Jonny Clowes - I'd Do Anything, Official Music Video.

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georgia lang: i still love jonny, does anyone know what he's up to now? Would love to see him sing!

Xerothermic: I went to school with this guy, I'm not joking. Anyone know which school? ;)

rawrcaterpillar: I wish Jonny won so much! Even a year or so on, i still love him :') hes amazing. Jonny if you read this, you have a brilliant future ahead of you. :D xxxxxxxxx

looneychimp1: haha, im mates with him :D

fraserarts99: he did get his cap though!

Alice Burdge: GO JONNY

ZiggyStarlet123: wat song did he sing when he became one of the potential olivers ??

SweetDreamerambi: i think he's so cool. i just can't stop looking at him. he's so talent and cute.but i think he will be in other shows( i hope so) cause he's so amazing. some other talent hunter must have seen him.

CheckerboardChick: i've seen him in the west end :D he's in the 'Crowns Team' chorus (when Gwion is Oliver) :D + it's in the programme :P there's a bit of the stage that comes out and i was sat right near it, and they all went on there :) it was VERY awesomee :L <3 JONNY. <<< should've won ! :) x

lupusoliverfab: if he is r brother gd for u ur very lucky if he isnt POO U for bothering to lie jezzzzzzzz

Fostaaah: i no him :S

joziroxOK: No he isn't. What is his other sister called then?

xxdisenchantedxx52x: he goes to the boys school. and i go to the girls school.. y'know.. that kinda thing.

outrageousray93: where do u live? ur so lucky

outrageousray93: how do u know him?

xxdisenchantedxx52x: i know him!! haha hes a friend of mine!

heartshott: send al questions to this account jonny is loverly still a year on :) - perfect emotions / holly.

dannyrox247: holly you r so sad

xXxZacxEfronxXx: OMG he should of won he is fit a great singer and actor. Perfect for the part.Anyone who nos him is lucky coz i wish i new him

shaneiiloveyou: by the way that was my mate becca sayiiin that i have actualy met him

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