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Anijah Baylor: rrrrrrrrrooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssssssswsed

Emanuel Sapountzis: RiP Matt. Love you Matt

Rene Reigada: Same melody to the hook of obie trice Snitch 

unbornbum: ''i wanna see his mommas eyes, i dun cry 20 years now i'm runnin dry"

Boris Pittman: Good day to all .

unbornbum: "a life sentence is a light sentence, all my homies got em, they just like penciles"

david miller: that moment when you realise this is a rick ross song not akons.

Donald Slayton: " Packed House " . This is the missing lyric from 53 seconds. I assume this has to do with State and Federal Welfare money being spent carelessly in a crack house. Someone has probly already brought this up.

Jake Norgan: Last step***

Jake Norgan: He says last image rite before your last breath not entrance

Royce Brown: Old but gold

CHANNEL JUSTICE: 60995cfr 5ip5 pfgt 50i (sicK track)

FatMonsterIsEatin: Good crap right here :)

Dakota Bittner: This is the best song ever 

# Prince: Like if u still listen to this #

Bob Bong: Akon ft. Rick Ross cross that line with lyrics: http://youtu.be/0MbFtCmXsnI

One of akond best no doubt ♧

llovka: Jis isdainuoja ebola is savo zopos pilnai...xDD on some real crap,Akonas ledas

king ceasar: kujkouhj

Eden Parks: this time in rap music i miss

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