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Phili Nero: Kanye's verse so underrated GOAT

Shemiah Johnson: I loved him in this song...please god bring the old YE back

Kerry-ann Mclean: fitting for kanye

Empire Baby Cfisoh Mazibuko: i'm still listening to this song because of kanye west.....too dope!!!!

Crissie Bell: You is nasty not you b

Brett Poremba: Only ye can rhyme stadium with refreshingly. it gets me every time.

Maria Eduarda: Br?

Ju: I shared this song when i was 10 in facebook

Jack Flexico: This is actually a masterpiece

erickaivory: Kanye killed this shyt... 🔥

idwtbam: Huh, back when you could freak with kanye

Trident Everlasting: When an "ego" is actually a pickle

HeardButNotSeen: I miss this Kanye.

Menezes Renatamel: 2017 Alguém?

Felicia Williams: I love how she kept changing her shoes

Effie Alina: came back here for Ye's verse

Nightmare on Nugatory Rd: What freaking garbage

Alexia will: SMALLL LITTLE pencilES NOT APPRECIATED AND i dont care how you use it use it very welll

Alexia will: basically we are making fun of men that are never sure ......when you know what you like and you are not making the women wait around for no reason......we moved on

Alexia will: We prefer men that are packing and of course that can handle iiiiiitttttttttt

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Beyoncé - Ego (Remix) ft. Kanye West 5 out of 5