Ed Sheeran - Lego House (Adrian Wilson Cover) Music Video for Free!

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yael: still love it. magical...

Hoo Woo: Love it

Alyssa Garland: U r an amazing singer and I love u guys u all do an amazing job with the music u make and cover I am always looking forward to your new songs and covers! God bless!

Remalene Bulay: I super LOVE this guy and his voice grrrrrrrr....................

Muhd Izrin (Nova): love your voice

mayte watchman: Great vocals ;)

mj guzman: love it....

walter728: Cool cover, great voice and guitar playing. I recorded a cover of this song too. Please check it out if you want to. Thanks!

Seige Miles: Chorus sounds so good, was there a piano accompaniment in the chorus part?

Seige Miles: so nice!!! ^_ ^ i love it.

MarkDoll: One of the best cover bro. :)

themindblow100: more cover please :'(

Tracy Hughes: HES BRITISH?

MARISSA: You're amazing! 

meereeka02: So far, this is the best cover that I've heard of the song! And before watching this vid, I've watched other covers (mostly those that garnered huge views). This cover just has heart which I failed to feel in the others <3

Alejandra López: Love it. 

Giovanni De Luca: Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Lee Gove: That voice, what more can I say

kill3rpuuz: OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! <3

NaturallyCouya: Love it, You have such an amazing voice.!!

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