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Lauren Raven: Who else is listening to this song in 2017?😂

R Muncie: big ego is alright but she has made better thow

Lil Zach: 2o17 and I'm bumpin this on my stero🔥

Erin Plemmons: THIS. IS. REALLY. BAD

Bj dasniper: kanye killed this crap

jaquez boyd: fire.....%%%%%

jaquez boyd: Get uah EGO NIGGA BANG big body bees/ AND cab cees YEA winners# talk since after atrractin da bodie from the the day dey trainined aye workout yeeaah..... stainless steel keep it real 2016 tray-today Qutoe: 606 naah eye meaninn

ema obas: thumbs up if you are watching in 2017

Briele Nelson: We.,,Bye. no

Prinny Nyla: it's not even the real ego duhhh😂😂😂😂1st time I heard it it was wowwww how don't a ego fit and it's big😂😂😂😂😂still luv bey tho

courtney williams: man after i hear kanye verse about two good times i turn the song off.Kanye went off

Ramaj Jamar Mcqueen: #Betty

Jael Baffour: Awww Kayne has such a nice smile

Cor-Del Diggs: Man! i miss this Kanye! Come back!!

Bri Peoples: kanye verse tho... everything i throw up blow up🔥🔥🔥🔥

Sheryl Collins: Sorry Tony kept Edward.

Sheryl Collins: You listen to old love. Sher and Gustave in Seduction.

Lizandra Barboza: Kanye is gross.

noahxglass: Beyonce shoulda gotten with kanye not Jay...

Lawson Draper: nodding...all day...competence...right

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