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Sep 29 2014 by New songs
Bree Davis: lmfao at the asian girl,how the freak did she get on the set lol...the girl with the gray shorts though ;D

Kalesha Santiago: White and Asian girls they had me dying the Asian chick is cute tho

dafontie green: the chinese girl can not dance

Cfcno1lamps8: Why is the asian bitch there?....

Malyka Mason: Check out this video on YouTube:bad

CharMay Skinner: Turn up 

jpatters1984: jump is love jump is my heart 

stephanie garcia: my sis love this video and rolly polly from mr.killa

Yulia Bugaychuk: It's my favorite music:-)I like it

Precious Nkwazema: she just made twerking look bad

Abdourahman Moussa: freak this Asian bitch

eva gueye: love it

Felicia D.: i love rdx jump official music video

Brianna Andrews: That random Asian girl😂😂😂😭

31deathreaper: that asian totally messed up

aaron wyrmbloom: da white gual have no ass O_O

Ariel C: dat white gurl doe

christine sammy: this song best

alysha brissette: What is the asian girl doing....

Krista S: What the song in the begining

Ellicia Lewis: dat white girl tho kmll

IntolerableBehavior: HAHAHAHA Asian girl tryna keep up xDD!!!!!

tommy lee siles guillermo: este baile es tuani yo asi bailo

jpatters1984: jump is my live and my heart

naomi pinto: I LOVE #RDX

Snaude Pascal: Hahahaha like that

Naeemah Germany: trop gie je kiff <3 :-)

Josue Gonzalez: severa musica :3 jump :3 

juan jose Bejarano: JUAN Y DULCE

katline Colleen: sa se voie que c's du plais bac .. desoler mais sinon j'aime bien 

Laisnha Tavernier: C a prouve que les femmes costaudes peuvent bien danser le dance-hall .

Jhon A Cuesta Macea: Que disco bien pegaooooooooo

Joe Caine: i will never forget my miami bahamas trip

That Chick From The Other Side Of YouTube: RDX is great🔥🔥👌

officialkranium: Pre-order my new single Kranium " Lifestyle " prod by LMR on Itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lifestyle-single/id834695886

Lashawnda Grant: Can't wait to see them perform live in a couple wks

dahiana vanegas: Year

Tonia Folkes: What is that Asian girl doing? Lool who put her in this video??

Shadeah Howard: Good sound n d right 1 fa d ladies

mzz derrick: d white gyal trying to keep up ohhh lward

Mateusz Matys: ♫♪♫d(^_^)b♫♪♫ I Like ! 

Young Shrimpy: check dis page upcoming artist him bad https://www.facebook.com/pages/Writer/356283131180563

J S: humm love it <3

lolatana: OH MY GOD O.O. Those girls are crazy. How they move like that ?

leider antonio the infinite player: bacano no chinvisima esa cansion lo hase mover mucho a uno 

sevenia francis: Yow deh girl deh weh name sherene aka Sher rumbar bad no rassssss

Lashawnda Grant: I love this song big ups

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