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Tristan Teo: everytime I hear it. It sounds like a girl that he's seen before in this same manor. I feel it might be about a prostitute. and wistling cannonballs changes meanng throughout the song. Maybe at first its speaking awkwardly; then making friends; tearing up, and finally thinking back in nastalgia.

Tristan Teo: i wish his was a published song. I can only find the song in video form

Stephen Rees: I've watched this video so many times.. it's an incredibly moving song.. and as for what it means, its means whatever you need it to mean. I believe that's the purpose behind such an obscure title and lyrics.. this song is meant to help grieve, relax, be angry, heal or whatever it is you need.

adandap: Two great Australian songwriters and performers here. Nicholson's solo work includes some great stuff. Check out 'Barcelona' or 'Summer Dress'.

You F'coffee: To bad kasey chambers and him split; there was something special in their duet.

REM PMP: Looks like Montsalvat

MrHobya: Interesting, I seem to get a very different meaning than what others have posted.

To me, Whistling Cannonballs seems to mean that you start to love someone in your mind, but then you realize it will never go anywhere.

Gin McInneny: I love these 2 singers.

tezhowes: Who gives a crap what Nicholson looks like?  What a pointless comment.

anne purdham: Poetry. I love this. Me and my mother. Just unspoken anger and grief. Little cannonballs of pain sent flying in words.

james bond: no more ,,canon balls ,,lol ,,and disappear

Kaz Jet Luver: Just beautiful <3

Ria Dingens: It's the first time I hear this song and I love it !!!!

james bond: whistling cannonballs, ,means you started saying very bad things that could hurt one s feelings , make them feel bad or upset ,,this may happen after ,a bottle of port ,,,whiskey,, or slap in the face,,they say sticks and stones may brake my bones , but words can never hurt me,,,,,,but they can if its a cannonball moving at speed of sound,,,,,if you let it

Jason Camino: Amazing!!!

lifeasweknewitthen: Whistling cannonballs means how our words can cause so much devastation

Noeline-Mary Couling-Rowlands: Don't know....expect it might be a song title???......just love the lyrics, melody & clip. If anyone knows what the 'whistling cannonballs' means...please post the answer???? :-}

Noeline-Mary Couling-Rowlands: Just love this..thanks guys:-}

Jayden Brown: This song deserves so many more views!

sheila owens: I love this song, the way they play and it's so natural to them. You can see the admiration in Shane's eyes and that is something rare these days.

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