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Gin McInneny: I love these 2 singers.

tezhowes: Who gives a crap what Nicholson looks like?  What a pointless comment.

anne purdham: Poetry. I love this. Me and my mother. Just unspoken anger and grief. Little cannonballs of pain sent flying in words.

james bond: no more ,,canon balls ,,lol ,,and disappear

Kaz Jet Luver: Just beautiful <3

Ria Dingens: It's the first time I hear this song and I love it !!!!

james bond: whistling cannonballs, ,means you started saying very bad things that could hurt one s feelings , make them feel bad or upset ,,this may happen after ,a bottle of port ,,,whiskey,, or slap in the face,,they say sticks and stones may brake my bones , but words can never hurt me,,,,,,but they can if its a cannonball moving at speed of sound,,,,,if you let it

Jason Camino: Amazing!!!

lifeasweknewitthen: Whistling cannonballs means how our words can cause so much devastation

Noeline-Mary Couling-Rowlands: Don't know....expect it might be a song title???......just love the lyrics, melody & clip. If anyone knows what the 'whistling cannonballs' means...please post the answer???? :-}

Noeline-Mary Couling-Rowlands: Just love this..thanks guys:-}

Jayden Brown: This song deserves so many more views!

sheila owens: I love this song, the way they play and it's so natural to them. You can see the admiration in Shane's eyes and that is something rare these days.

Brendan Tindall: looks like a guitalele yamaha make one

Brendan Tindall: im pretty sure shane wrote this

afinefred: Woody Guthrie looked down from heaven and saw all is well.

wasslic: Brilliant in it's simplicity

sun1234me: this song is soooo cute :D

Tatz Anchus: <3

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