John P. Kee - Getting My House In Order (He's Coming Back) Lord 7 Clothing Co. Music Video for Free!

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amazingbayce: A EH favorite! takes me back to jr high school!

monika4536: I really like this song could you email it to me.Thanks Or tell me where I can find it.

mark parker: my choir used to rock this joint but yall singin . keep it commin.

April Williams: is there any possiblity you could email me this song?

Donnatella Star: Praise God I was burnt out of my apartment this time last year and no one would help me. I am home this Christmas and all the haters are still here....So am I and praise God I may have nothing but I am blessed and still loving Jesus. Devil didn't win...devil didn't win..devil didn't win. >:P

AdmMinistries: I first heard this song recorded by Rev. Odis Floyd and the New Jerusalem Baptist Church Choir of Flint, MI.

Markus Johnson Productions: I never heard anything but the first back. It's on the "There Is Hope" cd from John P. Kee but it's more like an instrumental of him playing it. It's almost a new song to me now.

TheQuantum09: I don't know if I have heard this song or not. The melody sounds very familiar. I must have been very small. But anyway, a very uplifting song from the legendary John P. Kee.

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