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james bondero: yea the early 2000s was a special ERA,is like it came and went before you could blink

Erasmus Peterson: Make a quick buck sharing your feedback with big brands at coolopps. com

Jonathan Tramontana: Best song of all time

Mike Battista: They bleeped out WHITE when he said "and the white man get paid off of all of that" - CENSORSHIP

z00ts00t77: Lucky it wasn't a United Airlines flight Stacey was getting on.

B R: Hold up how he recorded with the bathroom echo

Ryantakeflight 23: why kanye profile pic look like he just took a mugshot

franklin tejeda mcgrady: how the crap 3,401 dislike this song and video masterpiece 3,000 are white muthafreakers

Teague Johnson-Randall: just got here from kick genius forgot about this joint

DJ Crazy Jimmy: when kayne wasnt psychotic yet

Jacob Frewaldt: Why is the word white censored? really??

YouAre AnIdiot: Ah LAX, I freaking hate you.

diamond tv: Iconic Kanye how butifull

AlwaysAstepAhead: This takes me back to college days! Cool music!

julian t: Omg when Kanye was normal

Jav G: Did they really censor "white man"?

thehighesthour: before stacey climbed the caucis mountain deep in the caucan forest

theabstrakt84: Back when Stacey Dash was black....she still hot as freak tho would bang her ass tho lick that kitty like juice

poo fotch: glass cutters

fetter jesse: where'd you go kanye?? perfect example of what fame can do someone.

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