Lil Mouse ft. Lil Durk - Katrina (Official Video - Directed by @HOTC_TV) Music Video for Free!

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Braylen Coker: b

Braylen Coker: Mouse is a bitch

Braylen Coker: Mouse is a bicth

Pepie Lepoupier: music healed lussin to lotza love....

HBG SWAGGKIDD121 swaggkidd121: OTF

#GloryHoleBoyzEntertainment: Damn this crap 4 years old goddamn

Charles Schnepp: Mannn what gang and clique is mouse?!

Carl Samuel: Damn..this was 4 years ago..time flies..

Cheef Qeef Sosa: 300

PotMe: Man got durk drivin bc he 2 young lmfao

WildMan 36: this is sad...anyone who who thinks this is ok and also suport BLM your nuts. This is the type of stuff people teach them kids and they grow up and don't know anything eles...if BLM stop setting black lives up for failure.

Spindle Plays: Lil mouses face looks like he's scared AF his moms gonna whip his ass when he gets home cause he way past his bedtime

Charlie Schuler: This dude is complete trash

Mike Jones: Lil mouse hot, quit hating freak boys!

FreeRowdyRebel FreeRondonumbaNine: Lil mouse in his glory lil mouse in his vintage days

Jeremy Lyda: Damn niggers

eXpLICIT: lil mouse ain't even old enough to curse! wtf! dumb as crap yo

Jay Gucci: lil mouse is fake think hes so cool

Jomaira Sanchez: It seems like durk wasint even tryin

Darryl Hyde Jr: this nigguh here sound lik a mouse foreal

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Lil Mouse ft. Lil Durk - Katrina (Official Video - Directed by @HOTC_TV) 5 out of 5