Nicki Minaj - Beez In The Trap (Clean Version) ft. 2 Chainz (Lyrics) [HQ] Music Video for Free!

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Sarah Velez: or dia sukkas i dont know

Sarah Velez: i think she said mudda sukas

XxAmberLovesYouX: I think it said a hundred of ya suckas cant tell me nothing

alexandria goodman: lol she a feaking punk lol

shaheed835: i love this song dho this my song yo i beeze in the trap be-beeze in the trap i hope she keep on making them songs nikki should make a song for lilttle kids then every1 would think she overboard all that

Taylan Newman: i like it

dannymtxd: Yeah. And she told you how to spell wrong the wrong way as well .

Adre77: a hundred think yall sucker cant tell me nuthin

Niall Horan: what are you trying to say? No offense, but your grammar is terrible...

angelmarie court: Shmurr.......Thumbs up if your listening to this (Clean version) cuz ur parents can here what ur listening to :3-

Draea Kitten: Smh

ablolfantage: Im confused now did my teacher teach me the rong thing?

zielonowlosy95: a hundred "?-suckers"

bernice saladin: this is one of my favorites songs

TheSweetiepie2000: 2 chainzzzzzzz !!!!!!

SOPHIA DIMINO: love this video.......<3

brian williams: love this songg soo much GO nick

Anna Taylor: Like f you hope this will come on at your homecoming dance!

Micky Mike: whatever happened to lyrics making some sense?

TheWeeklyMe: i guess she beez in the trap lol jk

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