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Sep 16 2014 by Lyrics
robert Harris: She looks like a hick ! & isn't he in some emo - band ?

john star: this song make me feel sleepy

Vanessa Jiao: lol what if its ft. (featuring) gordon ramsay XD

Cat Biersack: love this song <3 :)

smiler&songs: The song is really pretty!! but i can't understand the lyrics

Natsu Dragneel: OH MY GOD!!! JOSH RAMSAY!!!! I LOVE YOU!

Amiya draper: josh cant sing

ItsMeMadisonH: you kind of look like the girl who plays "April Young" on The Vampire Diaries... who is also the girl who plays on Teen Beach Movie

Cecilia C: josh ramsay!! <3


Marielou Weller: I love call me maybe !

laila elhenawy: This would make an awesome movie!!!

TeamDoug TWD: Came here because Luke Hemmings of 5SOS idolizes Josh Ramsay

Lolisha Ray: Mah fvrt.... song

George Jones: She looks like kalel Anthony Padillas girlfriend 

Thainara Carrilho Ferreira: Gostei Muito desta música

Melissa Williams: Harmonious duet!♡♡♡♡

Claudia Hong: looooove the music video ;D

백종범: how many people does who loves this music i think that one things know..

wuzupraphy: Carly Rae <3

Caleigh patrick: only reason I listen to this song is because of josh honestly I think he made carly famous I dot care what anyone says

Izzy J.: I was going to geek out about Josh being in this but then I realized that 99% of the comments are already about him.

I Blad: "dont even DON'T EVEN!" xD

Alexis Jaz: didn't know they knew each other, i thought their styles were two different things but its a cool song :) carly isnt to bad 

Raley Stearly: MARIANAS TRENCH <3

Jesus G. Reyes: Sooooooo what's this song about? Lyrics don't really go with the video

night claw: once again.....only here because of josh ramsay :3 1:00 the magic begins! your welcome XD

Alison James: Josh <3

Fallon Blaqk: I love this song.

Celina Bucket: I live in carly's home town, and her mom used to work at my school.So I don't agree. She wrote the song!

karrigan Mewhorter: I josh ramsay :)

Marta Ilker: ♠ ♠ ♠Thank you very much. I'm pleased. ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

theresa norris: they r amazng together josh ramsey is my love i love this guy so much

CandyStand108: the bts to this lol

scotty lu: Josh 💕

Adriana Miron: Canadian pride! :)

OhMyZacEfron7: JOSH <3

samy wessim: Mmmmm

Liz Binas: Watched this simply because, well, Josh Ramsay. Josh = Marianas Trench. I love their band! <3

Maria Jose Pineda Cortes: crazyS jajaj :D

Fahad Khan: <3 Just love it <3

Zachary12205: I'll just say that if all of today's pop music was like this, I would love pop as a genre. :3

Gillian Drenth: is he gay....?

The TwinSensation: What exactly is this song about

Meg Franzen: Only reason i watched this is because of Josh Ramsay, i do love his vocals but i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay prefer marianas trench songs, the beat and rhythms are waaaay more my type... no hate for carly though, shes just not personally my kind of music.. xxx

theresa smith: Ps I am your number 1 fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca Bovee: she looks so pretty! :)

Kayla Huffman: Josh Ramsay <3 I love his voice so much

WildMargay: 1:41, i love how everyone is trying not to smile, but can't help it

Renee: hell yeah ya do!

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