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Nov 07 2014 by Songs Tracker
Flavio Padilha Jr.: One Word: Holy! Thank You Jesus

Sabrina Hodge: Anyone know where I can dind rhe piano chords for this song?

Graice frança: Mas que te agradecer, todos os dias, é maravilhoso saber que ´posso cantar pra você, dizendo que é santo e que não sei viver sem ti Abba. E bem mais que escrever canções e colocar uma letra no sentimento que sinto toda vez que te chamo de Abba, de meu Pai celestial, de Senhor, de meu amado. É maravilhoso saber que você Deus esta comigo onde quer que eu vá, não importa onde, nem como, mas sei que estas comigo me ensinando a ser sua, todos os dias em tudo o que faço. Obrigado pela oportunidade de poder te chama de Santo, Deus poderoso, de Pai! Holy - Klaus Kuehn with Kari Jobe

CJ: Only One Word!!!!!! ~ Holy

Yair Ortega: Canciononon del maestro Klaus

natalie garcia: Awesome song

coronadobwoiii: how did u get this video ????


jcsoldier2000: Does anyone know the chords for this?

Lazarevic Marijana: Prelepa pesma!!!!

DebbieJuarez: Awesome! Love it.. !!

Log4u2: Nice version - this song is written by Matt Gilman from IHOP.

steve4765630: @hisvoice100 - Wow, this post really touched me. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I just had to comment. I am the bass player on this recording. It means so much to hear that people were moved to worship through the music. We poured everything we had into this project and I'm blessed to have been a part of it. We did our best to really flow in the Spirit that night.

W.O.V D.: wooooooooooooooooooooo Awsome!!! HALLELUJAHHH!!!!!

mandieymae: AMAZING sing first time I have heard Kalus wow

jevjworship: Amazing

haslkdfasldk: We were very blessed to be there! This was recorded on our 2nd wedding anniversary and it was an awesome present from the Lord! There was no other place that I would rather have been than with the Lord, my husband, and Klaus and Kari!

Rita Bing: Glory falls down when he sings. I love this song. He is truely Holy

ABVUM D' BASHMAIA: I would like to know the translation of what he is singing, please translate ........

JBellflowerFamily: This is awesome.

hisvoice100: My dad past away a few wks ago and toward the end of the funeral service this song was played as the people stood to their feet w/arms lifted in worship. I was amazed how the presence of the Lord filled that place. It was the most beautiful funeral service I've ever attended. The people came to me and said how they felt the Lord in that place and how uplifted they felt. Mourning & worship do go hand & hand as God is the lifter of our heads. He truely is Holy, Holy, Holy!!

Marilene Martins: muito lindo ......very beautiful.........

crystal caro: True worship

Maria Morales: I love this video....love the way Klaus and Kari just flow with the presence of God

cavery007: Awesome. Klaus and Kari do a great job.


Nikki J: He's a good song writer

Damon Stuart: @coronadobwoiii - DVD comes with the CD

Sirley Ribeiro: Deus seja louvado. Glórias!

silasfue: Amazing song!! Holy is the one and only word. Lord you are so amazing!!!

Carlos Lopez: This video is soo awesome. I gave this dvd away, I am gonna buy another one, it was really good. Thank you for posting it :)

ABVUM D' BASHMAIA: lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Maria Morales: I love this video....love the way kalus and kari just flow with the presence of God

Heavensmusic611: Hamlin-It's on iTunes... That's where I heard it first... And all I can say is... HOLY!!!!!

song5700: i love this drummer....he is very attentive and has an excellent pocket. :)

ProclaimIt: If this were the only chorus that we sing in eternity, what joy! We would be like the angels about the throne of God that sing the never ending chorus exclaiming the holiness of God.

hisgrace45: Another Klaus Kuhn and Kari Jobe awesome song....He is holy

Nhuma07: exelente canción es asombrosa la unción derramada a travez de este tema.

AdriAkaAdrika: wow this is awesome one please post the lyrics

Amelda Grabie: awesome! Jesus you are Holy..there is no one like You!! You are Holy! amen.

leighandcallum: Soo beautiful...

Pen S: wow I feel my soul really fells touched by Gods holiness...powerful Worship from Klaus and Kari Jobe!

JesusRevolution123: They play it way better than JC no offense to JC i love there Worship Klaus Rules

Jenny Tran: @hisvoice100 That is powerful. I hope my dad gets saved.

Lylian Andrade: tem esta mesma musica na versâo do jesus culture!

AdriAkaAdrika: please upload more

Shaldon Uithaler: so cant wait for Kari to come to Cape Town, South Africa

valefaaraway: Y si.. Dios bendiga a esos ministros

amitet maglente: Whoah! :D

valefaaraway: WOOOOW Si asi fueran todos los grupos de Alabanza,,,,, con esa misma hambre con ese mismo interes de Exaltar el nombre de Cristo.. Ufff... Gloria a Dios Gloria a Ti mi JESUCRISTO

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