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James Brown: i love this a\so much i have not witch this in so long

delbee: I love you I your fan of songs yayyyy

wolfychuzz // Fluffy the pink cinnamon roll AJPW: OMG I FOUND IT I FOUND IT AFTER YEARS OMG CRI OF JOY AAA I FOUND A DIAMOND

Royalironikz: When Minecraft was good and no cringe worthy 12 year olds

Pro Gamer 123: Unknown girl same with me

Bom HD: Look I found an emerald.

Blue Vactor: God Damn I Listened to weird music when I was a dumbass lol

Sophie: Still gotta luv em

Gamer challenge PC4YT: Wait 36 ingots just to build a iron golem

Gamer challenge PC4YT: When I was about crying whats that I found a diamond

Hello, I'm Alex!: I love this song !

Claudia Romero: I remember this now 2017 November

Lucius Zakk: When minecraft blew up in 2011, good times.

Jasper Van De Velde: His treehouse is made off oak wood, but there are only jungle trees in that biome...

Jason Munday: LOVE IT!!

LBow: back when minecraft wasnt crap with a retarded community of dabbing white kids

VanessaPlays123: Me when I found a diamond!!

Melissa Brown: I love this song so muchreally I do so so so much

Kinga Handzlik: YOU CAN'T SWIM IN LAVA!]

Alongo2 Vlogs: The old days the best

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