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Nathan Clark: Akon uses the same hook beat in the song Snitch with Obie Trice. It just has a higher tempo and different words.

Anthony Ramos: the song is so cool

JusSkott: if you ever cross that line, there will be nothing your homies can do to save you. bosses hate hearing employees spit that crap. lol more so, when ya tell em it's a song, stop getting emotional.

GodzGift Khalifa: crap never gets old

Anijah Baylor: rrrrrrrrrooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssssssswsed

Emanuel Sapountzis: RiP Matt. Love you Matt

Rene -: Same melody to the hook of obie trice Snitch 

unbornbum: ''i wanna see his mommas eyes, i dun cry 20 years now i'm runnin dry"

unbornbum: "a life sentence is a light sentence, all my homies got em, they just like penciles"

david miller: that moment when you realise this is a rick ross song not akons.

Donald Slayton: " Packed House " . This is the missing lyric from 53 seconds. I assume this has to do with State and Federal Welfare money being spent carelessly in a crack house. Someone has probly already brought this up.

Jake Norgan: Last step***

Jake Norgan: He says last image rite before your last breath not entrance

Royce Brown: Old but gold

CHANNEL JUSTICE: 60995cfr 5ip5 pfgt 50i (sicK track)

FatMonsterIsEatin: Good crap right here :)

Dakota Bittner: This is the best song ever 

# Prince: Like if u still listen to this #

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