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I luv chicken: Watched this back in 2014 watching it in 2016 i wish there were more content like this :/

Mr. Spooks: I cant believe i was obsessed with this song XD

ItsDestinyYt: i found i diamond too XD

Alex Gonzalez: So me when I frowned dimensions

Stimxx Desmond: Why am I cryin?

paul fowler: epic

Blastaq ッ: the memories playing this on a full teamspeak server😂, damm i miss those times😍

mixer rem: When I first saw this video I think one thing: WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SHADER(and the cool track)

Hello Cortez: Don'tyou miss those days when diamonds were the only things anyone talked about?If you found one and recorded it, that was like 1,000,000 views.
Now its just server trolling.

Pretyee. Ødd.: This was playing on a TF2 server and I bLASTED OUT OF THERE

Stardust Sparklian: I play the first part every time my sister says "LOOK! I finally found a diamond!"

antonlimj Gaming: When mc songs DIDNT focus on animation

Rectro: old days when all i listened to were minecraft parodies and skillet

GalaxyWolf Gaming: First song I ever listened to, my
Jam in like, 3rd grade, 2017, 6th grade, good lord is this still good!

Rainbow Boy 1234: This is the best jam And when I get older I will still which it

yanneth perez: Me and my brother are Pros at Minecraft

yanneth perez: I agree unknown girl

Ely Bautista: I listened to this song all my life

jin kon: minecraft songs are cool

Aleyna Girl: I used to listen to these songs aahh good old days....

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