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Han K: Best Verse from Rick Ross i heard...love the rhythm

Immortalshade 245: 2017 bitches and niggaz crossing that line.

the L giver guy: i wanna see his mamma at bk i done eat 20 years at macdonalds they running out of food

boredoutta mymind: listening to this cus my nigga crossed that line......

Karim El-Kamel: It took me a while to find lyrics WITH music

charles stephen: 2017

nick elizondo: worst lyric video ever 😂😂😂

id gaf: Ross the greatest rap song maker

Jesus Alfonso: tryna be on my best behavior

Carolyn cowart: who listing in 2017

Thea Thomas: the lyrics r wrong as crap

Kiki marsham: after all these years I thought he born not birthed.


Andrew Gentry: who's listening to in 2016

armen boodaghiam: still a hit

Nathan Clark: Akon uses the same hook beat in the song Snitch with Obie Trice. It just has a higher tempo and different words.

Anthony Ramos: the song is so cool

JusSkott: if you ever cross that line, there will be nothing your homies can do to save you. bosses hate hearing employees spit that crap. lol more so, when ya tell em it's a song, stop getting emotional.

Bianca Hemingway: crap never gets old

Anijah Baylor: rrrrrrrrrooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssssssswsed

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