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Rell Facts: Now that I'm older I notice them nipples. 😭😭😭

Matthew Goldsby: This video is so god damn conceptually beautiful I could watch it daily.

Imrue Bryan: Who else misses the soul beats?

Gamer COM: Mix TV purinha ♥

Unfathomable Kiffness: Love how they bleep out The "White" Man

Jay Jones: back when stacey dash was a black woman

sam Blackmore: The old Kanye was gay as fairy too

sam Blackmore: Song juzttt sucks like c'mon restarted, actin rapper in bathroom in front of urinals , wow retarded and repetitive STUPID crap hole for music

Leah Smiley: Am i the only one who just now realizing Syleena is in the video?

Fatima Amerson: YEZZY .... WAKE THE freak UP!!! You Have Been SLEEPING! WE NEED YOU KING.

DD Mari: "Even if you in a benz, you still a nigga in a coupe"

Tiana S: Insecurrre

TuPac SHaKur: When Kanye was the crap

Malik Charles: My name is Malik Charles...just tryna get some support for my music..i write songs about love, pain, and life..check it out.. https://youtu.be/JXZgl62f0dA

Amanda Gooljar: Favorite Kanye song..

peter l: freakin stacy dash uncle tom triflin ass smh >_>

Vinay Seth: Powerful- both the video and the track!

Texas Yellow Rose: both are very beautiful people

Leirs Deirs: we were analyzing this in english and my teacher said "baby daddy got stacks"

Dadi Ofong: ...when kanye ruled

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Kanye West - All Falls Down ft. Syleena Johnson 5 out of 5