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Oct 25 2014 by Download
ihacks228: isn't mouse a gd and durk a bd? 

Fazzy mj: Durk laughing at mouse @ 2.03

SuspAnimation: @0:55 PUBERTY FAIL

stillshady1: Durk a fraud workin wit the ops

Tre Folks: we stackin bitch GD Folks

Samara X: "Keep the 30 on me never lackin" This little maggot doesn't carry a 30. Anyone that carries a 30 is a kitty that can't get the job done with a normal clip 

Mini boy: mouse a gd n durk a bd?

kyrone anderson: how u GD 6ut rappinG wit a fake 6lood nd a bd ass niGGa i hate to say but my GD niGGa Goofy

Alec Colon: This kid is like 11 years old using lines a 5 year old can come up with. "money blowin like a fan" < really?...

frank nitti: lil pickle bdk diss by lil folks 

Larry Powers: Oh crap this nigga said freak the "ville" they at war

Danny Yousif: lol dis monkey cant even drive 

Dre Oblivion: What kind of BMW is that any one know the model?

Gregorio Masso: 2:32 #bars

Blaine Cooney: freak what they reppin this crap goes in

vReconn: how is this lil maggot claiming otf when he's a gd freak this little maggot

Simmone Baby: niggas sneak dissin pickleriden for what , but i bet none of yall would say crap to these chiraq niggas cause if you do its straight drop #StopTheHate 

big clout: Come on the south side of Chicago will find out what he trying to tell u hoe ass out of towners

TheCjonh: i hope lil mouse dies, this niggg aint no gd, fake ass nigga

SEAN FAME: This Little Nigga Couldnt Even Handle The Kick Back On Gun. This Little Nigga Would Die From A Leg Shot. Lol. Man Grow Some Hair On Your Pubic Area First........THEN Come Talk That Gangster crap. Smh. "I Got The Nina."......This Guy. Smh. 

ed dirk: @Spartanw98 i kno yo comment old but u a dumb fuk lmao

Jahmel Demery: My big brother mouse freaks with real niggaz unlike niggaz who hate on swag

MrNEWKID141: It physically hurts me to see little kids acting like this,

james ballin skelton: goofy ass niggas gangster disciple nation and black disciple nation rappin together dat some fufu crap right dere

Gregorio Masso: 2:32 #bars

MrMuskyJunk: Y'all niggas ridiculous •_•

Jaylen Alexander: Bdw 2-4-14

Yavin Jackson: BICTH stop hating just cuzz u ain't bout dat life don't hate.....#lilsease #letsgetit #hellabandz

Andrew Fensterle: 2-4-14 

MrLildude5: Gdn 74 2 15 19 B.o.s 

XO_Da_Kid: 30 Make They Ass Run A Lap! That Dance At 1:16 Though

vision blue: 741421519GBLOCK103

Erika Gonzalez: show them what it is booooiiiii!!!!!

Rachi Wu: Glaze donut killa

Andrew Fensterle: It's good to see that when we BD's are around GD's it doesn't always end w someone leaving in a body bag. Props too Durk and Mouse for not letting the life get in the way of the music

Talaya Curry: Lil mouse so fine 

Kristin Segovia: Lil mouse sit down with your lil ass

realtv: What happen to real rap now just putting words together stay in school Lil nigga

Christina Walker: Ilik your song

Deniaro Brownm: rappers older than mouse fake af. for a lil niga to actually write out his own lyrics like this is amazing. you got nigaz like soulja boy still cant write a freaking verse. let the lil niga do his thang mane 

Wells Brown: lmao Chicago out of control 

Rachi Wu: Yall niggas aint drilling... Gdk glaze donut killa

tehmedian02: Riding Rovers but his head's barely above the wheel lmao

Talaya Curry: He so fine

Deshaun Lewis: Dis crap goo

Jahmel Demery: That nigga nice

john gotti: wat is a drill??

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