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emavma: am i the only one who thought that the lyrics were russian?

TheRealmOfInara: 6 people don't wanna get dirty <.<

4cutiecrew: i love your video its awesome

Cyb3rElectr0: lol, the letters look cool :))

midnightteaparty: thats f$#ckn crap...

loveforgreece: seriously those are crapty letters!

Marianna Faye: this is not crap! you could've used a different font, but other than that this rox!

CooLDoG101890: yeah the letters seriously suck man

TheAdorettes: i like it but its a lil fast doncha think? o.o juss sayin but overall i like the "crapty letters" if you ask me!! :P

axxa325: nooo...crapy letters..besides of that it's good

Kim Williams: If anyone knew how hard it is to make a video like this i wouldn't be complaining. ITS A LOT OF WORK , and its definitely not crap. I think its great 5 stars.

rilyice: uh..what the heck. bo6Y? what happened to the d?

dugmore121: rubbish its to late the lyrics :|

powerblades: Does people know the diference between karaoke and hear the song with the lyrics?

Benjamin ChesterBen: i wanna get dirrty!!!!

weezelby: well i liked it. n id like to see you guys make something like that

kirstie234: I Know Its crap. But It Was My First One So Thats Why.. =S

pioo7: un mierdaaa

AlessaGilespie: crap!!

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Christina Aguilera - Dirrty Feat. Redman 5 out of 5