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ULISES Rodríguez López: 2017 😍

Kaan Aykutlu: who is coming from hitmans bodyguard movie? :D

Leslie Janssen: whos watching it now

Dan Shannon: who is watching in 2019

Music Tv: yo vengo de los bines Nose Tu v:

Sayan Naka: เพราะมากเลย ไพเราะสุดๆ

George Nikola: He was the first person who respected me abnd treated me so good since ibarrived in france Ⓜ️🤓♥️❤️ i love you so much

George Nikola: Why he would love me ? I am nothing

George Nikola: Ⓜ️🤓♥️😘

Indira Yovitasari: hello, im from 2017

byronairfun: TICK TOCK MOTHER freakER

cameronjr8: The Hitman's Bodyguard brought me here, muthafreakas!! LOL


ITS ME SARAH V: This woman had such a powerful voice. She is well missed. I love you Whitney

Carrie O: Who misses Whitney to death?

Tieralanha Nguyen: I will always ♥ u my TB, my Sweet ♥...I miss u already...

Ace Roane: 3:14 when your phone's at 1% and dies

netko nnegdje: ohhh...the world is been better in the past :(

Da #1 Chicken Eater :D: when you have a crush on a girl but that girl already has a boyfriend :P

سراج منير: 2017???

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