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Mar 10 2014 by Gossips
Niluksha Akmeemana: <3

greennin: Canadians are awesome!

Caleigh patrick: only reason I listen to this song is because of josh honestly I think he made carly famous I dot care what anyone says

Marty Howe: Carly, jettison that tongue-peirced putz! You're sweet. If only.

Emma Wallenbrock: JOSHHHHHHHH literally here because of him just him Carly's cool too

Eloise Beath: literally only here because of Josh.

theresa norris: they r amazng together josh ramsey is my love i love this guy so much

Jesus G. Reyes: Sooooooo what's this song about? Lyrics don't really go with the video

Solo Radia: Carly's voice is so special, it brings tears to my eyes 

Heather Yanos: I just love how Josh has helped out in boosting other artists and writing songs for them. We all know how busy him and any other artists are with there own stuff. 

Alex Gaskarth: joshhh <3

Abi Weatherill: I ship Cosh so bad xD

dorota burzymowska: Hate Josh, love Carly!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Bailey K: 1:38 DON'T EVEN. DONT. EVEN 

Johnny Nichols: If only they made up at the end

Julia Lewis: lool my fav part of this video 1:36

Kobo Joon: I'm coming here for Josh~~~DUH !

Marianne Tremblay: OH MY GOD JOSH RAMSAY MY PRINCE <3 Hey Carly ^_^ 

Gypsy a pony: i know josh is canadian but what provinve is he from?(or territory)

Reggie Alba: Carlyy raeee *w* is so amazing!! love uuu <3

AprilSnowPearl: So addicting but so sad

teresa del angel: I LOVE YOU CARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

abdula abula: welll .*. i didnt know Josh till i listened to diz song!! well for me i may thank carly to make josh famous!! >*> anyway guys! cool song since there is no sick scene!

Stan Boyd: since it seems like there is a war on who people are here for, I am here for neither, I just really like the song its quite beautiful.

Sidney Hicklin: JOSH!!!! My bby <3333

Paige Marie: freak I love Josh's voice so much <3

YamiGenesis: F**k that one direction commercial before this video

Allyn Candyy: Hello, I am Brazilian and I love the carly sincerely but I'd rather a thousand times the album Tug Of War seemed that carly was fun but deep and had so much music but the album Kiss Pop has gone into this fashion, many will feel homesick album Tug of War and old style carly: (.

Morea Wallin: Yea well the song is OK. But I really don't like the video for it. 😟 If ur so mad about, then I'm sorry!!! 😟

Veyli Ortiz: I love Josh, he's so talented

Fionaa Devilanos: Josh you silly goose

leoslash: GROSS VIDEO!!

Breaghaha Koroluk: Josh♥♥ Canadians ‼‼‼

Skylar Rose: She's sexy 

Wesley musica: Carly Rae Jepsen - Sour Candy ft. Josh Ramsay

Every Night We Meet: Hello. I'm a new pop-rock artist from Sweden and I just put songs up today. If you like Sour Candy by CRJ then I think you'd like them also! *Thanks for supporting new music!*

KaKá F: Her face makes me cry :') ... She is so beautiful, I hope to one day have the chance to meet you. 

Rea Lidde: Still the best Carly Rae Jepsen's song.

HeyLook It'sMe: *robin sparkles dancing in front of the canadian flag*

Madison Hampten: 2:32

Mercedes Hanson: omg this my new fave some cuZ JOSH IS IN IT

me me 23: and this sir is EXACTLY why carly rae Jepson is famous its all josh #joshramsey 

Natalie Gomez: Here for Josh.

Amanda Lee: happy B day josh

Whovian Fox: Josh's crying though.

I'm making a cheese toastie.: This song played on the TVs at a store I was in. And I kind of just stopped in the middle of the store and started crying because of Josh. <3

Abigail Nicole Ooten: This video cracked me up. It's hilarious. I love both singers

Catalina Rios Quijada Cata: One direction is good and you no!!!

Camryn Irene: I'm sorry but Josh. I am only here for Josh :P

Nafisa Ali: She look like Jenna from pretty little liars!!!!!

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