Beyonc - Video Phone (Official music video)

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IRocque274: And that's coming from someone who doesn't give two hells about what a celebrity/entertainer/singer does with her life.

IRocque274: Ppl are so quick 2 say "y watch a video/comment if u don't like it?r u going 2 say u never look at anything you don't like? It's just one of those things. You HAVE to watch/look at something before deciding whether or not you like it. And last i checked there was a comment box for anyone 2 use. A person has just as much right to say they don't like something as you have to say you do. it's called an opinion. Grow up and learn to accept that!

DINA FACCHINI: illimati brought me here

OmarVlogable: she was sick and tired :/

stacey james: Love it

HannahC503: Beyonce didn't included Lady Gaga on her album's version of this song because she re-recorded it with Gaga after the album had been released :)

GottaBeAmazing: Video Phone on "I am sasha fierce" doesn't include lady gaga

Kathy Mcarthy: <3 gaga

kati gore: omg first nasty vid beyonce and gaga

Mitzi73: Yuck

AidanMac: i have epilepsy after this video

AidanMac: Beyonce is LOOKING gaooood

maitreshinto: Gaga really has a very long nose....

Reauna Sims: Beyonce amazing

Jem Kahuna: What the freak did I seriously just watch?

Albert Novak: 2 nasty skanks--the only thing missing is a Street Cornert 'n lamppost...Illuminati puppet Bitches/witches...nasty succubi!!!!

Tlove: Ahahahah lady gaga kills it!

mazdak babaei: i came to see that ******* sexy beyonce body

Idgaf: @tiktaktoe3 lol you are right about that too

Idgaf: Actually beyonce is a better role model than nicki minaj lol and look at Miley Cyrus's also Demi lavato went to rehab so yeah beyonce is doing pretty well agains other people well I would say Katy perry is better or Dear god don't let them be like taylor swift dating a bunch of guys getting dumped and then crying about it then humiliate them using songs lol actually let them do that lol

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