Fox Rain - My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST [piano cover] Music Video for Free!

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Feb 23 2014 by Demo
Canhduong Nguyen: I was touched :< thank you for giving me such a beautiful cover ":(

Amanda Oh-Amanda: Hi! Could you please send me the piano sheet of this song? Thanks anyway!

Eun lace: m-sis!!! I like this so much!!!! If you have time please send me the music sheet^_^~thanks!miss you!

Elsieple: If you are reading this please continue!!! I have this show off girl in my class that plays bah songs but with no feeling and the fingers move in the same direction and they go fast but it sounds bad...every one in the class expects me to play better than her.. Plz help I'm afraid that if I play fox rain they will think it is boring and think that the girl is better.. They once chanted my name but I just didn't want to do it.... Please comment

chin061001: i really really love listening to this song... very dramatic. it'll always reminds me of the korean drama "my girlfriend is a gumiho" .. i was hooked by the story and the characters as well. i love it so much!!

Nate Nocturne: is this played by ear or the same version as the link in the description? because it sounds quite a fair bit different from the 5 page version you post in the description.

thisismekristelle: i think you played the version with lyrics. :)

Myrrh Caalim: nice, nice, nice.. please give me a music sheet.. i cant play this yet,, i love this, maybe i can play it a little.. hehe.. thanks!

loveS2sarang: Nice awesome

Coko kOr: I need ur piano sheet!!!! T.T Brilliant!!!!

manish adhikari: lovely and beautiful

Tenzin Dechen: omg this is making me want to watch my girlfriend is a gumiho agian

Nghekon Iljimae: I can't open the link to get the sheet.... Can you send it e-mail is

pianogirl591: @zeron82411 Thank you so much =) I think I used the same version as you!

justin aguilar: Please give me the sheet tnxx :)

Alisa Ramos: I wanna play this on my piano too!! T_T

Mhemelete: wahh keren yaa :D

michael143816: I want to play this! . .anyone? who knows where to find the music piece for this song?

dorkycrush: you play so good! and also can i also get the music sheets also because i want to learn this song....i want to play and sing for my show that is coming up soon so i need it soon if htat ok with you if you have time.... my email is thank you!

pianogirl591: @DlNGSHU sorry about that! a new link has been added :) enjoy!

lealeiiya: its like im listening to a lullaby :) i LOVE iT!

Ewin~: I cant get the sheets Dx waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Emman Mangahas: lovely. nicely played! ^_^v

jay-ar Cristobal: oh no i miss realy miss the my girlfriend is a gumiho...can you give me the sheets pleeeaazzzz tnx.


vinhkhanh2009: THANK YOU for adding the links for the music sheets! I am able to learn this song because of you. Oh...I posted this link on, so other people will be able to find the music sheet. You will get more views for your videos.

zeron82411: Wow,, I really like it! So talented! btw,, which of those 2 links did you play?? and also thanks for the sheet music.. I printed the one that has no lyrics, how bout you?? =) -Pinkymiyu

Eun lace: Thank you sis~ miss you!

Rika Takayama: hello. i can't download the music sheet xD can you please send it to me by email? hehe thanks

William Tseng: s2 ^_^

Peter Bui: Beautiful! >.<

Hannah S.: The links you gave doesn't work! Please add different links! Thanks !!

Julius Pardomuan: very nice sound!!!

kucenk18: Can u do the piano sheet .. ?

pianogirl591: @cheuini links are added :) enjoy

Brandon Lee: You are so good :D

pianogirl591: @DlNGSHU the version without lyrics :)

solidcarbz: did you HAVE A MIS TAKE

ゆうり 立花: thanks for the arrangements ^^

xclassicalcatx: amazing!

Myrrh Caalim: i wish,, i have my own piano..haha!

Le Thuc: Which piano arrangements is your playing?

lalalupa13: thanks for the sheets! u played really cool too :)

colyne96: wow your really talented!!hmm if you have time can you send me the piano sheet of this song?pleaaassse i beg you!!hahaha thanks anyway ^^;

Le Thuc: If you dont mind please reupload the sheets pls. Megaupload has closed.

真 男人: 曲子好聽 人又漂亮!

Jams Puno: nice vid.. :)

luckycandy77: Nice!!! very mellow!!!!!!

nrul zary: a well done performance ! totally love the song ! i got the same sheet from the same site like yours ! keep up the good job ! ( i wish i can play like you ) .

Miyu Soh: <3 <3 !

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