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Brooke Barnfather: Trying not to cry. 👏😂

Rachel Hernandez: This makes me think of my little brother. I miss you and wish you were still here with us. Yes, I WILL always love you baby brother. RIP Brother and Mom.:(

dylan Edelman: I cant believe this song has 7 times as many veiws as wonderful world by louis armstrong, all this song is is another love song 😡

Ester Zapanta: me..die hard fan of her

De'Angeli Pua: I love this

Emily Rogers: i sang this song to my dying teacher

Roxana Donner: Some of the memes in the comments are too funny! LOL!

Blakes Takes: I love this song

rore naany: for my baby saien 😪💜💚💚💚.

Rebecca Kowalski: I feel for you and your daughter every time I hear this. Much love to you both...rip

Noéda coucou: La voix trop belle.😍

Pedro Lucas: que linda essa musica

Mrs Dillon Quartermine Quartermine (Dillon Quartermine): Watch Out American idol This Song is For Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban

bark chin hai: رائع جدا

kerina Suhood: Like the song / I will always love you by Whitney Houston

mynewusername: An effortless blessing...That Voice.. I miss you girl...

mynewusername: What can I say !!!!!!!!!!!

mafidul Ali: Good evening

george reagan: nyce song..

Jalynn Robertson: Oh yai shaliyah u need to learn how to spell

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