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Ellie Norfolk: ok now that I've seen Pete Wentz on a crappy bike, with Travie McCoy whilst eating candy my life is comPete

Nyeomi Martinez: you

Putel Eno: yeee craola cbs

Marshin Tube: PETE WENTZ

Andrej Jovnaovic: i want to meet you man im   from serbija and a like you

Suzan Rukavina: Im so sorry, that noone understeand WAZZZZZZZZZZUP,

YouAreDismissed: Damnnn Travie, your'e a hot piece of ass. Looking fine hun.

Özlem Isci: Thanks pete.

Ricky Thind: Hey! It would be awesome if you guys could check out my Travie McCoy cover, THX!

ZxExLxDxA: I've always wanted to see Pete Wentz eating Twizzlers on an orange Vespa with Travie McCoy.

Edelie C: it sounds like it... yeah

ien2011: Pete Wentz on a moped... BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Arielle Mojica: best

Arielle Mojica: love it

yessika501: Brunito!!!

Eami Burst: yung mga pinoy jan.. tama ba yung narinig ko dun sa 2:44 ? "Mabuhay kayo" sabi ni Travie.. LOL

Elias saraiva: Eu também cara

JOJO Edwards: This is my dude! FLAT OUT

Chrisko1492: 0:49 GTA V trailer 1 xD

Emily Brittain: the beep out crap but not freak..?

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