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Bobby Corgi: Face the truth, silly TJ.

Linda Smith: whitney  w will always love you

Fernando Macias: excelent song

Fernando Macias: excelent music. ....

baby maria13: Whitney will always be remembered ❤️

Monet Hutton: love this song know all the words

Fati Fathi: ♡♥♡♥

Cobras7111: I just danced to this with a stuffed penguin and got emotional and when I stopped I was like wtf

soso cute: wow vary nice

baochi thanhthai: すてき。

azril evnada: perfect :*

Lizzee W: lol

Brittany “Bri” C: There are certain songs that can make a person cry; this is one of those 😢 Such a beautiful, strong, powerful, and irreplaceable voice ! May they both RIP 😭 #HeartBreaking 💔

mona gawish: and i will alwayes love you

Just me: *thinks of oogami and asahina from dangan ronpa*
... ... .... . . .. . ... .. .... . .

Steve Gennaro: this song makes me cry n i love this song

David Iley: oh yeh!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Najwa Haya: its so sad cause they were both so beautiful😍😭😖

Pinkie Minkie: It makes me cry bc he is my everything i dont wanna take even a Breath without hım bc it hurts but he doesnt cares about how to and wtf i love him asf

Beauty Beauty: And ahhhhhhiiiiiiiiii will always love yooouuuuuuu ❤️💜

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