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Amanda Potter: I love that Emo's are committing on this

Jonathon Buchanan: gonna be straight up honest here favorite part of this music video is Josh's pick guard :P

Kyle Short: H O W D YB T H E V I D E O L O O K S N I C!E PIQUANT HOOK % .

redraven24: His meltdown at 1:27 tho. "DON'T. EVEN! Don't even!" I could totally hear that in his voice lol. Oh the silly boy that we love :)


Lina Dubois: H e y h o w ' s i t g o i q g? It's interestiqg gullible shelf W h a t's y o u r o p i n i o n a b o u t i t, g u y u

Diana Harper: and y does JB get more credit of Carly then JOSH y Josh helped her out, and he did it as a friend and doesn't get enough credit on helping her, but JB just stool her from Josh. and they are way more ADORABLE together then JB! BUT SERIOUSLY HOW ADORABLE and awesome are they together! i do like this song then CMM. I wonder if she'll come back to him and work together again! I wish !

Benjamin Guzman: your the best

canadian_girl27: People saying Carly is only where she is today because of Josh are so very wrong on so many levels. Don't get me wrong I am a huge Trench fan, but she wrote the song too as well as Josh and Tavish. the song was a success because of the three of them. Josh has even said that in interviews. She is extremely talented and would have gotten to her success either way, just maybe not as quick. Josh has co wrote so many other songs with other artists even Chad from Nickelback. A good song will jumpstart a career but the artist must have talent, and that's what ultimately makes them last.

Baby Trunks: Am I the only one who's thinking that they almost look the same?

aTrencher 4Life: WHO UNLIKED THIS?

Elsomar Abrantes Reges: não entendi porque eles ficam brigando

Its Brielle: Don't get me wrong...I LOVE MT seriously I'm obsessed!! But I can't help but wonder if Josh would be more successful if he pursued a solo career...I mean I doubt he would; Josh, Matt, Mike and Ian are like brothers but still I'm curious.

Animegirl's channel: 🎤🎤

yuki manoakeesick: i love josh!

Diana Harper: his voice at 1:00 is so different i've NEVER heard it like that. and y is his parts always like at the 1min mark? odd lol
but it's interesting to hear his voice differently! and kool!

Olivia Ashton: amazing

luna: I heard this song and I was like "Is that the guy from Marianas Trench??". :O

BiblioBianca: TBH I'm only here for Josh, no offence Carly but I'm a trencher

kitten lab: josh is bae trencher for life

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