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Fan Comments

taliyah keyes: I'm ssssooooo your fan

amy fuentes: I LOVE YOU

Gloria Esther Salinas: I LOVE UUUUUU MATTYB

ebonie fairbridge: I love you

multi Marv: Gut

Kristýna Matoušková: Jsi proste úžasný

Simona Klvačová: Jsi krásný a pěkný kluk :*

chailyn87: I love you can i have your number pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase

Franz Dwiono: anaknya jelk

Ramiro Avila: freak crap

Shakera Thompson: Love .....u haters leave him alo what did he do.

Matty H 109: i'm even annoyed that hes got the same name as me!!!!!!!!!!!

Matty H 109: this video makes me wanna punch the screen!!!!

Nanna Fcb: freak crap

Maria Paula: legal

Matty H 109: omg when ure balls drop your gonna be terrible :)

Joann DiFederico: To cute!!!when u wip your hair I can not get over it

madison charest: hey cutie

Michelle Johnson: omg so cute I LUV U MATTY p.s i also live in ga atlanta ga

asisgirl: Hi

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