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Mar 02 2014 by Download
mmarissax: You're amazing! 

Giovanni De Luca: Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Alejandra López: Love it. 

meereeka02: So far, this is the best cover that I've heard of the song! And before watching this vid, I've watched other covers (mostly those that garnered huge views). This cover just has heart which I failed to feel in the others <3

kari austin: you need to check this guy out hes amazing!!!

Heleen egging: marry me?<3 xxx

kalamarusffm: look after you would be sick

Mara a: Your voice is hellava sexy. It's just got this beautiful quality, like a rasp. Does me in everytime.

BlackLight Studios: I love how you just come here to brag, Hmmm..... Is it even true? there are thousands of his fans. Maybe someone here knew him forever?

Michele Mcgovern: right !

George Reid: This man deserves more recognition. This is actually beautiful.<3

Divya Rawat: amazing... <3


Nikol Jaklová: Better than original !! :3

Cheenie Amoin: :)) Great voice.. <3

Sophiee Sand: Marry me :D

Luke Chester: Well done!!

lhorton121: Omg I love you!

Dion Riutta: adrian please do more covers you have an amazing voice id love to hear more covers

RainbowVeinzzz: Dat hair..

Cheenie Amoin: And it's like a recorded, BUT IT'S NOT.. :O

onlyondisneychanel5: that was very good! :) good job! :)

Brittany Stilwell: Your like Marshall Lee from Adventure Time

stereoheartayush: sounds very similar to ed !

6r1mreap3r: they were on Australias got talent

Barry Lorgan: dude you can see his hands the whole time, there are like 4 chords. some G variations, E minor 7s it looks like, Dmaj and Cadd 9. Just mimic what hes doing. so much easier than looking at tabs...

Nikkeh Lee: by far the best cover of lego house ever :D

Anthoneika Bradix: This is seriously the best cover of Lego House that I've ever heard! I actually watched the whole video holding on to my guitar, mouth wide open, and tears form in my eyes lol it was so amazing...its ridiculous....you just gained a new fan!

alice.: Normally I say that no one can sing that song accept Ed Sheeran, but he's the example that's it possible.

Julie Martine Rolstad: OMG!! I LOVE YOU!

dixiglOove: It's beautiful ( hello from french ;) )

micky1998mb: Your amazing! :)

peachesmiller16: Best!!

Ellevoomva: He's in a band Beside Lights and they went on Australia's Got Talent:)

dancekonni: I can't stop listening...I love your voice, it gets through me :D

ZWZW93: <3

ishan2593: amazingg.. please check out my covers too...=)

Sam Johnson: fair play man

Mackala Chattley: A) hes supper cute B) hes very talented C) beside lights is amazing <3

ashley3776: I hate that beside lights's cover dont have enough views

piaxita: this is incredible. D: you have a nice voice. make a cover of kiss me - ed sheeran too or some nights - FUN. CONGRATULATIONS

lefishyfish: You are actually amazing and it makes me really upset that you don't have anywhere near enough views. >.<

Zoe Wild: so much soul and heart in this, wow!

Tessa Uitslag: this is amazing !

badkit195: gave me chills. this is amazingg

Jude Penny: amazing:)

The Wright Way: haha aw cmon you've already covered a few of the songs i'm going too, I don't have a microphone to help compare too your video's D:

Nightwing851: give it time :3


Brooklyn Mariah: I think I love you... 

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