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Jun 13 2014 by Demo
Aurora rodriguez garcia: i like the house

messi coral: u give me the power to finde the diamond

Bao Junior: "36 diamonds just to build an Iron Golem?"

FlashMiner122: Very significant line: And it may be only blocks but you gotta' look past that

WarriorReshiram: 2,720 people were griefers or creepers. Your choice.

Sora LeagueofLegends: flaw "i can build a sword axe or spade" axes take 3diamonds so does pickaxe lol


Flutter Bloom Muffin: WTF THAT CRAZY AD O-O I HATE IT

Zhulený steve s.r.o: Minecraft is a best game what be even created

MrWhite Fang: When he fell into the lava I understand he's in creative mode or something but shouldn't the diamond have disintegrated? 

Coolender Perez: HE FOUND A DIIIIAMOOOND YEAAH WAIT... i ate it c:

Ariel Sadler: Lol, Bebopvox Easter egg at 3:06

Camari Morrison: i saw the dissapearing baby chicken at 2:16

Pitipixel: I freakING FREAKING FOUND A DIAMOND, MOTHERFUCHER! DIAMOND POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoku Oke Kai Lau: I have 29 diamonds. So it's really no bug deal to me that I see a diamond. Well, unless it's more than 1.

RedX1000: This is my favorite Original Minecraft Song. 

dimond steve: diamond

aboodi tayeh: If you r on a console version diamond isn't important just find nine and let the glitch time begin

Joey Gareau: Tip most diamonds are usually found at ground level 12 and they're max usually is 16 (some RARE cases happen where the limit glitches and it goes higher) Diamonds also once you find atleast 3 and made your diamond pickaxe you can usually just find a pack of them if you just keep mining at the level you found them also for some reason people say they don't spawn more in specific biome and I tested that, up to now I never found any diamonds in oceans my record which was online and (private 3 people server) I almost managed to find an amount up to a stack of BLOCKS of diamonds so many I found some... If you are wondering I do not know if this actually changes anything but it was in between a forest and plains biome within the seperation between them, I believe it to be because more spawn at the edges since you have twice the chance of 2 spawning there, I think it's because the smaller the area the more there is a chance to find diamond I believe them to spread at distant areas and between 2 biomes there is 2 chances due to multiple biomes, again it is only belief but it worked with me...

Ian Roberts: guess what is rarer then diamonds emeralds but check this out i found a emerald and i belive there also found in mountin biomes i checked on the wiki

I like cookies: i found a fish.

Jack Playle: Whats the real name of this song

Tristan Block: When Did Bebop join the Yogscast?

mewmewmewtwo2: 3:08 lol you can see another player there



Imfinite101: Me when I find a diamond XD

LolzySpy™ {Gaming and MOAR!}: 2 Things, 1. Map 2. Shaders PLZ ANSWER

Otorimasu: Too bad double tapping W is not anymore the key to sprint, cuz 1.7 :P

shirina rong: The lava part was so funny

Peyton Reitz: 2:40 HE'S SWIMMING IN LAVA!!!?!?!

FlashMiner122: One time I found 19 diamonds in a HUGGGE cave. I was sprinting because I was getting excited, and almost fell into lava several times. LOL. Seriously though.

IntrestingScarfCat: Best minecraft song to me. :D

Finklyful: Why are all these Minecraft songs about diamonds and mining I mean its kinda boring now. (And Creepers)

Cool Creeper: Lol

Megan Ruggiero: The first time i found diamonds i got an eight diamond vein.

king sora: i found a diamond!

Qwaky Quak: Jesus Christ.... 3:07 he scared me when i looked down there :O

DFGAMES100: Love this so much!

ICanHazGaming12345: I played this song on iTunes right after I found Diamond horse armor and a Diamond after I blew up a desert temple

mlp starlight starbright: A sword axe or spade? How about pickaxe! lol mabey he didnt have enough for pick XD!!

Lexi Kopp: Holy crap batman that is a lot of lapis!!!!

CoolRockstar360: Song is pretty stupid

Cassidee Murray: At 3:57 did any body else notice the the person on the bottom right of the screen

Rodolfo Rubio: Great vid

Dany Spyro: I keep wondering if this a parody if it is what is the real song

Esenija kiselova: just found some diamonds on my survival. I FOUND SOME DIAMONDSSS!!!!!!!!!

The Cute Kitten 〈3: 3,069 people are nubs and their life is set on dead bushes

Logan Fields: Who else had this happen to them on mc? 

RainyDayGaming: Reminds me of Battlefield 4 with all the lens flare. It looks cool though

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