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Nov 16 2014 by Music agent
Black Dynamite: Like if u still listen to this #

Eden Parks: this time in rap music i miss

Bob Bong: Akon ft. Rick Ross cross that line with lyrics: http://youtu.be/0MbFtCmXsnI ♧ One of akond best no doubt ♧

llovka: *Jis isdainuoja ebola is savo zopos pilnai...xDD on some real crap,Akonas ledas*

king ceasar: kujkouhj

Simon Sichone: timelss music

Skylar Liberty: I really like this song . . . so if you cross the by saying this song is bad. . . watch your back -.-

ronnie kemper: yolo is old

soopertrooper69: i miss when ross went in like this

unu51: LOL!

CRAZYWHITEKID2013: check out my channel everyone!

whiskeykid420: apparently u couldnt figure out line 2. its "packed house" because on the 1st of the month the welfare checks come in so everybodys shootin and smokin up at the crack house....

thebeast712: the 1 person who didnt like this song was justin biber thumns up if u aggre

mortaz76: justin bieber is just jealus of akon that why he dont like this song

ETErnal_ReigN76: Kovict music

nfl20: walter white FT akon stay out of my terrioty/line

Music Best Chanel: love this song

Explorer920023: 2 people crossed that line and were never seen nor heard from again

joshbeavers60: my crap

Madison Boyer: awesome

shaun keaton: @liljayhos dnt put god in it its jus a song'

maximusobitus: ??= packed house

JJ: all i gotta say is stay on ur side or theres gonna be a big fight in the middle of the rode

Mihailo Boskovic: best of akon...i think on lyrics !!

prince2joe: crossthatline

kawhino2318: akons songs are the best

Xous Elxelou: fackKk i cross dad line ;)


Adham339: Akon's Sound is unbelieveable 0_o i <3 his sound

hoorahOMCC: 3:20- " NO MATTA"

bassel Tuffaha: I do and will always love Akon and his music. People may say he is old and no one listens to them, to me he's a legend.

Yung TIRDIB: cross that line sounds cool

streethustla24: 1 guy cross the line

Dakota Salvitti: i was birthed in a crack house but what made it worse every first its a packed house (every first of the month when SSI and welfare checks come in his house is packed with crackheads) lol

owusu114: i neva live a day without akons voice....man,,,,,,,,,,,akon is real

Ben Fogle: respect is tha law of tha land ! 5's

soccer5706: i cross the line because YOLO

Cameron Imel: *Cross's line *

anarchy3267: its went n made it worse every first since baptist i think.... its sumthin baptist

Jonathan Nickey: rick ross says... every first its a packed house.

Daniel Dhanraj: yes :D


David blackbreda: critics wonder if i'd last long and i get big on their face while they get defalted from the lame to the top now he is rich fo ever

bodnarzso: convict music*

simranxoxo6: love akon <3

shaun keaton: i love it in my opinion its his best song ever i gotta alot of gorillas ready to pull the trigger and we all fo that paper

nick anders: never cross my line, that's counted as snitching, 4 people already did that . . . prepare or war mother freakers.

Yousuckatsinging69: YOLO cross the line

stonepown: lil brother knowin life illegal thats why i became a cop lol officer ricky

young khalifa: If u don't Get it,Just don't let it Boss's Crazy

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