Holy - Klaus Kuehn with Kari Jobe Music Video for Free!

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Fan Comments

ManOnFireNL: Thanks for uploading, Damon! Awesome worship! Grtz. Robin Prijs.

Cecil Christian: Love this Song. Does anyone know the Chords?

GraceFaith Janet: Beautiful

Oh, Praise Him Forever with Electric Guitar!: Such a beautiful song.

Flavio Padilha Jr.: One Word: Holy! Thank You Jesus

Sabrina Hodge: Anyone know where I can dind rhe piano chords for this song?

CJ: Only One Word!!!!!! ~ Holy

Amelda Grabie: awesome! Jesus you are Holy..there is no one like You!! You are Holy! amen.

ABVUM D' BASHMAIA: lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Shaldon Uithaler: so cant wait for Kari to come to Cape Town, South Africa

Carlos Lopez: This video is soo awesome. I gave this dvd away, I am gonna buy another one, it was really good. Thank you for posting it :)

Caro B.: i love this song

Pen S: wow I feel my soul really fells touched by Gods holiness...powerful Worship from Klaus and Kari Jobe!

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Holy - Klaus Kuehn with Kari Jobe 5 out of 5