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Sep 30 2014 by MP3 Download
LeComteDeVersaille: hd of bearfaced ent - MY DOG A MUST LISTEN´╗┐

SinisterDbeats: dSin Beats eso

jose ramon laines: i roll with my dog, i post with my dog!!

15Sidewayz: crap Gooo my nigga!

carlosm757: @1:24 ''H bounced out, all they heard was Smakkk-Smakkk. No laptop but the Mac n my backpak''. nicca gassn

SEVI REEKS: hd no longer livewire,,BEARFACED!

LILAK510: @MrRIO1984 hd is there but hes not the best one out of oakland i think PHILTHY RICH is but hd got hella gas hes good

yungblaze223s: @dabadestchick2 u say he bitin of db?

JuiceGassNation: search up juice ft HD and Geez or juice gassnation biaaaaaatchhh

700stu: O yuuppp G.I.P MENACE 700 ZOO

athizzelle: This crap Go Dumb Ass Hard!!!!!!!!!!! What CD Is This On??

dabadestchick2: @3300nigga what the hell i never commented on this video that must have been my cousin because im signed in youtube and im on her laptop soo i really have no clue what you talking about i never commented on this video

TEFLONDEEK: HD realLY freakin around from what ma fam tell me I dont no the nigga but from what i here about the ice H.D BE freakIN AROUND ALL YOU OTHER ASS NIGGAS BE TALKIN ITS ALL GOOD JUST UP HIS GAME BUT DONT GO TO OAKLAND THINKIN ITS A GAME AN GET ICED .CHUCH

SinisterDbeats: dSin Beats eso

LILAK510: i think hd and philthy rich is the best so fare out of oakland

Gabriel Andrade: Ice city

kjl908: Hd is the best to com out of Oakland

BareFace650: Bareface $mACka

R3XYIzRIPPIN: This my crap forreal, yee!

michael4o8: let the 4 nick drip wen it rains it pours better get your umbrella cuz your gonna get drenched-hd bars EAST SAN JO ALL DAY EVERYDAY YEEE 408!!!

jester070993: @3300nigga real crap bruh

BlackDynastyTV: hd go me my nigga need to do a song

iGOforeallTho: yuup

FRESHxTC23: @athizzelle Extortion Muzik Vol. 2

MrRIO1984: thumps up if you think hd is the best coming out of oakland right now!!

dabadestchick2: freak hd he bheen off db niqqas

Adrien Orias: shlap


jacob marin: niggaz c through n bitches aint crap

Eli Muhammad: Fxck DB he aint nobody but an indoor gang banger and a low budget rapper #EL'Gee Da Goer.did.dat

Habitat156: 5 star goer

Shawn Whitehead: Much love to HD, that nigga doing his thing, niggas out here in Sac slap his music all day every day, saty up bruh bruh, Real crap.

TCSMG: Rip PH700 we still holln yeeeyeeyeeeyeee

dru clay: SMACK SMACK! 408SJ

syrupbythebrick: I waste most time movin these bricks syyyyrrrruuuuppp!!!!!!

JrSpitz916: slap

HitekRedbricks: hd has a pomeranian pet dog in real life lol jk

speeddagoer: NO PC YU A SNITCH U DIEE,

Celle Bo: bitch its HD da boi, a 5 star goer, i neva beg a nigga 4 money i kill 4 it! dat nigga cold boi

claveFC: crap go rite here!!

dj dj: @dabadestchick2 u sound dum as fuk db is a sucka yu must not be from da east west or the ice yu must be sum berkeley bitch who hatin on a real ice city nigga hd rockin db aint dat nigga db gettin robbed by 16 year olds gettin his chain tossed around dat nigga didnt even used to come outside nigga was spooked square ass nigga like he say he a real rapper dat nigga just rappin dat crap hd been out here #ThankU

saveyg: Please the whole livewire's runnin crap right now. The squad got gas


Eli Muhammad: only reall niqqas lyk me can relate tu diss shxt an im only 15

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