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Iymany1: Sweet voice.­čĹî­čĆż´╗┐

Jos├ę Akala: cool´╗┐

Doudou Diop: woura d'ou´╗┐

Emem Wilson: am gon watch this till Chidinma turns 60´╗┐

Seyni Ndiaye: je t'aime´╗┐

Seyni Ndiaye: je t'aime´╗┐

Ryan Ogoundou: cool music and i like´╗┐

Adetunji Olusipe: My best from Chidinma so far´╗┐

Mireille Tete: J adore chindima´╗┐

HeyonJin Jang: lovely :)´╗┐

GillesDavid3: My friends / Mes ami(e)s .....

CHIDINMA ---------- " Kedike "

Without doubt, ..... the Africans like having fun and dancing !!!!!

À n'en point douter, ..... les Africains aiment s'amuser et danser !!!!!


Christele Stela: You met heart kekeiiii´╗┐

odinese nwad: Garbage´╗┐

tresor ilunga: Good music ´╗┐

Peter Georgeson: Nice music ´╗┐

Andr├ę Maquiaba: lulu02´╗┐

Mithyet Andiva: Mob love from Kenya ´╗┐

zhonni: That guy is an incredible actor. Hope he makes it far.´╗┐

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