DVS 'Push What I Weigh' Feat. Lucky Luciano - Music Video *OFFICIAL HD*

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Ray Tijerina: make the bread and watch over your shoulda

Rion Barnes: Cool song

ulises cardozo: luck wrecks any track

freddy santiago: lone star state thats my mothafreaking placa.

austin z: that girl dancing around the chopper with those long legs and heels is super sexy

Andrey Boemmel: crap whearz my face in this video they done forgot about me

Eric Vallo: it ain't gonna never stop, just might raise the price!!

Roger Saenz: hell yeah

rachel ramos: M D P W R T D G

Eric Vallo: Geah Compa,Duke City NDN

Veny Ramirez: simon q si asta Orlando

214 cuzz: this song go hard, glad I found this crap

queco 8113 dos uno zero: fuk u pay Me rIGht nOw NoW.. hahaaaa

GrimReefer: If Mexicans got Mexican border states on lock, do the Canadians run their Canadian border?

old bum: Shot out to my plug! all the way from Canada, I love eating lobsters, shrimps, and everything else that the dope game brings to me! block bleedin all day every day freak the feds and freak a hater!

Jose Ramirez: SAINT I just just wanted to say I miss the good old days and can't wait to see you in heaven. homeboy devious when hard didn't he and he spoke the truth Mexicans don't play. real Recognize Real. Love your friend n Lil bro Joe!# we'll see each other again in heaven one day. one day. "Bible"!

Armando Tenorio: Mexi cali to the RIO 🌴🌴🌴🌴

Brandon Figueroa: grand prairie texas 972 ( gangstas paradise )

HackingPersonalinformation WithaTouchofAButton: roll with it or get rolled over real crap

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