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Apr 07 2015 by Torrent
WuffySax: sehr schön !

Jason Dominateus: @Bryan Smith, Dude........dude.......I mean.........dude!!! Blisteringly beautiful. High as the sky, and deep as the ocean, you've done all us music people proud with this one from the heart. I was always partial to that amazing flute in the original, but it has nothing on this soulful masterpiece. Lemme "like" this up and help you on your way. More please. Thank you.

crazypianolady: Wow, I'm getting quite emotional now! Brilliant :)

musicalkayla16: this is amazing! your the man!

Coffeeandasliceolife: Beautiful. So soulful

LonerGalore: I truly got chills listening to this. I had to close my eyes. The emotion you put into it brought me to tears.

acatcalledbasil: I have an Alto sax. I can breathe out. And in. If I can make a sound like this before I die I will be a contented man.

gsoccer2004: Hey man, Can you send me the backing track at

mudvayne336: I just started the alto saxophone and i have to say.. Jesus Christ your good. I'm guessing 2.5 is what your playing but I might be wrong.. This is inspiring.

LTmattYT: that sax playing is a finer woman than georgia ever was

meimeisico: that was beautiful really loved that sound you just blew me away.x

Janelle Santillanes: Beautifully done! I enjoyed it. Thanks!


masumihanasanta: Perfect.!!! Thank you very much for very good taste.^^Masumi^^

lovley866: soooooooooooooooo schöön ich lerne auch sax

Kat Sax: Hey ! your amazing, iv put this song on my you tube site bt the backing track isn't as good as yours any chance u can send me one , many thanx Katryna x

horbergaren: man, now i wanna play that to

vdlvd: This is Amazing.Great Job.

EllaMae Chronister: Bryan: I am 84years old and while one of my favorites is Beethoven, your Georgia takes me into Soul ...I haven't heard better in all my days . A lot of musicians playing notes, but you are playing You! Bill Chronister Tulsa

marrowak28: you and yani misunderstand me i wanna figure out how to change the basic honks (hot cross buns etc) to the sharp sound i fell in love with

559ALTOSAX: great fantastic job i play the all the saxes but the alto is my favorite and this is why!!!! :D beautiful job from one musician to another

Bryan Smith: LOL man that's FUNNY! I know it's a weird setup, and one that is quite outside what most folks consider the "optimum" combination, but I Love the piece and through some trial and error with different reed styles / strengths I've settled on this one with this piece. Any "expert" who's seen my setup has told me that it just shouldn't work like it does... but it works for me and that's all that matters I guess. Blessings my friend!

ddmusician: man, you inspire me....!

Hom Tardy: wow, your tone is amazing!! amazing song choice too!! i love a decent bit of ray charles :)

Kathylorx: @oscaryadigg awesome.

bardicsidhe: The amount of heart you put into this is amazing. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this video.

kernsypoo: wow!!!

paul monkswriter: Man - i bought a saxophone version of Georgia recently - been learning about 18 months. Mine sounds nothing like yours Totally awesome - love it

KizzieeeeeH: Hi, do you have the notes for this? :D thanks.

proudnole: What mouthpiece/reed combination is that? It sounds great.

serjeeeo: this is real good

eaglemama84: love love it.

Public Enemy: to bad Ray died

ironman1357: nice playing man! Can u tell me where you got that backround at? thanx keep it up.

Jesus Luna: @dsnowh16 well youll be seeing me in state this year haha jk im not sure if ill make good i just get nervous

minimenono: @dsnowh16 listen listen listen to pros. that plays a big role along with long tones. it sounds boring but it will pay off. it all depends what kind of sound you want also. Im sure you know that this guys playing is masked with effects. It can make anyone sound better, not to bash on this guy dont get me wrong he sounds good. Well ill end with that then good luck dont ever stop playing

Decypha80: ;) oh so beautiful

cvchen83: bro, seriously.. that was beautiful. thank you for recording and sharing this gift of your soul. makes me want to learn to play sax, haha

AsherSax: Hey, man. Don't know if you remember me, but I'm Asher and asked for the backing track a few months ago. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you inspired me (along with Ray) and I'm performing an improv of this at my high school talent show. Thanks again, sir. PS: Don't worry, I would know if it stunk or not. It won't, I wouldn't let a classic go down like that. ha It's all good.

Charles Hemingsherdinger: That was really great! You have an amazing sound I hope someday I can be play with that kind of flow

Bryan Smith: @ReeyazEsack Hi, I'm playing a 1923 Conn New Wonder alto, with a Runyon Bionix 11* MPC, and Vandoren V16 3.5 reed.

Sarcastic Commentator: Your retarded. Lol, get a better tone then come back and re-comment.

BlaazinBrian: @eagles1stflight i applaud you for being able to play such a hard reed with such a big tip opening :)

Elliot Ortiz: Hi friend what kind of mouthpiece and model you use. Sound very bright.

ConstintinosRecon: You inspired me to start playing Alto Sax, but it'll take a long time before I get to be like you!

Kathylorx: @oscaryadigg at first it sounds like a dying goose, i scared my dog when i was playing "marry had a little lamb" I got the hang of it though. Its an awesome instrument :)

Gabe Goshorn: OMG! I am a fellow sax player,but I did't know somebody could be so good at playing sax!

moty dozorzev: its is alto>it sounds like tenor.

Dylan Ander: what size reed you using? im guessing 2.5 or 3? cause all the low notes you were hitting

Arnetsew: is Legacy a good sax brand? i found an alto on ebay that costs like $500 and im thinking of getting it, any recommendation??

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