Jonny Clowes - I'd Do Anything, Official Music Video.

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Nov 21 2014 by MP3
Michelle Dewire: yeh cuz i gave it u :)

dannyrox247: holly you r so sad

PerfectEmotions: youtube o.o

xXJellyCroftXx: msn is arsh,, but does anyone have an idea of his bebo or something?

PerfectEmotions: lmao.

lupusoliverfab: if he is r brother gd for u ur very lucky if he isnt POO U for bothering to lie jezzzzzzzz

PerfectEmotions: thing is he is my obsession lives basically next to me and i know his best friend so, he's my fittie thanks.

PerfectEmotions: everyone should cos he's absoloutly amazing ^^

purplearmadilo: i cant help but find this slightly creepy... do you actualy know jonny? he such a ledge :)

Alice Burdge: GO JONNY

shaneiiloveyou: duz any1 have his msn addie,,,,i would do anything to have it Ive met him once b4 he was on id doo anything n we didnt talk very much....n then i had 2 go...n i didnt have a clue he was good at singin....miss you jonny X

starlightexpress101: do you know him? how?

PerfectEmotions: ty bbz

stardustrocks27: good video - i so wanted jonny to win :(

XlooniepopX: i know his msn but i can't give it out sorry unless there is a really good reason y

PerfectEmotions: i wanted jonny chester and gareth to win but gwion was good, i didnt like harry or laurence tho. lol jonny rocks and i hope i meet him too

PerfectEmotions: jonny*

gerbilgirl311: this is gd well done and glad your showing surport to jonny. where did u get the clips from? x

PerfectEmotions: haha he is awesome :)

purplearmadilo: yeah, i actually DO know him, so HA! and as a boy, not so much with the <3 stuff... creepy because you have never met him and yet love him so much, to the point you have a youtube collage of his pictures. thats just my opinion though, dont take it badly :)

joziroxOK: No he isn't. What is his other sister called then?

outrageousray93: where do u live? ur so lucky

M3LLissaa: I'll help lol :D

xxdisenchantedxx52x: he goes to the boys school. and i go to the girls school.. y'know.. that kinda thing.

looneychimp1: haha, im mates with him :D

starlightexpress101: THAT IS NOT TRUE your pathetic making stuff up like that. i hate you.

ufoundme1111: i agree, he is lovely, but, yeh i think this is a bit creepy if you dont know the guy XD good luck Johnny, i was sad you didnt make it, clearly should have!

PerfectEmotions: yeah hopefully he will get a west end role i live right by him he's like 10mins away from me :D:D

Ween O: i am exactly the same i love him 2 please can i come with u ?

Lizzie Hillesdon: i was well chuffed when he got through! i actually love you jonny i was surpised when there was an oliverr like the same age as me! :) x

CheckerboardChick: i've seen him in the west end :D he's in the 'Crowns Team' chorus (when Gwion is Oliver) :D + it's in the programme :P there's a bit of the stage that comes out and i was sat right near it, and they all went on there :) it was VERY awesomee :L <3 JONNY. <<< should've won ! :) x

19princessofpeace91: I actually cry when i see him! I love him soo much too meet him would be THE only thing that would ever matter in my life! x I LOVE YOU JONNY

PerfectEmotions: not just because of that what the hell its a musical not a model scout.

M3LLissaa: do u no his msn ?

gerbilgirl311: orite i was only asking perfectemotions geez nice video.

xxdisenchantedxx52x: i know him!! haha hes a friend of mine!

PerfectEmotions: same but yeah gareth was a cutie but i love jonny :D

xXJellyCroftXx: this vid is amazing! THANKYOU!

shaneiiloveyou: by the way that was my mate becca sayiiin that i have actualy met him

PerfectEmotions: dont we all

LaurieIsNotCool: God bless Jonny, He's like the coolest kid I know :D

PerfectEmotions: erm tell him i love him and id kill to just look at him :) he is amazing isnt he ^__^

Fostaaah: i no him :S

PerfectEmotions: if he doesn't get a west end part im going to bomb london. :)

GwenDouglass: Tbh I'd been backing Jonny, Chester, Alex and Jessie from the beginning. But atleast they're available for other shows now. I'd love to see Jonny as Billy in Billy Elliot. x

M3LLissaa: Hmm.. lets think He's fit !!!

starlightexpress101: ooo... whats your name?

PerfectEmotions: i have my obsessions lol if you know him can you get me in touch with him ;D? i just think he's amazing y'no. ^^

sweetsami223: why did this lad not get thorough to be oliver he was the best by far dead mad we could not vote for the olivers

PerfectEmotions: no he deleated it cos of perverts and myspace.

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