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Apr 07 2015 by New songs
Caitlin Membrino: well only watched it for josh but the video was hillarious for the most part. not intentionally i'm sure

Anirudh Hari: What's wrong with his tongue

letthenyanyabewithu: Josh: *Carly tries to comfort him* "DON'T EVEN, DON'T EVEN" *Continues to cry hysterically.*

Farah 95': I feel like I'm the only one who came here cause I'm a fan of Marianas trench Lol.

Kesc777: I like her hair in this video.

Adriana: I think we are ignoring the fact that Josh is hilarious in this video, like he's even mouthing "DONT EVEN"

Jake Ho: carly rae jepsen just looks so good and this guy got gel or wahtever in his hair... sigh,

Katherine Ducas: i was really confused why carly rae jepsen was in my recommended but then i realized its because all ive been watching lately is marianas trench videos 

Vanessa Jiao: lol what if its ft. (featuring) gordon ramsay XD

TheMuseArchive: The acoustic guitar sounds alot like Wheatus's Teenage Dirtbag....

BeautyByBella: His voice is really good! 👍

Pinky 卌: Josh from Marianas trench and Carly Rae Jepsen <3333 This song is perfect <3

Jose Gonzalez: Wow, their voices go together so well. Good stuff

Tri Rose: Josh was hilarious xD Those tissues tho x'D

Maki Uta: Lol am I the only person who hears "Mr donut so sad?" xD

leslie renee: I thought it was funny. More so when he started the don't touch me move.

Iktsu4rp0k: With her hair not being in the usual bangs I didn't even recognize her!

Brigette Dasalla: You mean josh there is nothing wrong

Lucy Layne: This is the song that led me to Marianas Trench. I'm so glad I clicked on it.

Ana Gallant: When Josh was freaking out on the couch, all I could think was that he said 'Don't even!'

Jacob Aguilera: What's this song about? I don't understand it at all. :/ can somebody explain it to me?

Neonsakura126 chan: I don't really get it... What is the video about?

Harm biscut: current situation... never knew I could be so sad we went under:,(

Lucia Santillan: Awww I love Josh, jeje is this why he sings "how can I top, call me maybe" in his new song

puzz88: carly's voice sounds really good in this song

Leishla Vicente: Josh Ramsay I freaking love you! Trencher for life! #MarianasTrench 

ADM: ... I like this, but the start, I swear I can kinda hear wheatus

Keep fit: This song is sounds good,how to download?

Markie Donatello: I think that guy Josh will have a bunch of views because of their collaboration with Carly, :)

Jeremy Young: I want to kiss her. 

Brie Paal: I know that it's a sad song but please tell me I'm not the only one who sorta giggled when josh flipped out on Carly when she tried to comfort him when he was crying in the video 

Grace .I.P. Alner: I also like this song!

Celeste Cormier: His face at 1:39 KILLS ME

FL1PP3RR: wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, Qt~~ #her

ani gozalishvili: <3

ThePig tuber: Good job

Emilie X: I just found Josh's band Marianas Trench two weeks ago but in that time I've fallen in love with his voice! He's quite talented.

Jessica: go away phil lester

Tori Kowalski: Kinda only watched this for josh♥♥love him so muchh. Marianas trench is the bestt 

NilHack Br: Sour Candy trafuçao

Gary Hum: Wow, I thought this song was pretty good. And she looks amazing in this video, no makeup or less on.

Eva Urteaga: The vedio is weird.💭💔💬

zaineb Ali: this song is AMAZING!!!

Kaitlynne Cabrera: Is this version downloadable?

Cassie Marie: I love this song, and this song is actually how I found out about Marianas Trench.

Erased My Giraffe: CARLY YOU SEXY LADY (; ILU!

esperanzagomez: he produced call me maybe as well

Mike Tihi: I want me and my next girlfriend to fight like this! ..... Wired.... 

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