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Dec 13 2014 by New songs
Marcos Vinicius Pereira: Lady gaga part is incridble ! <3 beyongaga

bless livingstone: Beyonce is a beast!!!!

Triggy Ramirez: I mean 3:57 you see beyonces titties

franciswall: I used to love Beyoncé but seeing her toghether with Gag (in this and in telephone) makes her seem freaking used and boring. It's like, Beyoncé's shaking her ass and tits around and then there's Gaga, and she's freaking freaky even when she's trying to fit into a plain, boring Beyoncé titty shaking video, and it's actually freaking hot how she simply can't fit in it at all, and, oh god.

wearefattys: Beyonce is LOOKING gaooood

wearefattys: i have epilepsy after this video

Ashyblubear: The most normal I've seen gaga forever!! I really like it

Albert Novak: 2 nasty skanks--the only thing missing is a Street Cornert 'n lamppost...Illuminati puppet Bitches/witches...nasty succubi!!!!

AintWorried BoutAHe: @alicia simpson , GTF out of here with ur whiny Bs , if you dont like what people are saying and when their hating , stop reading the comments u big goof

michaelgrissom68: There always has to be one hater 😊

OmarVlogable: she was sick and tired :/

DestinationElite: I here for the video not the music

Reauna Sims: Stfu plz

Mitzi73: Yuck

Kyle Laney: 4:05 SEXY!!

A C W: Totally didn't mean to click on this

eamo0987654321: @mepelrw Beyonce

cgvalle11: HAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE IT

Love Xtina: gaga is like half the size of bey, she is soooo skinny D:

ElvisLivesUpstairs: videophone is well better.

jamirflyd: Oh come on get real! Beyonce obviously uses sex appeal and conformity to be what she is. She takes off all her clothes save either tight pants or a type of bra and panties, she wears wigs instead of her own hair thus appearing more "white". Adele is like the only "real" role model to young girls and is famous for her voice and music rather than her body which is on a side note is gorgeous. I'm not saying B is a slut or hoe, but she DOES use her body to make money...

Jujubean0607: Stupid video.

Hannah Rainxx: Gaga.. Having fun with that gun eh? lolol

luisefibrapascal2: in the whole vid you can see her titties

MadamLolz: Hey people if you want to see more beyonce search up MadamLolz im the first vid i made my OWN coreo to the song to audition for americas got talent i need feedback and support people! :D

warfighter1988: Lady gaga gets me soft

Maria Krasnova: Love the song

beastMN3Mclan: Like if you would do a threesome with b and gaga

theburks fam: i really think that beoncye version was better without gaga my opinion

MyBeautyBasement: This must've been soo fun to film!

Micro Scumbag: Love it

Ally Vee: the beat goes hard thoooo

s3n0raw3s0meness: Porn wasnt workin for me so i looked this up.. ;)

Ana Maria Bajenaru: Gaga&Beyonce :))Cool

Elise Phillips: @jamirflyd Beyonce is an all around artist. She can sing her butt off AND dance. She is one of IF NOT the hardest working women in the business, ESPECIALLY now that she's her own manager. I respect Adele and all that, but just because beyonce can dance like hell and Adele doesn't (come on now. And she's not that type of artist) does not demerit the hard work and efforts and role modeling that beyonce does. beyonce IS a role model, and she takes command of her own sexuality (do you see her at th

Lauren Martinelli: I'm going to try and do her black eye make up.. =DD i love beyonce

Callum Foster: I will make love to beyoncè in that corset I have decided.

dawnswiftds: cool!!! I don't like da very lasy part tho...

jen8rve: The eye makeup reminds me of Rhianna's 'Disturbia' . This must be her Sasha Fierce personality. Black and white outfits, red shoes on Beyonce, all the MK Ultra mind control symbolism

AyannaLovesLife: I love this song but, I mainly like Lady Gaga part :)

kati gore: omg first nasty vid beyonce and gaga

dourresearch: when i walk in school with my swagulous clothes this song will be playing just kidding but i do have nice clothes


boomcat16: lol she was also featured in Wale's song Chillin' before this song came out.

soccergirl15: I lllllooooovvvvveeeeeee beyonce she is amazing

Ohsocolorfull: @Tineycute beyonce

dankneeluck: Ha I just read a comment that said "Beyonce doesn't shake her ass or titties for attention." She just did that in this Video! And every other one before this. Idots

cheezemofo: :( wrong click

Diego Zaragoza: lady gaga looks beautiful!!! :D

Lashayla jones: Plus she isn't making young girls act like slats, she covers her body with CLOTHES not meat, lol

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