Jonny Clowes - I'd Do Anything, Official Music Video.

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georgia lang: i still love jonny, does anyone know what he's up to now? Would love to see him sing!

Xerothermic: I went to school with this guy, I'm not joking. Anyone know which school? ;)

rawrcaterpillar: I wish Jonny won so much! Even a year or so on, i still love him :') hes amazing. Jonny if you read this, you have a brilliant future ahead of you. :D xxxxxxxxx

Alice Burdge: GO JONNY

lupusoliverfab: if he is r brother gd for u ur very lucky if he isnt POO U for bothering to lie jezzzzzzzz

M3LLissaa: he's never had myspace. Or bebo !

M3LLissaa: Hmm.. lets think He's fit !!!

Shelley Legge: emilialingwood - haha i actually agree with you :P

Shelley Legge: yeh cuz i gave it u :)

Ween O: do u no him? wowzez

Lizzie Hillesdon: i was well chuffed when he got through! i actually love you jonny i was surpised when there was an oliverr like the same age as me! :) x

M3LLissaa: do u no his msn ?

Lizzy Parker: aww this made me cry! i love him soooooo much he sooooooooooo should have been oliver! and yes i would love his msn but don't give it out if you know it cos its really not fair on him loool WE LOVE YOU JONNY XxX

Ween O: i am exactly the same i love him 2 please can i come with u ?

purplearmadilo: yeah, i actually DO know him, so HA! and as a boy, not so much with the <3 stuff... creepy because you have never met him and yet love him so much, to the point you have a youtube collage of his pictures. thats just my opinion though, dont take it badly :)

purplearmadilo: i cant help but find this slightly creepy... do you actualy know jonny? he such a ledge :)

M3LLissaa: I'll help lol :D

Ciaran McKay: this is your most commented vid yet Higgerz! gj!

Louise M: OMG. I love this! And I was a Chester fan. I also loved Jonny too though. This is fab, well done!

gerbilgirl311: orite i was only asking perfectemotions geez nice video.

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Jonny Clowes - I'd Do Anything, Official Music Video. 5 out of 5