Lil Mouse ft. Lil Durk - Katrina (Official Video - Directed by @HOTC_TV) Music Video for Free!

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Fan Comments

Rell Johns: wut bow wow wanted to say in his raps 😭

Chris_ Albo: chief keef would kill this beat🔥

Ni: no wonder why his street name is lil mouse

Jae KiDd: what gang is lil mouse from ????

Justin Smith: lil durk can tell true talent

Braylen Coker: b

Braylen Coker: Mouse is a bitch

Braylen Coker: Mouse is a bicth

Pepie Lepoupier: music healed lussin to lotza love....

HBG SWAGGKIDD121 swaggkidd121: OTF

#GloryHoleBoyzEntertainment: Damn this crap 4 years old goddamn

Charles Schnepp: Mannn what gang and clique is mouse?!

Carl Samuel: Damn..this was 4 years ago..time flies..

Cheef Qeef Sosa: 300

PotMe: Man got durk drivin bc he 2 young lmfao

Beat Connect: Lil mouses face looks like he's scared AF his moms gonna whip his ass when he gets home cause he way past his bedtime

Charlie Schuler: This dude is complete trash

Mike Jones: Lil mouse hot, quit hating freak boys!

FreeRowdyRebel FreeRondonumbaNine: Lil mouse in his glory lil mouse in his vintage days

eXpLICIT: lil mouse ain't even old enough to curse! wtf! dumb as crap yo

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Lil Mouse ft. Lil Durk - Katrina (Official Video - Directed by @HOTC_TV) 5 out of 5