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Mar 21 2015 by MP3 player
Suzan Rukavina: Im so sorry, that noone understeand WAZZZZZZZZZZUP,

YouAreDismissed: Damnnn Travie, your'e a hot piece of ass. Looking fine hun.

Andrej Jovnaovic: i want to meet you man im from serbija and a like you

Adriana Kurtz: It's my first time today seeing Travie McCoy-Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars And it was awesome!!! I knew Pete Wentz was in it when I saw the video!!!! GOD this is AWESOME!!!

Ricky Thind: Hey! It would be awesome if you guys could check out my Travie McCoy cover, THX! -Ricky 

ZxExLxDxA: I've always wanted to see Pete Wentz eating Twizzlers on an orange Vespa with Travie McCoy.

Özlem Isci: Thanks pete.

ien2011: Pete Wentz on a moped... BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Paulette G Bekolo: @TheAmyjill That was bruno mars I saw he said " whoo whoo"

MK: @rayboc23 THIS IS NOT EVEN F****** VEVO!!!

Deeti G: 0:38 hahahahah

Ray Si: 0:35 lmfao !

fevor111: stop telling us to watch the freaking scenes !!!

pishi974: @JonhyTe lmao

JonhyTe: Lol pause at 00:19 and see teh face travie is makin

thetarevi: kony 2012

VanitasFan305: @BelieveandtrustJesus Do you ever listen? STOP PREACHING BULLcrap

Cathy Cupcakezz: oh my gosh, where the hell did pete wentz come from?! oh well.... ello pete!!

Sofia Cardenas: You don't say?

QueanOFMusic: @BelieveandtrustJesus Dude!!!! don't be an @**

WabbitRB: Yo Bruno, u my boy! U singing my life man, broke and unemployed! Also love Lazy Song, I feel your stuff bro, NEVER stop singing!!!!!!!!!!!

futureartistME1: while Bruno had the helmet on what happened to his hat?

Paulette G Bekolo: @TheAmyjill yeah it was bruno mars stupid

rosebudIII: @moheatt i wish i could thumbs up this more than once! i noticed it too! maybe because it was bruno mars who said it.. ;)

dorisdrake: awww! Bruno is so cuuute! ♥♥

JOJO Edwards: This is my dude! FLAT OUT

Andrew Stefko: 0:35-0:42 WTF???

Chrisko1492: 0:49 GTA V trailer 1 xD

Statuskuo75: Oh also, those look like Cooke S4 lenses. FILM!

Mixmadix: hahahhahaha 0:19 0:20 hahahhahahahhahahhahah!

josiemduran01: i didnt know bruno mars sings this song

Muhammad Syabil: 1:32 he look like eminem...

MegaFlyingmachine: 0:39 question 0:44 answer

natknust1: 0:35 loved hahaha

cheerfreaky14: bruno mars is sexy... 2:06 omg where did bruno go,,, haha jk ik

kellydevinboulder: this song and "moe p formula one" my 2 favs this year

Thanh Truc Ton Thi: So... if you love Bruno, can ya plz VOTE for him for THE TEEN CHOICE AWARDS 2011? Just go to Google >> type Teen Choice Awards >> go to the homepage >> vote! Thanks u so much!!! Thumbs up so everyone can see it!

DNRmt21: @rayboc23 that's great but this isn't a vevo channel >.<

VVDeStefano: Is Bruno Mars sponsored by Ray Ban ?!

ROkidss: 0:36 rhei hei hei .. bahahha EPIC TRAVIE

XDGERRYXD: wtf my comment has 104 thumbs up nd its on pg 11 wtf

MrArvelle: wow u 2 are great

Andrei Prodan: 0:35 is cool

Yllka Elshani: @x3StephaneLambielx3 hahhahahahhahaha

jesus cruz: I wish I was a billionaire

Emily Brittain: the beep out crap but not freak..?

Dylan Alvarez: i drive a mini

xRacquellx: @lumo1937 LOOL!! omg their really is! that's quite funny

tumblerxo123: @AliTheElephant hahah i saw that

hasszrocker: @lumo1937 looked like a fat ass white bitch. NO HOMO ;)

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