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íse oliver: I thought the version with the male voice was a parody ... now I understand why Beyonce hates Kanye West so much ... damn! It is so bad, he almost destroyed her perfect career ... I can not believe that Beyonce accepted this "feat" just to please her husband LOL
.. 7 years later, now I understand all this hate, and freak yeah I agree with her... at this time autotune don't exist yet for Kanye 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I coud not believe I was going to die without knowing and realizing this crap 😂😂😂😂😂

thenativeborn: Kanye's verse is soooo cringey.

Cherry Berry: Kanye west best verse yet on a verse yet everything I throw up blow up my baby ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Lorna xo_reign_: After all these years and I realized she had 3 shoe changes in this video

Clarissa Beauchamp: I don't write very many comments,,,, As a matter of fact,
this just might be my first. I must say that this song is such a hot song!
Ladies 1st: There are many beautiful women in the music industry with amazing
vocals from Tammi Terrell, Jennifer Holiday, Whitney Houston, Morgan James, Mariah Carey,
Tamia, and yes "Olivia Newton John." Listen to some of her songs
and the sounds she hails. Many more can be mention, but let's take it back to Beyoncé.
From the moment, I heard her voice I was hooked. The compilation of melodic
sounds and the blending effect she puts on it, then highlights it with a twist
is one credited to just HER!!!! When I hear her voice, I feel free,,,, I’m in
heaven, a level of ecstasy, that if you are feeling where Bey is coming from,
(in this song), then you know what I mean by the word itself. As far as Kanye,
I don’t listen to his music much or at all, but his part in the song and video
was just what Bey needed to set the scene for what she is trying to convey to
all who has ears to hear. So, who at the time gets the credit for boosting
Kanye’s ego? “””””” Check out the shoes, nice, right? But then Kanye takes it
to the street with his rap for all of us to feel where he’s coming from. Next,
the song has such a hot flavor. It’s got pizazz, from taunting us with the
intro, adding a little piano, taking us to church, bringing us out to the
streets, then eventually to wherever your imagination takes you. Lastly, her
moves are awesome as always!!! I know it’s a lot for a somewhat 1st
timer, but Bey’s worth it. God Bless!

Lainey Stewart: I live for 4:50 😍

Lakishia: Kanye made this song

Salia Suale: yes Kanye... your ego is.... hmmm hmm hmmm...

Kale Nichols: My man Kanye wasn't even tryin just smooth!

T Francis: when Kanye was Kanye

Queen Waddell: the ad...ugh!

Lucia Lopez Gonzalez: Kanye is always the best

lil boiJay onTheBeat: that stupid bitch said they talk about eagle in bird smh.. No it's about pickle

Je suis Jozi: times have changed

Chinwe Nzewine: i looooove this! kanye west nailed it

Nasia Rená: Beyonce was talking about genitalia but Ye was def talkin bout his damn self lol

Nasia Rená: oh crap! Ashley's in this video! i loooved this choreo!!

Timileyin Adigun: I was the 66,666th like and i can confirm the illuminate is in fact REAL.

Katura Mitchell: l love all Bey's songs I really do

Jay JC: Fun Fact- Beyonce asked Kanye to remix to this song because who has a bigger ego than Kanye?.

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