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LogKnot: "The prettiest people do the ugliest things" so freaking true

Pamela Knight: one of my favorites from him. come back Kanye!

Jasmine Strayhorn: I'm surprised her dress didnt "all fall down"...

Thinker Haist: Note @ 1:25 Syleena Johnson takes Stacey's tickets...

Thinker Haist: Can I get likes for noticing the bathroom amplification?


Alemayehu Solomon: Old Kanye is superb. Too bad he became what he despised the most.

Jessica Delisha: what happen to rap music

Americansauce: Kanye ain't been the same since Stacey left.

Zero: Back when you could understand what rappers were saying.

Tiago Wesker: miss the old Kanye, the new are too much crazy

Robertiskool007: i will always love kanye THIS and many of his other tracks are pure classics. When i grew up pac and big were still on the radio and i have no problem saying Kanye was the GOAT. videos like this have substance and will be as timeless as the rest of the classics!

Matthew Djuang: BEST KANYE SONG.

Yar D Blah: how are you gonna become everything you used to rap about Yay? it's prophetic...but also stupid..

Sara Matias: Acheiiiiii, de tanto procurar melhor música ever👌👌🎵🎵

krillin fetty: This brings back some Old GTA feelings

Hannah Steele: "we can by our way out of jail but we cant buy freedom"

Yasmin Sullivan: I swear this is my life now. I used to didn't understand this video but I totally get it now. 

George peterson: i didn't realize that the dude from good burger was in the beginning 0:24

jonte waer: vic/chance/kanye/earl

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Kanye West - All Falls Down ft. Syleena Johnson 5 out of 5