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Mercy Lou Danlag: for my mum

Rhiain Moore: R.I.P

Cindy Anderson: this song is when u get to the last slice of pizza

Jaleesa Oceana: Makes me cry every time

Mayara L. de Oliveira: I Never will forget your beautiful voice, Whitney.

Asia San: Wow

fatma Mohammed: cry

fatma Mohammed: she's makes me carry😿😿😿

Anthony Napper: I love this r.I.p Whitney I was growing up loveing this song

lu ramirez: ♥♥

Hahoon Jang: 역시 휘트니 휴스턴 캬~

Kevin J: When music was music...

Eric Vandendooren: whitney tu es éternelle 😚😚😚


Sib Audrey: This was the beat drop back in the day :')

Julia Lamas: whoever disliked this video is just plain lost in the world and don't know what there doing... Whitney Houston was an angel!

Totalgam3r 2004: cgzvzvzvbdvvz☺☺☺

Totalgam3r 2004: what is his name why why

Totalgam3r 2004: hsgsa

mike53nepa: Whitney has great when she was healthy. Particularly in the Bodyguard with Kevin Kostner.
Miss her.

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