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Dec 15 2014 by Fresh releases
Vanessa Jiao: lol what if its ft. (featuring) gordon ramsay XD

Pinky Luna-Hemmings 卌: Josh from Marianas trench and Carly Rae Jepsen <3333 This song is perfect <3

TheTrapCrew: Carly is the best. Her voice is so smooth

john star: this song make me feel sleepy

Alexis Jaz: didn't know they knew each other, i thought their styles were two different things but its a cool song :) carly isnt to bad 

Natsu Dragneel: OH MY GOD!!! JOSH RAMSAY!!!! I LOVE YOU!

ThatPAThfinder: I thought it was Emma Stone, because of the thumbnail.

smiler&songs: The song is really pretty!! but i can't understand the lyrics

Caitlin Membrino: well only watched it for josh but the video was hillarious for the most part. not intentionally i'm sure

Katie Monroe: Well I get that it's supposed to be sad but Josh pretending to cry made me start laughing!

Cecilia C: josh ramsay!! <3

Jake Ho: carly rae jepsen just looks so good and this guy got gel or wahtever in his hair... sigh,

Alyishia Lindquist: love this song <3 :)

derpy hooves: marianas trench is so great love you Josh

Mike Tihi: I want me and my next girlfriend to fight like this! ..... Wired.... 

~ xFallingSkies01 ~: Who else came here from Marianas Trench...?

I Blad: "dont even DON'T EVEN!" xD

Natasha Burke-Wadden: i love the song sour candy...... I want to have a good voice like you.........

MusicGamer: Lol did u see his face at 1:40 

daisy clemmons: IDK why is she so hated she has a good voice and shes pretty

Izzy J.: I was going to geek out about Josh being in this but then I realized that 99% of the comments are already about him.

shiemi moriyama: O my god it has been like 2014 now and i just realized he's josh ramsay

xDesichan: Josh is perfect!

Ruscle Dew: XD the part where he has tissues "DONT EVEN" perfect

MagicalH20: I love Josh's voice~


Mel Salonga: Carly really have a lovely voice!

daisy clemmons: OMG EEEEEEE*FANGIRL MODE* This is what first got me into Marianas Trench

john windsor: *The Truth about Life and Death?* Go to www•TruthContest•com, there you will find the answer's to life's big questions

Jordan Perez: no for the dislike no like the dislike (el que le dio dislike es homo)

Wendy maravell: Marianas Trench <3

Natasha Burke-Wadden: and I love Carly and Josh

ADM: ... I like this, but the start, I swear I can kinda hear wheatus

dimitrios karagkiozoglou: She looks like zoella

hatelove5lovehate: The only thing that made this song good was Josh Ramsay. Don't really like her lyrics or voice, but he's really good. 

Isabel The Bee: Both of you look like brother and sister and you guys changed over the years

Jennica Vezie: The only reason i like this song is because JOSH RAMSAY!!!!! OMG

waffelz for munches o3o: once again.....only here because of josh ramsay :3 1:00 the magic begins! your welcome XD


maddy keep: Josh is so funny ^.^

Mila Kuang: Not really

TeamDoug TWD: Came here because Luke Hemmings of 5SOS idolizes Josh Ramsay

Ximena lares: 1:39 carli se rio ni creas jaja

ItsMeMadisonH: you kind of look like the girl who plays "April Young" on The Vampire Diaries... who is also the girl who plays on Teen Beach Movie

Madeline Jackson: I came here because I'm a Marianas Trench fan, but they both sound amazing! I love it!

julian nolasco: Im straight. And am a guy. But Josh Ramsay is theeeeeee crap.

Lindsey Perez: I don't get it but I like it

Isabel The Bee: Josh has the Anthony Padilla hair LOLOLOL

Charles Dionne: Joshua... you have the most beautiful voice...

George Jones: She looks like kalel Anthony Padillas girlfriend 

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