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Faiz Ullah: soo nice song Faiz pardesi ()F,$)

Parijat Manu: For downloading the songs After listening it makes the mindfresh.

Parijat Manu: IamveryverythanksfultoMusafarcdhousemembersAsadbhaimusafarbhaiKarimbhaiAllahblesstoyouallFromParijatmanuPatna/Bihar (INDIA )08809654605

Parijat Manu: MastJodihaiIlikeditAllahBlessbothofthem (Excellent)Patna/Bihar (INDIA )08809654605

Izhar iqbal khan: good song I like it..

Michael Das: Somebody special gave me the songs years back and explained me the wordings.but bad luck i forgot :( ..Just love this song

Xatar Ahmadzai: Nice

AWAL KHAN: like this song.....!!

imtiaz khan: ase dalagan de

Shah Khan: nice song nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pathan Taqat: nice sooooooooong .

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Musarat Momand & Urooj Khan Jenakay Dale Dale Raghle 5 out of 5