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Jul 15 2014 by Torrent
Caleigh patrick: only reason I listen to this song is because of josh honestly I think he made carly famous I dot care what anyone says

Jesus G. Reyes: Sooooooo what's this song about? Lyrics don't really go with the video

Natsu Dragneel: OH MY GOD!!! JOSH RAMSAY!!!! I LOVE YOU!

ItsMeMadisonH: you kind of look like the girl who plays "April Young" on The Vampire Diaries... who is also the girl who plays on Teen Beach Movie

theresa norris: they r amazng together josh ramsey is my love i love this guy so much

smiler&songs: The song is really pretty!! but i can't understand the lyrics

Jesus G. Reyes: Marianas Trench is now one of my Fav. Bands

john star: this song make me feel sleepy

Bizcuit Beer: LOVE U CARLY <3

Niluksha Tizen: <3

greennin: Canadians are awesome!

Alison James: Josh <3

Marty Howe: Carly, jettison that tongue-peirced putz! You're sweet. If only.

karrigan Mewhorter: I josh ramsay :)

Emma Wallenbrock: JOSHHHHHHHH literally here because of him just him Carly's cool too

Solo Radia: Carly's voice is so special, it brings tears to my eyes 

scotty lu: Josh 💕

Maria Jose Orduz: <3

abdula abula: welll .*. i didnt know Josh till i listened to diz song!! well for me i may thank carly to make josh famous!! >*> anyway guys! cool song since there is no sick scene!

Abigail Markov: ASDFGHJKL. GLEE SO MUCH GLEE. (Huge fan of Marianas Trench, so seeing Ramsay in a duet setting with acoustic guitar is just... *YEEEEEES.*)

Marielou Weller: I love call me maybe !

Allyn Candyy: Hello, I am Brazilian and I love the carly sincerely but I'd rather a thousand times the album Tug Of War seemed that carly was fun but deep and had so much music but the album Kiss Pop has gone into this fashion, many will feel homesick album Tug of War and old style carly: (.

Kurleigh Martin: much better than Call me Maybe

Heather Yanos: I just love how Josh has helped out in boosting other artists and writing songs for them. We all know how busy him and any other artists are with there own stuff. 

Liang Jia-Jen: 好聽~

Aditi Biswas: *awww....*

me me 23: and this sir is EXACTLY why carly rae Jepson is famous its all josh #joshramsey 

Camryn Irene: I'm sorry but Josh. I am only here for Josh :P

Raley Stearly: MARIANAS TRENCH <3

lesssthaaan.threee: thinking of covering this... :D

Morea Wallin: The music video for this is pretty dumb! It's also not even a good song!!! I think the people that like this song are a little retarded.

Renee C: who was the guy sitting in the chair the whole time?

Robin Barbour: i like josh other person sucks i hate her

Valentina Munoz: Marriana trench s real name is Josh ramsay

Arielle W: i like rooster

Deirdre Taylor: does anyone think this looks like Carly rae jepseen!!!!!! i think i spelled jepsen wrong!!

Natsu Dragneel: i know josh we talk alot on xbox

carpinenau antonella: sooper song

Summer Brown: This is another one of Carly Rae Jepsen's songs...

Liz Binas: Watched this simply because, well, Josh Ramsay. Josh = Marianas Trench. I love their band! <3

OhMyZacEfron7: JOSH <3

CandyStand108: the bts to this lol

samy wessim: Mmmmm

Zachary12205: I'll just say that if all of today's pop music was like this, I would love pop as a genre. :3

Maria Jose Pineda Cortes: crazyS jajaj :D

Fahad Khan: <3 Just love it <3

Gillian Drenth: is he gay....?

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