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Mepac37: OMG THE NOSTALGY. It feels like im finns cry. I watched this the week before i got minecraft and the memories.

stefan Klasson: so Nice i love it

I hate people like you: the first video i ever watched....

the great memories :')

Christian McClure: I leve video

Sardonic Gamer: FACKIN TUNES

Carlo'z Gaming// CoolparisGamer26: your copying itsarryandjerry unsub

BETH Hayes: (wait 36 ingits to make an iron gdam?!)

Isaac Norris: Anyone watching this in 2017 and miss these

Manpreet Gill: FAKE ALERT

MaGzY: Ahh the nostalgia

Daniel Lavrinenko: It's my favorite song

Moonlight Creeper Gaming: The Nostalgia....

HD Productions HQ!!: This is one of the first videos that got me into minecraft

ARMAGAN Isik: cool diamond song

Savina Harris: I like thd raping part

Karyn Coulstock: good

Flying Flynn: Minecraft used to be so fun but now they update it and ruined it

John Akinsete: Notch sellin Mojang actually just ruined the game... FOREVER

John Akinsete: 1.0 Was the best version of MC I've ever played

John Akinsete: From the times when Minecraft songs were actually enjoyable

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