As Long As You Love Me - Justin Bieber - Official Music Video Cover

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Apr 24 2015 by Gossips
crysta gurga: i HATE justin beiber. but you made this song AMAZING thank you for your amazingness.

Lahela G: That harmonizing though

marleen0203: i absolutly adore your music !

lala g: This is better than oringinal. 😍😍

Glebinator: Offiziell? Nicht!

purpletua: You guys make this song so much better than Justin Bieber ever could! #justsaying 

Madelyn Kerr: This is the best cover I have heard in awhile!!! 

Abbey Bech: perfffff

Michelle Flores: OMG Justin sings nice but this cover is really AMAZING! I lo ve, their voices es adivsidbdik<3

hannahclements52: Landon Never change you're icon from what it is right now, it's the most beautiful thing i have ever seen

Rebecca Morgan: Best singers evaaaaa perf video 

Juliette lovessinging: i love it, now i feel less alone on valentine's day :')

Shahida Begum: Million times better than justin bieber! You guys have amazing voices!!!!!

wajooda25: Do not say it better than the original! Not compared :/ Justin sings with feeling and emotions and sincerity, but they did not arrive song to my heart did not feel as Justin did !!

Guoda Maciukeviciute: I hate Justin Bieber, but I love this 3

mothermoon226: good job guys!

xtremegal55: I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

SamTheChangeling: This is probably the only way I can stomach this song~ and that's a compliment. Great cover. xD Love it, you guys.

Isabel Ching: GOOT <3

Erika Bradford: Awesome!

Lidor Arviv: Wow!!!

Ponycornaya V.: so amzing you need to get more noticed

Chris Luersen: I like this cover. I also love lamp. Glad it made it in this video.

Russel Anthony: Im so jealous of the mic

ThidaIsPrincess: Love it❤

carin roy: Can I use your music for my videos

LoveAlwaysBeautyX: I think I'm dying at how perfect this is..<3

Jody Uitman: Omg love your voice!!

DrizzyJenn: I'm in love . <3

amber haworth: U guys should better than him

ShainaErika Seki: I wouldn't mind being Landon's mic. As creepy as that sounds...

Catdogfrostylily: This is beautiful

peristef89: I love it!!! Awesome job both of you:)

RainbowC00kiez: Better than Bieber!! :D Great job!

rachel randal: you guys gave me goose bumps on the first line

deecupid10: SO true!! I actually hated the Bieber one... I downloaded this one instead!! omg!!

Ma Rie: soo much better than the original! ♥

Katy Larson: A TON better than the original. Luv it!!! <3

Cearra Upton: Omg go back to middle school so we could hang u are so cool! I mean it in a good way not a bad way like the one below

teheeyourwatching: Couldent agree more

Helene Rebiard: Nop. JUSTIN is the BEST.

DaveDaysfan292: LANDON <3

Roza Drew: this is amazing :)

Make Up Crush: this is on replay<3

Kate T: Way better than jb

TheZeZeMe: hey this is the awkward guy from fact of the day!

Rachel Alyce: Better than the original.

Kaylie White: you sing really well like omg :)

CityGirlXOX: #$%^&* That was so beautiful! Marry me Landon? <3 hehe

Brook N: GOOT!!!

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