DVS 'Push What I Weigh' Feat. Lucky Luciano - Music Video *OFFICIAL HD*

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Nov 22 2014 by Lyrics
summer loya: that boi lucky lu wreck that

king D: Tx to La...mexicans dont play ayeeeeee.....

Ritz handles: Feelin jelly i want bricks


ESPX214: Pushin weigh lol

toro4090: freak this teddy bear

Numb Gnome: "Throw some green killa Ina 18wheela" ✈🚂🚁🚤🚘🚖🚚🇺🇸💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵🇺🇸

BigBellyCrewNM: hmmm must be one rich mofo

Dope Boy: these lames wont be singing when they hit the pen haha big daddy just served a flat 10 u bitches

Moises Mendez: GOOGLE -G Brand clothing ( facebook )


cash ovaevrythn: sur side hyna bitch he aint freakin wit u ho..hahhaha

JOSE calvario: mexicali posted firme rola big 686 lokotes

Ultraspontane: Money, cars, and women? Now this is some groundbreaking crap.

A Rodriguez: Bumping this crap from el Chuco! El Paso Tejas!

Heatt Filtter: I push a VW, no, really. It needs work

Heatt Filtter: Familia Michoacana Rifa, without us, every G in the states is nothing.

L00peey: so crap


DREAMERSVENOM: freak this fool under me "chandlo" ROFLMAO!!!! ROLLERZ ONLY BABY!

ThaMeskinBoy: Best Part 1:43 Luckyyy

1988shawtii: Showin dat love frm dat west Texuz bby

bruzy714: as a sicilian this is probably one of the most embarassing things ive ever seen you think that you can take the name of a man you probably know nothing about...this is the definition of a poser...you can work at it your whole life youll never have a fraction of the amount of respect that lucciano has...pick a mexican freakin name to trash with your garbage music

OfficialJay_Martin: RIO GRANDE VALLEY ALLDAY BOI !!!!!

adrew gonzalez: i feel you on this i just forward to lucky's part and move on

Gabriel Cortina: hey TEXAS IS THE BEST Right!!

Arrogant_23: Str8 wrecked dope crap

FRSHinstrumentals: hes crap, thought it was uk dvs- da real dvs, da real g not sum fatty

505LilB505: Ey mayne you know wat I'm talk bout,Lucky is the realist and hard nigga,dat put it down fo Texas..awready.;)

1993lgomez: PuRO cartel del golfo muddafukkas we run crap desde reynosa hasta houstone texas controlamos la ruta pa lousiana nd georgia bitchs!!!!

Jose Garcia: Repping Houston Texas till the day I die!!

Goliath Farrell: THIS IS freakING BULLcrap, I HATE CHOLOS, PUTOS CHOLOS freak ALL OF U BITCHES .........

Rafa Gonzalez: This crap Goes Hard ! & Idk If Its Jst Meh Buhh At 2:27 That Guy Looks Like Kid Ink

eduardo carranco: FREE SPM hell yeaa

turbooze: good crap!

Kobe24Valerio: Haters get off my luckys pickle

BeEaZyOnEm: valluco 956

Lucky Luciano: dope track...

MsHitDatHoe210: 210 bitch all about dat san antone dwn to clown hoe

Reb3nga: Fake gangsters. Lucky Luciano would piss on this asswhipes...you are pathetic xD

Trokiando100: Southwest PTB Houstone tx 713 if u aint blasting u aint lastin

chandlo316: Lmfao stupidass wetbacks

Wes G: Damn I need some...hit me up if anybody has some

lovingchronic4ever: Tyte song but still like i said on da comment freak everybody freak da world I'm rich biach

Eugene Tantay: This is hard!

MrTexas1stunna: HOUSTONE all up in this hoe

jamesTOE1: LUCKY LUCIano is good ,Try JULZ DH best MEXICAN rapper in DALLAS

ROB102084: I was thinkin the same thing

eljaguar925: Arriva mis compas en texas y california CDJNG

urbanoproductions: who is that fat freak hahah

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