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Hanan Rasool: حًلَوٌوٌوٌةّ😍😢

Malak Ayman: صوتهاكتيررائع

‫حمید علیزاده‬‎: زیباست

Blessing Osawaru: I love this music


sarita hemraj: :'( i cryed

Debojit Das: Someone Like You 

Ishak Ezat: رؤؤؤؤعة

Angel Patricio Pérez: se escucha fuerte el sonido :)

Jade Spivey: REAL TALENT

Maurizio Piombo: Troppo brava

Việt Nguyễn Hữu: pretty tear :D

kholod khokha: i am from Egypt and i love western music because of adele she make link from them and western music and we love she and love all western music

Pınar Kaya: Her voice is flawles, I hope she will quit smoking

jiraporn kosaentor: I was heartbroken.

215DaVinci215: I'm more of a rap listener but this is perfection of the voice truly heavenly talent past down to a few on the planet

mick dinnery: beautiful album good on ya adele !

Ryan Al-zhrani: I llllloooovvee uu♥♥♥*adele*

bibi bilir: nefis

Nicole x: Adele is truly perfection, omg.

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