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Oct 26 2014 by New songs
Ishak Ezat: رؤؤؤؤعة

Driss Alami:

Mahmoud Poghdady: nice

anne marie Jensen: Er så ked af det .... :-(

Sivvers: I wish I could sing like her.. x

Ledena Kraljica: i´m from vienna :D and i´m loviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin´ adele and this song. she´s amazing <3 <3 i cry everytime when i hear this wonderfull song. every word in this song is so emotional...and so painfull :(

LOU sWeetY: wonderfull singer

Devora Lemos: piel de pollo total..

alexgrazie93: no skyfall here? im out..

MrJackingoff: who has the credentials to judge this girl.

minilme: Shuddup, Man!!!! U'll never understand until u start to think from ur heart and not from your pickle!!!!!

sophia avelino: best voice ever.....

Emma lee: adeleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 the best

Jasmin Hense: sie hat eine geile stimme höre das lied jeden tag ;)

Kholdie: Adele is the epitome of a singer. Singing isn't an art; it's spilling yourself into words. You sing them loud without fear of having bad notes and not sounding like your favorite artist; you want your voice to sound like your heart.

jonalyn eull: One of the most authentic singer in this World of plastic actors..!

ActivityES: OMG! wie kann man nur so gut singen!

341zacky: Omg best live singer ever

Pınar Kaya: Her voice is flawles, I hope she will quit smoking


pacat sapiq: amazing!!!great voice..keep it up!

Yasmine Majdoub: amazing <3 <3

محمود الهوارى: To One More Time!!

rushfz: This song shake my soul ty adele :')

jordyfrench: What a singer ! Amazing performance, from France.

TAM: amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazinggggggg


Angel Patricio Pérez: se escucha fuerte el sonido :)

max met: i#m always shivering when the audience starts to sing. so freaking wonderful. :)

Hector Gomez: lo bueno esque tengo el DVD y la veo llorar unchingo de veces.. y lloro con ella xD

Jocelyne Lefebvre: Pour moi c'est la plus grande voix ,Adèle est un talent incontestable,j' aime

Navya Sharma: whoever left adele must be the dumbest man on the planet.

superstars0207: Brytyjczycy maja kolejnego swietnego artyste ...dreszcz przechodzi czlowieka ...niesamowite....

anahellfire: i would kill any1 make a dislike :3

LilBigMinds: we love you adele =)

melissa stevenson: This song is so beautiful. Girl u really sung this!!!!!!!!!

greed316: you just feel this like an emotional hammer on your soul

DoggMan9033: why are girls so sensitive about things btw when the whole royal Albert Hal

David Boston: I love this song so much. Her voice is so incredible. And I love the way she said "Royal Albert Hall" lol

nigel dillon: what gets me is why watch it then dislike it NOT FUKIN NORMAL

215DaVinci215: I'm more of a rap listener but this is perfection of the voice truly heavenly talent past down to a few on the planet

Nikolay Sidorov: Live record is better than studio-recorded....

lynette105649: She is the artist all others wish they could be. Her flawless voice, the raw emotion and the fans that sing back to her. My favorite performance of all time.

cawz666: 03:26 What's wrong with the piano player???

marlonxxl1: how can one person be so talented and beautiful at once???

OzzyR21: Thanx to the guy... He make her give us one of the best female voices in one of the most beutiful songs in menkind.

Cathleen Mcgee: Such raw emotion, I hear it in everything she sings, truly beautiful. Inside and out she shines. :o)

tuakaarina: Adele To Finland

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