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504BoyLuisLopez: One of the best songs ever!

R FLACCO: WHAT Man! gets paid off of all of that ?

Joseph Robinson: Why Kanye West Go Back To This? Amazing Music.

rico pleasant: trying buy back our 40 acres
for that paper look how low we would stoop
if you buy a Benz u still a nigga in a coupe
Dem is bars

Cool Ass: Watch mojo anyone?

Tevin Scott: I miss the old Kanye

Rashaun Craig: dammmm I remember when the songs match the video now they just do whatever

De De Lewis-Ortiz: I CAN FEEL IT!

Mr Logical: when you as fine as she USED TO BE you dont even verbally ask a nigga for money, You just open your wallet and stare at him like she did at 0:33.

22Jbar: Common plays the security guard?

Pete Schuette: common the tsa agent

Manuel Haywood: that's crazy AF this was filmed in my home town Ontario California #South

biron james: when kanye was actually good

berlyglobe7: I remember listening to this song back in elementary/middle school. Oh wait that's Chris tucker moving the luggage!!

WorldFightsTV: Who came here from kickgenius?

Goat: I'm here from KickGenius


J. W: yo didnt know common was in this 3:32

Claire Knight: Now both of them are Trump supporters lol wtaf

Zyerra Walton: still my fav kanye song to this day ❤👌🔥

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