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Sep 23 2014 by Download
Adriana Kurtz: It's my first time today seeing Travie McCoy-Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars And it was awesome!!! I knew Pete Wentz was in it when I saw the video!!!! GOD this is AWESOME!!!

ZxExLxDxA: I've always wanted to see Pete Wentz eating Twizzlers on an orange Vespa with Travie McCoy.

ien2011: Pete Wentz on a moped... BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Paulette G Bekolo: @TheAmyjill That was bruno mars I saw he said " whoo whoo"

Deeti G: 0:38 hahahahah

Ray Si: 0:35 lmfao !

pishi974: @JonhyTe lmao

JonhyTe: Lol pause at 00:19 and see teh face travie is makin

FriggnTeen36: i love him

thetarevi: kony 2012

VanitasFan305: @BelieveandtrustJesus Do you ever listen? STOP PREACHING BULLcrap

Sofia Cardenas: You don't say?

QueanOFMusic: @BelieveandtrustJesus Dude!!!! don't be an @**

WabbitRB: Yo Bruno, u my boy! U singing my life man, broke and unemployed! Also love Lazy Song, I feel your stuff bro, NEVER stop singing!!!!!!!!!!!

futureartistME1: while Bruno had the helmet on what happened to his hat?

Paulette G Bekolo: @TheAmyjill yeah it was bruno mars stupid

rosebudIII: @moheatt i wish i could thumbs up this more than once! i noticed it too! maybe because it was bruno mars who said it.. ;)

dorisdrake: awww! Bruno is so cuuute! ♥♥

GabyBiaBel: Amo você Bruno Mars;

JOJO Edwards: This is my dude! FLAT OUT

telek04: Indonesia Like Bruno Mars

1divabella: Bruno is crazy :)

brunomarslovah100: Travie spend his money on meangful things, we need more people like this in our world today.

Chrisko1492: 0:49 GTA V trailer 1 xD

Statuskuo75: Oh also, those look like Cooke S4 lenses. FILM!

Mixmadix: hahahhahaha 0:19 0:20 hahahhahahahhahahhahah!

josiemduran01: i didnt know bruno mars sings this song

Muhammad Syabil: 1:32 he look like eminem...

MegaFlyingmachine: 0:39 question 0:44 answer

airkamusic: COME SEE MY "BILLIONAIRE" and other. ENJOY!

natknust1: 0:35 loved hahaha

cheerfreaky14: bruno mars is sexy... 2:06 omg where did bruno go,,, haha jk ik

gunzrebron40: You

kellydevinboulder: this song and "moe p formula one" my 2 favs this year

Thanh Truc Ton Thi: So... if you love Bruno, can ya plz VOTE for him for THE TEEN CHOICE AWARDS 2011? Just go to Google >> type Teen Choice Awards >> go to the homepage >> vote! Thanks u so much!!! Thumbs up so everyone can see it!

DNRmt21: @rayboc23 that's great but this isn't a vevo channel >.<

VVDeStefano: Is Bruno Mars sponsored by Ray Ban ?!

MrArvelle: wow u 2 are great

Andrei Prodan: 0:35 is cool

jesus cruz: I wish I was a billionaire

Emily Brittain: the beep out crap but not freak..?

Dylan Alvarez: i drive a mini

tumblerxo123: @AliTheElephant hahah i saw that

hasszrocker: @lumo1937 looked like a fat ass white bitch. NO HOMO ;)

AlexisLovessYouu: Bruno is so amazing !

Ma Ja: @MrWebmaster36 because he is extra (:

ETTENAJOLIA: @HMEfreeverse Chase your dreams! JESUS loves you and so do I :D

LoveZoeyLove: 0:36 Dat is dom

QueanOFMusic: @VanitasFan305 Got that right!!!!!

Luciana Santos: ATENÇÃO TODOS OS FÃS BRUNO MARS Em 08 de outubro, vamos todos assistir "A Canção do LAZY" em homenagem ao maior cantor, que estará fazendo aniversário, um de cada vez. Vamos dar-lhe o melhor presente de aniversário de sempre: o maior vídeo visto no YouTube!!! Vamos dar-lhe o que ele merece ter!!! Copie e cole a todos os vídeos Bruno Mars e todos os vídeos de música, vamos começar isto rapidamente! Vamos ajudar a Bruno Mars pls.

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