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Shanna Lee: Steve loves diamonds so much he went in the lava to get it lol

Thao Pham: Yout songs are aesome!!!!!☺️☺️☺️

Ethan Naylor: love this song

Jan Fredell: I loved this kid in 2012 first i got minecraft. Minecraft was totally weird inventory in 2012 Version 1.2. When i got minecraft i didn't know how to move or kill creepper, mine redstone lapis diamond obsidian, bulit 2 floor house in 2013.

Nightsong: I love this song

xXLexi_and_MarinnXx: Who is here in 2016 and thinking I am old af, and it's been so long since I listeners to this...

yolo gaming: great job

The Freak: so nice

Rykan Glover: this is awesome

Rykan Glover: #-_-

Rahul Bhopal: Epic treehouse. Can u do a tutorial on how to build this please?

frank passanisi: awsome

Brayden Lewis: I love mine craft videos

Mr minecrafter: This is an Awesome song! even though it has been almost 4 years since it first came out, I really like this song! Well Done Bebopvox YOGSCAST! you are awesome Dude!

Devon Tucker (Enderman): What an epic song any one agree

Nunu plays: I found a diamond in minecraft pocket edition before it was the best day of my life 😜😜😜

joshua coogan: retard

tyler gamble: so dope

Audrey Plays: Omg TheDragonHat thats Garroth in Aphmau ekkkkkkkkkk

BalliZta: I remember getting out of my seat in 2nd grade and singing this when we were learning math everyone loved it except my teacher

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I Found A Diamond - An Original Minecraft Song 5 out of 5