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Mar 23 2014 by New Music
Lovely Lasean: Perfection.

Satiscapri: Real tears,real freaking tears ...

TheBelowAverageWolverine: When im cheating on my 2 girl friends and sleeping with another woman, this song plays in my head. #TotalDouche

Witold Tomaszewski: Niezapomniana.

Hailey Hazelton: i will always love u

ashura129: this song plays when you get to the last page of homestuck 

pollo naida: I'll Always Love you.

VectorVetarans: Missed you so much.

DaOrigTruthSeeker: The GREATEST SINGER in the last 100 years.

Tationa Gaiten: love her and this song so much miss you 

Sheila Mailett: She is definitely missed...her voice was so beautiful

Brandon zachary: So talented!! And then she died from an OD smh

SAMOAN THOR: one of my favorite song..

Ewkoenig Onmc: STOP CURSING Satiscapri THIS SONG IS NICE

luis taveras: Beautiful song!! I love it:)

serrato cristina: love is the only thing that can last forever

HeR0 T0X!C: I will always Love you Rima ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

leila el idrissi: I Will Always Love Uu 

Enrico Ubaldo: why would anyone dislike this? 

Kat-Marie Swan: Goosebumps and tears that's all I have

Lycan Howl: R.I.P 

GodHatesAmericas MurderingSoldiers: God will always hate her. She's died, God laughed

annette rich: bye ron i will all ways love you ......


Golly Jolly: The song's sad enough on its own, but when you think that Whitney Houston is no longer with us, it's even sadder.

katia kati: love you <3

Paris babygirl: Every time I hear this i always cry she died I was omg another fallen Angel gone like Aaliyah

leandro segura: 1:57

Vanessa Kkk: My top fav song of all times.

Kristen Styles: I will always love you:) No matter what happens. You'll always stay here in my heart <3 

jenny martinez: I luv this song but most of all I luv her. 

Dr_sky_lord: Everytime I hear this song I cry a little bit because this song just makes me sad and happy at the same time 

mR3xcLuSiV31: R.I.P Whitney

Daniel Milne: she is my idol and yours tears of joy and sweetness when i here this song joy

Zuper Arik: ElRubius xD

Omar Sleiman: Rubiuuuh

Tomas Cisternas: elrubius

Ericka Goodson: let me say no one can hit this song like whitney houston did i mean no one can

Fred Bos sr: You never walk alone, I'll always love you!!!

Devin Finnerty: freak you rag heads and freak Saddam Hussein 

Betty Boo: I will always love you

Pasquale Napolitano: She was old like my wife and j think always

Nazirah Wadley: In memory of Whitney Houston 

hugoconnie: Music in old days never again

Mark Ma: i will always love you jake.

bryan rodriguez: How is it that this videos has more views than the original one

morgan monseiur: Rest in Heaven Beautiful Angel! 

country571: one Hell of a song ,,,god bless all of her family…thanks for the great song and memories….Michael K

Rita Cifuentes: Always Darling, always

ROSE Oliveira: linda

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