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Hanzaw Win: အရမ္​းႀကိဳက္​တယ္​

Obee Lek: ชอบมาก

Jakkrit Somporn: 25

R D: Heymarnewin be ceih re myan mar a kunglung ma ceih bu

Yupa Chumpu: memewinpay

silenthill2222: Original is La Isla Bonita by Madonna :D

janetleefelisa: If you like Ma Haymar please join her fanclub on FB-HayMarNayWin with her profile picture and links for her live show performences. I have created fan club a few days ago for all of us :). Cheers !!!!!

dingdi dawt: I love hay ma !!!!!!!!! she is so polite and solf ... God bless hayma .

janetleefelisa: The Most elegant lady,Hay Mar, I love her :).

lin: I love & like this song ,wanna know what is original song???

heartofheaven2001: nope, Madonna first.after that Enrque. cuz I like Madonna's song so much that time.

54living: No, not Madonna, this is Spannish singer Enrque Iglesias . His song "Sad eyes" is very good written by Bruce SpringT.

Ei Chaw San: thanks for your playlist :)

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