Kirko Bangz ft. Bun B, Big Sean, Wale - What yo name iz (Remix) CDQ Music Video for Free!

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Nov 16 2014 by New Albums
kayla nolasco: - got this on repeat $

kooks121: world star hip hop ! :D

bronbeatsbryant23: wale mah nigga.

xSWaZii: 1:18- 2:00. you're welcome.

2711pepper: #swag I commiN home wit u

Tellyomomtolick Ok: Def Jamm New artist RICHY FOXX talkin madd crap about TYLER THE CREATOR on YouTube!!! WTF!!!

Blaze19912010: Yesss i freaking love world star!!!!!!!!!

Aaron Major: This thaa cutt maynee

derrick howard jr: I'm starting to think big Sean is the best no including kanye

Mrjonescazful: @xSWaZii thanks

xCourtneyCannibalx: 'baby im a leo and i think that she a Virgo' 'She in love with a nigga and we aint even met' Hes def talkin bout me LOL

Hc7793: That hoe jams

Smiley Trevino: kirko is the best besides wiz khalifa cuzzzz!!!

joshua mccullough: Houston Tx REppin oyeah Shout Out To My NIgga Kirko Follow Me On Twitter @DatGuyHeavy

TheFlightsquad: you know a song hard if it has 118 likes and 0 dislikes. first song with NO haters!

tiniwiththegreeny: Im the Trill OG and I be out here on the grind; WESSSS

Matthew Wong: @ItsKuteLloyd i think your talking about the "TI$A" hats. just google it and they are about $80

Technician the Producer: @tmanuel44 I do everyday

jeeezy225: big sean should make a remix to 600 benz!!

wafedogg20: BIG SEAN IS ONE OF THE NEWEST NIGGAS BEST OUT IN HIS WORDS, but real talk big sean is gone be one of the best in the future

ItsKuteLloyd: somebody can tell me where i can big sean snapback he where in the video clip of tha musiic plz ?

TheUrburger: @freddyteddi92 hell yeah haha

theDarkestHer0: I know this guy didn't say hard pickle kirko.... Lmao but this is dope

McurtJ16: worldstarhoneys thank yu dis song pop

freddyteddi92: Shoutout to the people who wasnt tryna Rub a Nut Off to them 2 Bitches from Worldstar and just be bumpin Kirko cause he nice lol

JIMBOSLICIN: kirko bangz? kurt cobain? lmao

MrSalim306: @wafedogg20 Watcha mean one of the best in the future ? BIG SEAN IS THE freakIN BEST

ajclark116: clean

559cardinal: Kirko next big thing

Ruby Earle: @johnizzle23 Hole tyme We really not boya So get yurr facts straight everybodiee wan hear dhaaa whole remix dumb asz

shagreezz3: @13dmoney13 Me too but that dude killed this he laced the hook and his verse was iight, well I like the, "She in love wit a nigga and we aint even met, damn" lol

blizzyXL: @OfficialTechnician crap... u too? lol

Abiodun Busuyi: lol 2 : 39 wale sounded like he banged his head on the mic lol

wizzywow123456: crap

tmanuel44: @OfficialTechnician "freak yo bitch!"

Technician the Producer: Them 2 bitches on worldstar sent me here

Cheri Caldwell: crap me too worldstar baby

Mitch Camp: kirkos fresh ppl dont knoo

LickleMulatto: only reason im here is coz of worldstarhiphop. say no more!!

johnSE14slash8: those 2 chicks were bad

Spider7544: Hell Yeah Those Two Bitches Were Bad If It Wasnt For Them I Wouldn't Be Listen To This Song...

garrettGboii: kirko is the best

Deon Mbonu: H town

TheAlician: WALE! ( :

Alexandria Fleeks: hell yea

graciealina: @DankGood freaking right .

kamamkamha: the only reason i look this up was because i was curious to see if there was a remix. so i saw kirko and next too him was wale which grab my attention. Then when i saw big sean i had to listen to it!

TheCraziieeCookiiee: <3<3 my favv sonng !!!

Itschriss01: bun b kills the beat with his voice

scott Ruggiero: dese nuts

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