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Sep 02 2014 by MP3 Download
DON DRAGON: very talented and cute singer,love from France!

Mel Jama: Love It! from Somaliland. I wish we could get African singers to do shows here, the people here are ready.

blackwombman: I will dance to this song for my hubby on our wedding day #yet to see him prayer ...

Duncan Abuga: cool music....big up lady chiddima

nicolz lami: natural beauty! African princess

Artists from Africa: Remember that song from Chidinma?

paul pablo: u make my heart go kedike kekeke kedikee eeyi.

diggiddi: Incredible voice, nice vid

Oyaz Oyaz: I always have a crush on her #Chidinma #Love

peter kariuki: nice one 

Badi Zitto: Living African Princess L.A.P !!!!!!!!! love from KENYA. Big respect

Marie Arkeita Mendy: I cant believe it that I found this song


kelvin kel: nice song chidinma

okanhawk: That's Dammy Krane right?

babiijam: why am i just seeing this, like where have i been. so sweet.

omo tony: I thought this girl got height till shesang with flavour....great voice

AUGUSTINE ACKA: kull catch

Laure Michele NGOUANGA: elle s'exprime bien,tous mes encouragements !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jen linda: finally found it !!

yumiko koffi: it's her best song and the one i love ike this

Jane Abidi: wow, nice go girl. Calerence Peter has done great work in the naija music industry.

sandra matteoti: bellissima voce

Wetin Beyourownna: Love that the dancers wore Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba outfits.

Okomba TOSSOUKPE: c'est ça qui est la vérité!!!

Kristin Brenda: Great...

Viala yves-robert: j adore cette chanson!

Mohamedlamin Donzo: popppinnn

maki kulanikoro: it's the best song ever and i just luv dis CHIK!!

blingsist: love love love!!!

Margaret Bakare: shes just so adorable

hlesty bama: this song blows my mind ......... :)

Zelie Awoukeng: Love .love . loves it chidinma

Véronique Cheron: Dammy Krane me fait vraiment trop rire !!!! Il est génial !!!!

Smark Dusaitor: :))

Jeffrey Ebo: love it

adedeji adebayor: Nice.

MENARD korval: manifique

Khadija Maria Musa: Seth Rollins make my heart go Kedike!

Adutwum Richard: it more dan excellent

Ilona mimi: i like the song and the boy in the song makes my heart go Kedike toooooooooo

Taiwo Henry Olajide: This song is HUGE!!!!!

Casey James: good song serious !!!!

Ibole Bob: I love this song, It reminds me of my first date! She used it to lure me to love her! Thanks Chidimma!

jessicatou88: love me some ankara clothes, chiidinma is just wahouuuu

savannah bavu: Love

Muna Goon: Quoting my grand ma, "Munachimso you must get married to an Igbo girl, ka obim metu kwa Kedike"

MrSPANOLS: Great video - great voice - great text - great sound... She makes my heart goeas KEDIKE !!! J'aimeeeeeee trop ce son.

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