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audrey chidawanyika: Legacy ❤️

Aphinya Kongsin: We will still miss you forever. Who is watching in 2017?

البارونة اوركزي: I WILL AGWAYS LOVE YOU

llama nation: 2017 anyone?

Anayah Marroquin: wait who else got so deep into the comments they couldn't find there way back

Anayah Marroquin: and I abused the replay button so I can't see it 😂😂

Anayah Marroquin: I mastered this song I can sing it really good like every note and only im 11 I love Whitney Houston

Mary Thomas: I will always love you to Grandma #RIP😭

david mbogoma: Amazing song ever

Ustasia Milaisa: i love this song so much😢😘

Aitana la ama: I LOVE THIS SONG

beni LOVE: 앤드 아이이이이이ㅣ~~~ 유우우우우우~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 우우우~~ 어쩌고저쩌고오~~

Jessie-Jene Howra: I love you Whitney. your voice from heaven inspired me to the ut most as a child continuing threwout my life. Thank you for all the real Joy.
Rest easy now Woman.... The world is a lessor of a place without your presence an gifts .

Danna Chávez: and I will always love you Iwich always

Ombeline: j aime cette chanson 😍

Siti Hajiah Yusup: a legend song...

Siti Hajiah Yusup: lagu famous masa sklh tadika thn 1988

Jordyn Jones13: i dont have words im.gonna die 😭👌ughhhh i think when i hear this song like im flying,like im.free of my problems😳,like i hug my idol that i never meet and i can never. I love him. w true love not fake but tears are thing that i use everyday...😭idk what to say more my idol is mean soooo much to me like if i breath last time and i cant even speak i try and to say him: i love you!

Lilly Johnson: I cry to this song

ゲームグループ: ここに日本人はいるかー?

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