Georgia On My Mind (Alto Saxophone) By Bryan Smith Music Video for Free!

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Thomas Fletcher: Where did you get the backing track from?

howard shine: This cat can blow

angel andres Rinaldi: Bravo, complimenti

WuffySax: sehr schön !

MrMetalman20000: What a wonderful tone. Excellent job!

densup: Your retarded. Lol, get a better tone then come back and re-comment.

eaglemama84: love love it.

Éric Lechat: Tout simplement exceptionnel !

Mæras Ψ: Great!

Alexander Wang: when Ray Charles died the world lost a great artist

Alexander Wang: to bad Ray died

Ruben Fernandez: awsome

Jason Dominateus: @Bryan Smith, Dude........dude.......I mean.........dude!!! Blisteringly beautiful. High as the sky, and deep as the ocean, you've done all us music people proud with this one from the heart. I was always partial to that amazing flute in the original, but it has nothing on this soulful masterpiece. Lemme "like" this up and help you on your way. More please. Thank you.

acatcalledbasil: I have an Alto sax. I can breathe out. And in. If I can make a sound like this before I die I will be a contented man.

Mike Richards: Nice Fakie Vid newb

Alexandre Panebianco: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!FANTASTIC!!!

vdlvd: This is Amazing.Great Job.

Elliot Ortiz: I have a kohler 57 and has a good sound but i want a bright sound and i like youre sound.

Elliot Ortiz: Hi friend what kind of mouthpiece and model you use. Sound very bright.

Ozan Ayten: Which sax and mouth and stuff you using ? i'm really trying to find which i have to buy to get sound tones as this. Great playing by the way !!

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Georgia On My Mind (Alto Saxophone) By Bryan Smith 5 out of 5