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Curtistine Miller: BEYCONE AT HER BEST!GONEGIRL......

PYT29: B4 he caught the Kardash curse!

Cyndie-Anjell Vernet: This mofo did warn us about his ego thank goodness for karma now he's stuck with a slor who's ego is just as big as his and her fake ass combined smh.

Vegan Westie Lover: Am I the only one who thinks Kanye is sexy AF? And Bey is GOOOALS.

Destined Queen: I'm only here for 4:15 #vocals

Beyonce Bey: Love Beyonce part the most

itz ericka: Who listening in 2017?

Ramires Archer: Still bumping the Kanye's verse in 2017

kaay h: Can we acknowledge how beautiful the back up dancers are !! & how good they are !!

Markiese Franklin: I jus realized this song is about having a big pickle 🤣

Markiese Franklin: As a child I loved this song, brings back so much memories ❤️

Russia Martin: I love this song

Ahkilalah: Beyonce gets so much recognition for being more complex than other artists? Dafuq? How? This is a whole freaking song about pickle.

Cloud Lotus: Is it her natural hair ?

jason henry: kanye dope af back then

abrahão oliver: 2017 ? 😍

Desrine Bruce: I love this song 😂🤣😂🤣

daniel-Smokes-Kush TEXAS420: I'm sorry but it looks like that weave is stretching her face!!!!, lol honestly, anyone else see that? Looks like it's too tight

kile neville: Beyonce: mind writing a verse or two for me for my new single..?
Kanye: Yah..sure..what's the name of the song?
Beyonce: That doesnt really matter..just get in the studio and sing from the heart..sing about something you hold dear to your heart.

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