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sugar 三浦: 日本人いるー?

DD 私は: 1:51

علي العراق: 😢😢😢

Mr.Garcia: Im gay And Im in love with my best friend. He wants to love me but His belief in the Bible pushes him away from me...

Alex Cruz: I think of The Bodyguard and This Is The End...

Emily VanderWeide: help needed: i know these two guys and i think i like both of them and i need help know which one to pick. one is a nerd/sporty and the other is a lot sporty and regular smart.which one

SirenaCatrachita5: I love this woman's voice, bless her soul and her beautiful angelic voice. R.I.P Angel Voice ❤️ She died young and she probably never found true love, but in heaven she will. She is probably singing with the angels right now.

Wiliiam Perez: i love this song. when i sing i feel proud

Kalisha Ortiz-williams: who watching in 2017

Maha Hashim: Amazing song 😭😍😍😍

Christophe Aubert: pour mon bb m'on amour de toujours. je t'aime plus que tout ho monde

Michelle Franklin: Love this song

ann barry: wonderful singer and wonderful song


لهفة شوق: تافها

Legend Star: Who's here because they got bored and wanted to listen to Whitney

jatnna de la rosa: like ilove music♤♡♡

Saranya Rhoi: my favorite saddest song

Cypher Chic: freaking sad to listen to this while watching train to busan

Gaëlle LOSTANLEN: Une voie de ouffffff j'adore je vais l'apprendre 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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