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Aug 24 2014 by MP3 player

Ian Mejia: Best feeling ever when finding a diamond! I found one and it it... BEST FEELING EVA #IBESTFEELINGEVA!

Rebecca Norris: To me it sounds like "I need a doctor" or is that just me?

Finklyful: Why are all these Minecraft songs about diamonds and mining I mean its kinda boring now. (And Creepers)

Joey Gareau: Tip most diamonds are usually found at ground level 12 and they're max usually is 16 (some RARE cases happen where the limit glitches and it goes higher) Diamonds also once you find atleast 3 and made your diamond pickaxe you can usually just find a pack of them if you just keep mining at the level you found them also for some reason people say they don't spawn more in specific biome and I tested that, up to now I never found any diamonds in oceans my record which was online and (private 3 people server) I almost managed to find an amount up to a stack of BLOCKS of diamonds so many I found some... If you are wondering I do not know if this actually changes anything but it was in between a forest and plains biome within the seperation between them, I believe it to be because more spawn at the edges since you have twice the chance of 2 spawning there, I think it's because the smaller the area the more there is a chance to find diamond I believe them to spread at distant areas and between 2 biomes there is 2 chances due to multiple biomes, again it is only belief but it worked with me...

kris wessell: Like my Coping and pasting Skills? Lyrics: I wake up, man that night flew by I say what's up to the beautiful-ness that's outside And it may be only blocks but you gotta' look past that To me it's all big jungles and grasslands I need some tools. Now what should I pick-axe and a sword yah that should do that trick And back never bored, creeper time-bomb ticks I'm so fast and I get outta' there quick And it's that double tap sprint, gotta' love it I'm runnin' fast, tryin' make somethin' of it And I'm always running out of food to eat I guess ten loaves of bread just wasn't enough for me Hash tag #firstworldminecraftproblems Wait, 32 ingots just to build an iron golem Woowee better get minin' Them I'm like OMG what's that shinin'. And I've been minin' all day Lookin' for that blue rock in the caves And when I'm just about crying I found a diamond I found a diamond Now I'm goin' all the way I can build a sword, axe, or a spade You know I thought I'd never find one. I found a diamond I found a diamond Finally got it, man I'm so excited I just wanna' get back right up to my house but then I realize it And it's not gonna' be as easy as I think Because I didn't leave a path to follow now my stomach shrinks Skeletons are so annoying when they find me They just don't give up And those arrows, don't remind me These precious diamonds, I'm holding in my inventory I'd like to keep them please Now just don't let this story end on a bad note Let me make it back out Can you hear me notch? Just don't let me black out It's looking bad no grass topped dirt in sight But what's that? Yah I think it is, it just might One more block to mine, I think I did it Feels like an eternity as my shovel goes into it BOOM, there's the sun and clouds I made it. All the animals are gatherin' round, singin'. And I've been minin' all day Lookin' for that blue rock in the caves And when I'm just about crying I found a diamond I found a diamond Now I'm goin' all the way I can build a sword, axe, or a spade You know I thought I'd never find one. I found a diamond I found a diamond x2

Hero-Vante The Killer: Great Job My Friend! :) 

Bao Junior: "36 diamonds just to build an Iron Golem?"

Szod 6069: It's the 2nd best song in my life 

dimond steve: One this if you found a diamond then died

Megan Ruggiero: The first time i found diamonds i got an eight diamond vein.

Coolender Perez: HE FOUND A DIIIIAMOOOND YEAAH WAIT... i ate it c:

messi coral: u give me the power to finde the diamond

Hoku Oke Kai Lau: I have 29 diamonds. So it's really no bug deal to me that I see a diamond. Well, unless it's more than 1.

MrWhite Fang: When he fell into the lava I understand he's in creative mode or something but shouldn't the diamond have disintegrated? 

NormalGamerJake: At 3:06 I see you BeBopVox

aboodi tayeh: If you r on a console version diamond isn't important just find nine and let the glitch time begin

mewmewmewtwo2: 3:08 lol you can see another player there

Alyxandria White: This is oddly catchy lol 

Ian Roberts: guess what is rarer then diamonds emeralds but check this out i found a emerald and i belive there also found in mountin biomes i checked on the wiki

Nick DaPickaxe: i found a TNT 

Sam Imperial: The remix version was better. But still this is awesome!

FreshGamer: Was and is my favourite!

Miranda Vanvleck: i have the voice of it and im 7 and i play minecraft

I like cookies: i found a fish.

Matej Babić: diamond is green

Jared Camarillo: I his pick broke

Addison Kline: I didn't think there were shaders as long sho as 1.2

Judith Lazo: he just used game mode 1 to the diamonds in the mine and then he made this song

tomas tomasius: 2:36 he swam in lava and didnt die!?

Daniel Moore: Don't mine at night

Logan B: whats the texture pack?

Charly Broadwood-Volkhardt: #bestminecraftsongever

Cristian Cintora: He probably made this video in creative

Jamie Jenkinson: Best. Ever

UndermostGolf17: He actually found more than 1

Lauren Krehely: Lol he was mining and bebop was just standing there XD

LEGO SHOW: gfj fhj htuj ujh fj gh

Lucia Estrada: Best song evry

Adit Hidayah: Nurutan i found a diamond satu lagi

max vinity: 😄😃😀❤️love this song

Ethan Eaker: X

kim streek: it's so hard to find diamond's and gold

Tara c Baker: cool

shirina rong: LOL

Nicole Jazrel Dagdag: Hey guys! Try to watch I JUST FOUND DIAMONDS by Itsjerryandharry! Thats a great parody! And its way better thatn this one!

Alex Jaggears: Well if you find one diamond you can only make a shovel

Malia Jadzia: Before I was mining and I found gold and then I said yay gold but I hope I will find diamonds and then I found diamonds 

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