Lil Mouse ft. Lil Durk - Katrina (Official Video - Directed by @HOTC_TV) Music Video for Free!

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Fan Comments

Justin Kmoney: at 3:29 the beamer was parked ova the yellow line lmao

andre moses: Bd and GD one of them is going to get shoot

deiontasmall1: Drill music is so overrated. It suck tbh

I'm not Allen: 90's babies stand up

Henry Sanchez: Durk laughing at mouse @1:13

Jake Gallagher: Where is the post sayin
Otf" in kid voice every time I saw that I get a chuckle

Fazzy mj: Durk laughing at mouse @ 2.03

Tre Folks: we stackin bitch GD Folks

ihacks228: isn't mouse a gd and durk a bd? 

kyrone anderson: how u GD 6ut rappinG wit a fake 6lood nd a bd ass niGGa i hate to say but my GD niGGa Goofy

BigDaddy Al: This kid is like 11 years old using lines a 5 year old can come up with. "money blowin like a fan" < really?...

SuspAnimation: @0:55 PUBERTY FAIL

stillshady1: Durk a fraud workin wit the ops

frank nitti: lil pickle bdk diss by lil folks 

Larry Powers: Oh crap this nigga said freak the "ville" they at war

Danny Yousif: lol dis monkey cant even drive 

vReconn: how is this lil maggot claiming otf when he's a gd freak this little maggot

Blaine Cooney: freak what they reppin this crap goes in

Simmone Baby: niggas sneak dissin pickleriden for what , but i bet none of yall would say crap to these chiraq niggas cause if you do its straight drop #StopTheHate  

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