Carly Rae Jepsen - Sour Candy ft. Josh Ramsay Music Video for Free!

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Fan Comments

Arthur Lima: 2017?

Esrarengiz Oyuncu: Bune bee hepsinin gözü mavi...

casandralynnereid: I came here cause the spotify version doesn't have who I come for XD

Rebecca Toombs: josh is awsome

Dimitri Gysel: Haha Josh helped Carly write Call Me Maybe in case no one knew

SweetAngel OfHell: Josh brought me here xD ♡

kytti555: i came for josh (pls dont take that out of context) and i was not let down

Megan Shumway: JOSH
I was watching marianas trench vids and this came up XD

Mateus Dias: Amo você ❤️


Tamara Giallonardo: Tbt omg aw

zurtocuk x: the actual hell

Nomi Is Emo: I shipped these two so much when I was 9 😂

Mantha Mouse: josh is so sassy

salim alkathiri: 2017 like

138riley138: I really hope Carly and Josh write another song together this year!

Alien Dino: I came here for Josh but ended up falling in love with Carly. Give her some credit, you guys! She is a amazing artist all on her own. Josh is not the only component in her fame. Its her voice that even made Call Me Maybe worth a while.

Ruzie Thomas: Yes Josh to help Carly for call me maybe.
But why carly never talk about josh and Marianas Trench in europe?

Mateus Dias: Te amo ❤️️

Jessie Leblanc: love the song guys good job at it!

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Carly Rae Jepsen - Sour Candy ft. Josh Ramsay 5 out of 5