Ali kiba - Mapenzi yana run dunia [NEW] Music Video for Free!

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laura c: My jam!!!

Sabrinah Hassan: Best swahili song the king

madris general services: Alikiba hata mkisema nini,
 his songs are the best.quality meaningfully and strong words

Ally Omar, Jr: itunes

ndirash laban: nice song bigup

hilham Salim: Ma favourite song mwaaaa luv u ali kiba

Milton Kanaga: unatema G,kwa karanga za kuonjeshwa

Sherry Stunt: (Wajua mwanamke akipenda hua apenda kweli......) when a woman loves she loves for real ,men who doesn't want to be loved? so please know if your woman loves you and let's keep love in the air.

joshua kimutai: Unatema Big G kwa karanga za kuojeshwa!great message.

joshua kimutai: Unatema Big G kwa karanga za kuojeshwa!great message.

cosmas osoro: the young guys who only jump for beats rate diamond than kiba....then the elite like us listen to real lyrics and we can tell you for sure that kiba is a king

Vero M: Love drives the world ....feel free to love ! 

meagan maina: KING KIBA...

Selestine Sadiki: rock

collins wachira: loop song

Francis Madondo: Can someone plizz give the lyrics n the translation to English.,...can only hear a little KiSwahili....lots of love from Zimbabwe!!!!!

Francis Madondo: This song is so touching!!!!

Fanne Lupakis: <3 <3

Silali Holly: crazy lines...crazy guy...crazy beats..mad love

Sandrine kidasharira: Mary Phanice, thank you for the lyrics! I sooo love this song..! Ali Kiba, you got a great voice!! Love love

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Ali kiba - Mapenzi yana run dunia [NEW] 5 out of 5