Bruno Mars - Versace On The Floor [Official Video] Music Video for Free!

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Peebles: i love you!

Morvinia Jeffrey: I love how his latest pieces or at least the ones that I've seen being huge are about that schmoney

Jody Barker: Am i the only one that thinks he sounded like micheal jackson when he says " Versace on the floor" ? daaaam i love that part! 😍

frankimble123: he looks like a doll

Glydel Marata: this song is for loving loving of bot and girl

Michaella: Yes Bruno urghh I’m so in love with this song

Jesus Garcia: Smh. Didnt even see not one ounce of butt cheek. Didnt matter whose.

MAl FROM EG: That’s zendya ❤️❤️

TheDiamondEye omg: He has such a good voice

Youtube Twitter: Michael Jackson is this you?

Jhayem Delacruz: Idol ❤

Finn the human: sex on the floor

Fah Fuu: เปิดฟังเป็นร้อยครั้งก็ไม่เบื่อ..👍🏻

Vandreia Soares: Música vice demais demais

Nyrissa Williams: Is that zendaya

mstoya6969: Absolutely ❤ This Song 😍😘

Patricia Jorge Da Silva: O musica boa de ouvir 😍😍

Julie Lavoie: Bruno Mars me like is song love Versace on the floor thank you hope coming too Ottawa concert hope meet you one day big fans of you

JerryTheAlf: vsauce on the Floor

Maribel Galaz: isn't she like 16? lol jk

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Bruno Mars - Versace On The Floor [Official Video] 5 out of 5