alike, how easily we can be fooled by some people, fooled into thinking they're good, moral, honest and with integrity. It's utterly painful to find out how what you thought was sound judgement turns out to be blatant foolery, lies. Amazing the capabilities of men and women who live a lie. Kids should never pay..ever

WC86EVA: What a beautiful tribute to our fathers. You did and excellent job. God Bless you for sharing.

meredith silva: love this song....thanks for sharing it to us....God bless you and your family always.

leannygrace suico: nice song ♥___♥

marnieo3: hi... can i ask if u have a minus 1 of this song? or a piece of this?? i loved the song and we want to use it in church this sunday... if you do... kindly email me at marniedotme@gmail.com thank u so much!! [[:

Sky Harp: omg this made me cry....it was this good

Summer Cerveza: can I ask for the chords? I can't find them in the internet. =( thank you again!

bluedream333: simply beautiful and just perfect to sing at church! God bless you:)

Yipseng Lee: My mother's day song is entitled "Mum's the Best !" on Youtube. Hope your mum likes this one. :)

gina martinez: Thanks

melai agliones: thanks dady... iloveusomuch....

ShelliKittens: Sounded like the words and music flowed seamlessly together.

Jeff Wauran: great song....can I ask for the guitar chords? pls email me at jeff_wauran@yahoo.com. Thank you.

coveredinHisblood: I love this song. My dad has been gone for 36 years now and I miss him so. I was searching for Fathers Day songs to post for my friend on FB and this was the first one I found....just had to listen as it was written on 22nd April 2010.....My dad was born on 22 of April 1910......?? Thanks so much.

Veronica Sitorus: did you make a mother's day song?


Mr. Braddy: Real Men take care of home.

Summer Cerveza: it's ofr FAther's Day in church! thanks for this.

Veronica Sitorus: great song ! : ]~~~~~

yode8: Love it

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