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Mariana Petro: Huuu Yeah its nice..The lord will bless somebody here.... Nyc song n blessed 1..

sam jenifer: WOW the Lord will bless me today

Darasimi Orisadahunsi: I love and I love your makeup

Rebecca Lovetta Amara: The lord will bless somebody here today in Jesus name, , Amen

Awan Amaykway: Woww... God is good all the time

Marie Béatrice NZIE: Be blesssss my sister. please I want lyrics, what you say exactly, to the beginning to the end.

Innocent Joseph Robert: I love this one too

Rudy vuanga: wowww i like this song

osariemen ojo: Rebecca i love your songs god bless you my sister in Jesus name we pray amen you are blessed my sister do well in your life make other songs and pray to god please thank you.

Minda Jariol: Its great

jackie mibah: Wonderful song,God bless u Rebbecca

Romano Graves: Awesome!!!


Sokool Jay: GOOD MUSIC!!!

Eseosa Erimwionghae: Really i sing it every day

BILL BLVD Music: I love this song but I cant seem to find the lyrics. there are a couple words that aren't clear.

Peace Hayes: Rebecca u are very beautiful and a wonderful song i could not stop playing this song in my anuty car because she has your album i am going to try to make this song out of a praise dance

Esther Pater: What a Praise Song. Would like to have the lyrics!! Blessings sis!!

Patrick Kamau: Beautiful!

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