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Dec 16 2014 by Lyrics
FatMonkey36: thiS SONG IS THE BEST

pinskebp: I Love you MattyB

angelyn graves: Ur so adorable ❤❤❤

Nouhaila El idrissi: *hiper

Ron Kershaw: Gay

sekc1220: I love your video

tovis: Love

taliyah keyes: I'm ssssooooo your fan

Britneyb30: were do u ge them hats -do u make them on the web or ???xxx

83grignard: I love you

mlassen44: God men one dirtion er beder en ham

Justin Garofal: Your so cout matty b

Joann DiFederico: To cute!!!when u wip your hair I can not get over it

madison charest: hey cutie

encyg7: Who can german

Vali7777TV: süß

maggiereeder2016: ILOVEMATTYB!(:

LittleFoxyGurl: You are so cute.and how much do your hats cost I want one

Kioreo13: U are so good.I love that song

Petr Pavlišen: je to pro malý děcka

paulinatinne: J'adore!!!!!!♥♥

Petr Gruza: A baby

Michelle Johnson: omg so cute I LUV U MATTY p.s i also live in ga atlanta ga

jorge morales valdez: i love matty b

Petr Gruza: Hey matty a great guy and tries to rotate the video ... Thank you for understanding ...

moondance451: I love u

Nico Herrmann: So sweet

brad Stump: dan is an ass hole

LittleLexy567: I'm ur friend on Facebook Lexy Hanrooster

camille foret: chante trop bien

makaylahill6: Don't let people bring u down let the bring u up f**k 109matte

Jose Perez: He is cute

kelsey henderson: Hey Matty B where did you get your hat


betisdungis: iloveuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Simona Klvačová: Jsi krásný a pěkný kluk :*

Hannah Weier: I love you more than anything

peanutz1967: im 8 how old are you i love you

margalpz50: Me and you would be able to sing this together I'm 11:-)

andrewtwood8: Jk, I like it

lisa261099: Il chante tros bien=)

carmen mendoza: he is sooo cute and a minime

ella harding: Omg soooo cute 3 xox xox xox xox xox xox xox 3 (I love u sooo much)

luis angel toral de la mora: mattyB eres mejor que justin beiber AAAH!!!! eres el mejor

Sheila Layne: he's not gay so stop Im getting sick a tired of this

Petr Gruza: Hi

Nanna Fcb: freak crap

Shakera Thompson: Love .....u haters leave him alo what did he do.

Electro Mexico 2014: freak crap

ciarno22: Hi

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