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Alex Pittelli: i love this song

Gaming Vortex: 1:12 godzilla facepalm

Ben10luke: Awesome song

AWSOMEGAMINification: It would be AWSOME if they play this at the end of the 2014 film

Jershu V: i thought this was black sabbath

awhitecouple: Horus on Follow the White Rabbit said after America dropped the 2 nukes they refered to it as Godzilla! Horus sais We call Aryan Tech. Godzilla.

Jonathan Swavely: 2:37 Godzilla had an itchy nose 

eduardo m-v: Folks, this is the perfect song for a mad lady, wife, girlfriend, and so on. just think about her ;) you will know what i mean

sped23: death and destruction rule...

MatthewJay Slimm: I was in pm kindergarten when I first heard this on the radio KY*102 in my brother Victor's 1978 volkswagen beetle with dual exhaust. 

George Z.: 185 amish people...they don't watch movies or listen to good music...

elf man: they're coming to penns peak in April.
Jim Thorpe Pa. They take the roof off this place.
And it is a beautiful place to see a show.s

Charles Emery: I want you on vinyl my classic rock song!

aniram95665: That show was my very first rock show, seen sometime around the tender age of 14yo. Headlining acts were also Ronny Montrose and Pat Traverse (BOOM! BOOM! OUT GO THE LIGHTS!). Of that era. Love it. :D

keith campbell: Buck F@$%ing Dharma !!

RIVERINE: My cat gives me that Godzilla look sometimes... The ears are back, and the teeth are showing. The tail, well, kind of whapping around... you know! Not happy here.

Pat M: reminds me of my dog

Sharkyjojo /Godzilla Inthusiast: Best song ever

Ralph Jones: Haaaaa.

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