Lil Mouse ft. Lil Durk - Katrina (Official Video - Directed by @HOTC_TV) Music Video for Free!

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eXpLICIT: lil mouse ain't even old enough to curse! wtf! dumb as crap yo

Jay Gucci: lil mouse is fake think hes so cool

Jomaira Sanchez: It seems like durk wasint even tryin

Darryl Hyde Jr: this nigguh here sound lik a mouse foreal

Joanne Weldon: i think that nigga want some cheese

dead: Can anyone tell me similar songs to durks style in this?

Mubashir Hilowle : OTF👑👑👑

wrxsub: where lil mouses parents at yo?

Nano Lopez: this crap goes hard

Nano Lopez: mouse is da best

Hi Bye have a great day: for all y'all tht is saying Durk is a fraud freak y'all bd is beefin with insane gd not all gd go listen to hypno carlito bon he a otf and a gd

LA Gang 300 600 GDK: Tbt when mouse was a 5th 6th grader and age 12 13 😂

Ty Juggr: everybody saying why he fuccn with BDs... money has no set

Lanksey: 2:05 lil mouse throws up 600 sign or he's disrespecting bds and lil durk laughs and throws up Ls

leilah Coleman: hard

leilah Coleman: hard

IronFist 109: He suk at sing all he ses is the same thing over an over

IronFist 109: Lil m u suk nuts

JAYMONEY: at 3:29 the beamer was parked ova the yellow line lmao

andre moses: Bd and GD one of them is going to get shoot

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