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Mar 31 2015 by Songs Tracker
Betina Bidzo: Chidinma - Kedike :

alphina dumbuya: What does kedike mean?

ryanroxx21: A big respect from India!! Nice song!

Denis Thibeault: Cool music and lovely beat!

RihannaNAVY: what language is it?

stephanie okoro: The prayer scene was cute lol. 


Rita Johnson: The boy in this music is cute !

Mithyet Andiva: Mob love from Kenya 

Belinda Okech: very beautiful music!!!i dedicate this to my better half!!!

obianuju onyegu: African princess I luv this song!!!!!!

nicolz lami: natural beauty! African princess

Laure Pichavant: par contre d'où vient-elle? Nigéria?

zhonni: That guy is an incredible actor. Hope he makes it far.

Vanessa Archer: KE KE KEDIKEEEE me like!

Nathan Ugochi: Can't stop listening to this track, Chidimma u burst my bubbles on this one 

Milkman Sylla: Cool!!nice song!!

cocao035: Much love from RSA!

Original Sykologist: I love the song and the especially the theme of the visual. 

DON DRAGON: very talented and cute singer,love from France!

gomis marvin: Trop bien


Jef Kearns: I did a cover video of this on flute. Check it if you get a chance!

Brianna Odhiambo: Nice songs dis woman has da tallent

Lola Sweet: Much love from Botswana.

chris kongolo: beautiful song

Ruxelle Allou: Love this music the best music in the whole world

diggiddi: Incredible voice, nice vid

BEATRICE NDUNYA: Singing along 2my Lovee

okanhawk: That's Dammy Krane right?

miss_halfcast: Beautifulest Song ever ❤ africain song

Okomba TOSSOUKPE: c'est ça qui est la vérité!!!

babiijam: why am i just seeing this, like where have i been. so sweet.

blackwombman: I will dance to this song for my hubby on our wedding day #yet to see him prayer ...

Duncan Abuga: cool music....big up lady chiddima

miss_halfcast: Beautifulest Song ever ❤ africain song

Badi Zitto: Living African Princess L.A.P !!!!!!!!! love from KENYA. Big respect

Oyaz Oyaz: I always have a crush on her #Chidinma #Love

hlesty bama: this song blows my mind ......... :)

peter karis: nice one 

Smark Dusaitor: :))

MUKE MUSANGU: i love this song

Mel Jama: Love It! from Somaliland. I wish we could get African singers to do shows here, the people here are ready.

Fadedie Fukambumba: Que veut dire kedike

keita Mendy: I cant believe it that I found this song

sandra matteoti: bellissima voce

Wetin Beyourownna: Love that the dancers wore Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba outfits.

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Chidinma - Kedike 4.9 out of 5